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Drivers Must Remain On The Lookout For Cyclists And Pedestrians Or Crashes Will Likely Follow

Everybody is looking for ways to save money these days, and who can blame them? Folks seem to be working more hours than ever before, and if they are lucky, they might have a few minutes out of each day to spend with their significant others or children. Owning a vehicle is one thing that can throw a wrench into a Floridian's budget. How? Well, first of all, there is the initial cost of the car, truck, or SUV.

The price of these products continues to climb each year as new safety features, technology, gadgets, and gizmos are added. Plus, owners must purchase a pricey insurance policy too. When a lender is part of the equation, it must be full coverage, which means the cost can skyrocket in a hurry. Of course, nobody can forget about filling up the vehicle's fuel tank either. After all, according to, as of 8/22/2019, a single gallon of regular unleaded runs $2.39 here.

While not the highest price in the country, topping off the tank is still enough to make a person want to scream in Florida. Additionally, there a maintenance costs for changing the oil, air filter, tires, and more when it comes to owning a car. As such, many people, including residents right here in The Sunshine State, are finding alternative ways to get around.

Reasons To Walk Or Bike To Get From Point A To Point B

Firstly, it doesn't cost anything for a person to walk from here or there. Rather, the individual just has to strap shoes on his or her feet and go. The same cannot be said for a bicycle as it could need a new inner tube, chain, or something else from time to time. However, these prices dwarf in comparison to the upkeep of a vehicle. As such, these both prove to be suitable alternatives, at least when one's budget is the topic of concern.

Walking and riding a bike are great options for getting the blood flowing and breaking a sweat too. A lot of people spend their workdays stuck at a desk. Then, when they get home, they often plop down on the couch in front of the television. While these two activities are good for helping you get around, they can also assist in getting your body in shape and improve your overall health.

These Endeavors Could Become Dangerous

A pedestrian or biker's life could be changed drastically, and in the blink of an eye, when they are sharing the roadways with cars. The motorist could become distracted or drowsy while behind the wheel. In turn, he or she might hit the walker or biker. Then again, the vehicle operator may just be speeding recklessly down the road and cause the same predicament. These incidents should never occur though because they can leave the cyclist or pedestrian with severe and lasting injuries.

That is, providing that they escape the situation with their life intact. If you or a family member sustained wounds from a motorist's negligence, you or a surviving loved one might be able to obtain compensation for the damages. Our accident attorney will build a persuasive case with cell phone records, black box data, witness testimonies, police reports, and more. Don't get stuck paying to recover from injuries that were no fault of your own. Instead, give the office a call to schedule a free case evaluation and find out what your legal options are today.