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Driving Drunk Risks Everyone - Fiery Crash With Semi Underscores Consequences Of Driving Under The Influence

At All Injuries Law Firm, we are committed to promoting safe driving practices and advocating for victims of traffic accidents. Recently, a serious crash involving a drunk driver in a sport utility vehicle and a semi-tractor trailer on Alico Road and Phlox Drive near Fort Myers has underscored the dangers of driving under the influence, particularly in areas with heavy semi-truck traffic.

Think You're OK To Drive? Think Again.

Even a couple of drinks can impair your driving further than you realize. Some of the effects of just having a couple of drinks on driving include:

Limited Reaction Time + Poor Judgment: Even a small amount of alcohol impairs the ability to react quickly, which can be fatal in situations that require quick reactions, like sharing the road with semis.

In fact, Just having two drinks can impair judgment, reduce visual functions, and prevent some from being able to do two tasks at the same time.

Ability To React Quiuckly: Alcohol impairs the ability to react quickly, which can be fatal in situations that require quick reactions, like sharing the road with semis in traffic. Just having three drinks can cause difficulty steering a vehicle and slow response in emergency situations.

Driving After Drinking Is Always Dangerous But Even Worse When You Are Near Semis or other large trucks

Increased Severity of Accidents: Semis are much larger and heavier than most vehicles. In a collision, a semi can cause severe injuries and damages, particularly if the other driver is impaired.

Difficulty in Maneuvering: Large vehicles like semis take longer to stop and are less maneuverable than smaller vehicles. An impaired driver may not accurately judge the semi’s speed and distance, thus increasing the likelihood of an accident.

Driving Impaired On A Busy Road With Heavy Traffic Increases All The Risks

The intersection of Alico Road and Phlox Drive in Lee County is a heavily trafficked area often frequented by semis due to its proximity to major distribution centers and highways. Combined with impaired driving, the risks at this particular location are significantly heightened. This intersection’s layout, with multiple lanes and driveways, can be confusing, especially if the driver is unfamiliar with the area, and especially if they have been drinking. Despite posted speed limits, speeding is a common occurrence at this intersection which further increases the risk of having an accident at this intersection.

Getting Justice After A DUI Crash

We understand in the real world no matter how many times the risks and dangers of drunk driving are explained to everyone, there will always be those who choose to drive under the influence anyway. Unfortunately, the cost for this is too often a fatal or serious traffic collision, followed by a lengthy prison sentence and lives altered forever.

If you or someone you know has been injured by a drunk driver, you may be entitled to substantial financial compensation. Contact attorney Brian O. Sutter of All Injuries Law Firm for your Free attorney consultation at (941) 625-4878.

Drunk Driver Of SUV Veers Into Path Of Semi, Crash Engulfs Both Vehicles In Flames

Lee County - Florida Highway Patrol announced a drunk driver was arrested after crashing their SUV into a semi-tractor trailer, resulting in both vehicles being engulfed in flames.

The crash began as a 64 year-old-man from Fort Myers, Florida, was driving an SUV while under the influence of alcohol heading east on Alico Road, on the right turn lane, west of Phlox Drive.

A semi-truck, driven by a 44 year-old-man from Tampa, Florida, was simultaneously traveling east on the outside lane of Alico Road, west of Phlox Drive.

At 11:09 P.M., the impaired driver of the SUV made an improper lane change and traveled directly into the path of the semi. The left side of the SUV was struck by the right side of the semi, which was traveling at a high rate of speed.

After the initial impact of the SUV and the Semi, both vehicles became engulfed in flames.

FHP stated that the 64 year-old-man from Fort Myers, Florida, was placed under arrest for DUI with a blood alcohol level of .102 and booked into the Lee County Jail.

Miraculously there were no serious injuries as a result of this crash.

FHP has stated that the crash remains under investigation.

How Alcohol Impairs Your Ability to Drive (University of Michigan)

Photos are courtesy of the Florida Highway Patrol