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Englewood Residents: Know About These Common Myths Surrounding Personal Injury Cases

Through personal injury cases, the law helps accident victims from Englewood and elsewhere to recover compensation for injuries caused by negligence. However, most people don't have any experience with such situations. Thus, they only go by what they hear, and that information isn't always correct.

Therefore, we're providing you with these common myths surrounding personal injury cases. Then, if you're severely injured in a car crash due to negligence, hopefully, you'll have a better understanding of what's happening. Auto accidents will be the primary focus here today, but some other items that fall under personal injury law include:

• Slip And Fall
• Motorcycle Crashes
• Workplace Injuries
• Dog Bites
• Boating Accidents

Myth 1: People Who Seek Compensation Fake Their Injuries

Personal injury claims tend to get a bad rap in the entertainment industry. This is because many people believe those who seek compensation fake their injuries. While it is true that some individuals might go that route, the vast majority of victims who file personal injury lawsuits are really hurt. Their injuries prevent them from working, so they lose wages, and they accumulate a mountain of debt trying to recover via doctor visits, prescriptions, surgeries, long-term care, and more.

In fact, a competent injury lawyer will not accept any case they suspect is fraudulent as doing so would mean not only large ethical problems but also unlikely to result in a win.

Myth 2: Minor Injuries Don't Warrant A Lawsuit

Another common myth associated with personal injury law is that minor injuries don't warrant a lawsuit. It is true that sometimes matters can be settled out of court, regardless of how severe or minor injuries are. However, minor injuries don't warrant a lawsuit is false. Even people with minor damages can be eligible for compensation, and why wouldn't they be? Don't they deserve to have their expenses covered when they did nothing wrong?

Myth 3: Car Crash Victims Do Not Need Attorneys

If you're injured in an Englewood auto accident, you can always go to bat for yourself and attempt to recover a settlement/compensation from another party. That is your prerogative, but it might not be the best move. The defendant will undoubtedly have a legal team, and they'll stop at nothing to prevent you from getting the restitution you deserve.

A lawyer only has their client's best interest in mind. Yours will negotiate on your behalf to get the best possible outcome. Not hiring a lawyer might leave you with stacks of bills, while putting one in your corner can provide you with the funding you need for medical and other expenses.

Have You Been Injured In A Car Crash?

Have you been injured in a car crash because of someone's negligence in Englewood or a surrounding area? If so, don't get stuck paying for damages that you didn't cause. Instead, hold the responsible party accountable by hiring a lawyer to recover compensation from them or their insurer. The reward can offset the costs of medical bills, lost wages, pain/suffering, and so much more. 

So, don't delay any longer. Rather, contact All Injuries Law Firm today. That will allow you to schedule a free case evaluation with an accident attorney who will help determine where the claim stands. 

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