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Facing A Port Charlotte Road Rage Incident

Car collisions, road hazards, and crossing pedestrians are not the only things you should watch out for when driving around Port Charlotte. One of the reasons behind auto accidents and personal injury claims on the road is the many cases of road rage. What is road rage and what should you do when caught in a situation?

Road Rage And Its Dangers

Busy highways have a lot of things that can enrage motorists. Road rage is the aggressive behavior expressed and shown by many drivers, which could lead to verbal abuse, assault, attacks, and other harmful actions that can cause accidents and injuries to others. Drivers who would lose their temper during a stressful situation can exhibit this behavior.

Florida law does not have any specific law for road rage behavior, but it can address the consequences of it like bodily harm and accidents that happened because of it. For instance, drivers who accidentally hit a pedestrian because of speeding or swerving will be held accountable for it.

Identifying Road Rage Behaviors And Actions

You may or may not notice someone exhibiting road rage. Being able to observe and identify when someone is letting their emotions run on the highway can help you avoid getting involved or prevent any unwanted accidents from happening. These actions can be considered signs of road rage:

Tailgating - Driving dangerously close to another vehicle and following them is considered tailgating. This is often done by drivers who want to intimidate, scare, or threaten other motorists after a disagreement or mishap on the road. Driving too close is very risky and can lead to collisions when a car abruptly turns or stops.

Speeding - This is a common traffic violation, but you would notice that road rage drivers would speed excessively, way beyond the speed limit with the tendency to ignore other traffic signs like traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, and stop signs. Speeding can also develop into racing other vehicles that they possibly had a dispute. This action can make you easily lose control of your vehicle.

Honking Horns Repeatedly - Usually accompanied by flashing lights, drivers would hit their horns repeatedly and for long periods of time to grab the attention of other cars and appear threatening. It can be considered a form of intimidation, which can also be a distraction for others on the road. Repeatedly and aggressively honking can also lead to other disputes as this can trigger other drivers into getting angry.

What Should I Do?

If you ever find yourself on the receiving end of a road rage situation, do not confront them directly. Lock your cars and call for help from authorities. You can also alert other vehicles if you can. In worst cases, the raging driver can bring you harm or lead you into an accident. In this case, you can file a personal injury lawsuit against the road rage driver. Get in touch with an auto accident or personal injury lawyer so they can help you with your next steps.

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