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Englewood Drivers Should Know Their Risky Roads

Anyone who lives or works in Englewood must be familiar with the roads if they drive, which means also knowing that, as with other areas of Florida, some roads are more dangerous than others. The danger, in this case, doesn’t refer to the risk of being a crime victim but, instead, a statistical fact that some roads are more prone to accidents than others.

In Englewood, for example, many drivers are well aware of how busy McCall Road is and that the location has had its fair share of accidents. But what makes some roads or streets more accident-prone than others?

Busy Intersections

This is a common problem in dense urban centers. Intersections naturally pose some risk, as these are open areas where vehicles can more easily come into contact with each other. But if a particular intersection sees a high amount of traffic, especially if that area generates a lot of stress or impatience, then the intersection itself becomes a high-risk area for traffic accidents.

For example, one of the most common intersection accidents is impatient drivers taking a left turn too quickly. Drivers may legally make such a turn but should do so only after yielding others the right of way, such as pedestrians or traffic traveling down the road that does not need to make a turn. An impatient driver can make the turn without checking or deliberately risk making a turn, hoping high speed can evade a possible collision, as they’d rather risk the accident than wait for another change of traffic lights.

Highway Ramps

Entering and exiting interstate highways can sometimes be a demanding experience. This often involves vehicles needing to transfer lanes to ensure they are in the correct portion of the road for entering or exiting a ramp and then smoothly merging with new traffic once they have completed their ramp maneuver.

Unfortunately, traffic conditions and willingness to check carefully, respect traffic law, and even weather events can all play a role in how smoothly these lane changes and merges go. All it takes is one impatient driver in a hurry to change lanes without properly checking the blind spot to cause a high-speed accident on or near an Interstate ramp.


Curves in roads can prevent cars from needing to dramatically slow down and take a turn, but the placement and curvature of a road can sometimes also raise the risk of traffic accidents. Depending on the curve, some dangerous blind spots can occur, especially on two-way roads, where opposing traffic may still be a factor.

This can mean inattention, driver error, or even poor road maintenance, such as potholes, which can affect vehicle travel and cause cars to collide, especially on high-traffic curved roads where people may be in a rush and not observe all the rules of road safety. All it takes is one car not in its lane as it rounds a curve to cause a collision with another vehicle.


Unfortunately, this can occur just about anywhere due to the nature of the hazard. Construction can occur on the road, such as tearing away asphalt to get at sewage lines underneath or construction in a building that requires work extending into the street itself.

When this happens, parts of the road that are normally accessible are blocked off, and there may even be vehicles or personnel on the road as well. Anyone who fails to accommodate these road changes and adjust their driving accordingly can get into an accident with either elements of the construction site or other vehicles on the road.

If you or someone you know in Englewood has gotten into a car accident through the fault of something or someone else, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Talk to an experienced car accident attorney about what to do next.

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