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Doing Our Part To Prevent Distracted Driving In 2021

Given the events of 2020 and the rough start to 2021, important issues like distracted or drunk driving have taken a back seat in the national discussion. However, just because awareness has dropped does not mean the problem has gone away.

The Scale And Danger Of The Distracted Driving Problem

Whether you are an independent driving adult, a passenger, or just riding a bicycle along the street, everyone who uses roads is at risk of injury or worse from other drivers who become distracted.

In 2018, NHTSA estimates 400,000 people were injured in vehicle accidents involving a distracted driver, and in 2019 NHTSA states that 3,142 lost their lives in crashes with distracted drivers.

Distracted drivers are not just a risk to other motorists, but everyone along the road. In fact, roughly 1 in 5 of people who were killed in distracted driving accidents were not even in a vehicle, but either walking cycling or working along the roadway.

Distracted Driving Accidents – An Easily Preventable Problem

Like drunk driving, distracted driving is caused by irresponsible behavior. However, unlike drunk driving, the chances all of us get into a potential distracted driving situation are much more likely.

Though texting while driving is a leading cause of accidents, it's hardly the only distraction for drivers. All that is needed is a phone call at the wrong time, eating lunch while on the go, talking to a passenger, changing radio stations, etc... The reasons are endless and often innocent in nature. All it takes is a few seconds of not paying attention to the road and lives can be lost.

The Impact Of Distracted Driving Crashes

As car accident injury lawyers serving all of southwest Florida, the attorneys at All Injuries Law Firm have personally seen the devastation distracted driving crashes cause in the lives of both the drivers and the victims and their families.

For those involved in a crash, things go from an abstract statistic to having a car accident completely up-end their life. For the injured, they may face long-term disability, pain and suffering, and long-term financial loss for those directly impacted as well as those who rely upon them. For the driver it can mean criminal charges, legal fees, and a lifetime of guilt.

Raising Awareness To Educate Drivers And Prevent Distracted Driving

The good news is, as big in scale as the problem of distracted driving is, reducing the problem is simply a matter of raising awareness and getting the public on board with not multi-tasking while driving. Put the phone down, don't eat when your driving, pull over before soothing crying children, don't channel surf while driving – and keep all attention on the road.

National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Leading the effort to get more drivers to keep their focus on the road is The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, along with several other organizations including the National Safety Council, and many states, county, and local law enforcement agencies are also running campaigns to increase awareness and end distracted driving.

How You Can Help

Take the pledge to stay focus and end distracted driving, and keep your eyes on the road. Help spread the word through social media with the #DistractedDrivingAwarenessMonth hashtag, and remind friends and family that “it can wait”.

The extra attention this issue is getting throughout the month of April is an opportunity for all of us to make a difference in reducing distracted driving accidents.

If you or a family member has been injured in a distracted driving crash, Attorney Brian Sutter and the team at All Injuries Law Firm are here to help. Contact us today for your free attorney consultation.