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Dog Bites/Attacks Are Serious Matters In Florida

Some Port Charlotte citizens may only believe that dog bites are nothing big. They might think of small pooches simply latching onto arms, legs, or something else, leaving behind little to no damage at all. Sure, that's the way it goes on occasion. However, in other instances, the incidents can be much, much worst.

A canine's razor-sharp teeth/claws can puncture the skin, tear ligaments, and rip muscles. When that happens, the victims often need medical attention to recuperate. There is another outcome of these events that will send shivers up your spine as well. People can die in dog attacks.

For example, according to GMA, a 10-month-old infant was recently killed by the family's two Rottweillers in North Carolina. The father briefly stepped outside to move a sprinkler, leaving the baby unattended. Then, he heard a commotion, went inside, and found the little one unresponsive. The infant was pronounced deceased at the scene.

If a pet kills a member of your immediate family, like in the scenario above, there's nobody for you to seek compensation from to help with funeral and medical costs. However, if an incident occurs on someone else's property, a public park, or somewhere else, you might be able to recover restitution from the canine's owner. Did you know that dog owners are almost always liable for attacks?

It's true, and even if the pooch presented viciousness or not. In case you couldn't tell, we are primarily focusing on wrongful deaths here today. There are some scenarios where owners might be held partially liable or not liable at all, like...

• The Dog Was In The Care Of Someone Else, Such As A Groomer Or Vet
• There Are Beware Of Dog Signs Posted, Warning People Of The Danger
• The Victim Behaved Negligently
• The Person That Got Attacked Was A Trespasser

Why Should You Seek Compensation When Someone's Dog Kills A Loved One?

No amount of money can ever make up for your loss. However, if you do nothing, your family could experience financial challenges. How? Well, for one, the deceased may have received medical care before they passed away. If so, you and your people could be responsible for those bills.

Additionally, there are also funeral expenses your family will have to worry about, and they are anything but cheap today. 

According to MSN, the median national cost for a viewing and burial is $7,640 in the United States. That price does not include a vault, though. If one of those is needed or wanted, the amount jumps up to $9,000 or more. That's a lot of dough, and some families simply don't have those amounts in their bank accounts. There is also the matter of lost income. If the person that loses their life is the primary breadwinner for the family, the lives of surviving relatives can be thrust into turmoil.

Going it alone to get compensation can be quite a tall order, but Port Charlotte families have help available to them. They can contact our firm to put a wrongful death attorney in their corner. The professional, and the rest of the team, build strong cases to support victims' positions. Lawsuits are organized and prepared for trial. However, many times, the situations are settled outside the courtroom. Whichever way the matter goes, you can count on one thing; we'll be ready.

We hope you never have to experience losing a loved one in a dog attack, but if you do, please, don't hesitate to give us a call. A free consultation is the first step toward seeking compensation. Contact our office to schedule yours today.

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