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Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit

In the unfortunate event you are seriously injured and need to bring a personal injury lawsuit, you have a lot on your mind. It is best for you and your family that you take some time to heal and figure out the best course of action.

A personal injury attorney experienced in personal injury lawsuits knows how to take on some of your burden, and relieve your stress. Your attorney can help evaluate your situation objectively.

A Port Charlotte personal injury lawyer skilled in lawsuits can assist you in properly and quickly preserving the evidence that may become necessary should you need to file a lawsuit. Your attorney also knows how to negotiate on your behalf to obtain a settlement.

What to expect in a personal injury law suit

Generally, a personal injury lawsuit, which is a type of civil lawsuit, can be expected to go through the following steps:

Complaint: During this step, the parties are named and the reason for the suit is spelled out

The answer: The defendant provides a written response to the claim and raises a defense against the lawsuit.

The deposition: In a deposition both parties may be questioned under oath. Any witnesses can also be questioned. Your lawyer and the representatives of the defendant exchange documentation consisting of information and materials to be used at trial and the deposition is recorded by a court reporter

Settlement or trial: Your attorney discusses the option of a personal injury settlement with the attorneys of the defendant. As part of the settlement, the lawsuit may be dropped. If no settlement is reached, your case goes to trial. Most lawsuits do settle, but the process can be lengthy and go on for more than a year.

Speak to the All Injuries Law Firm, P.A. about bringing a personal injury law suit

If you suffer a personal injury in would like to discuss the possibility of bringing a personal injury lawsuit in Fort Myers, contact the All Injuries Law Firm, P.A. as soon after your injury as possible.