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Do You Have A Premises Liability Claim In Englewood?

When people get injured on the property of others, they often find themselves wondering what their legal rights are. This area of the law is called premises liability. It covers an expansive range of accidents and injuries. Hence, if you're ever injured on someone else's property in Englewood, premises liability might entitle you to fair compensation for your damages. 

Generally, it is a property owner's duty to keep their property safe for visitors. Thus, they must make repair hazards when necessary to stop folks from getting thrust into harm's way.

In addition, if repairs cannot be made immediately, it is up to property owners to warn guests of the potential dangers. 

If a property owner fails in these regards and you sustain severe injuries as a result, you should consider filing a premises liability claim against them. The winnings can help with medical bills, lost wages, and more. Don't fret if you're a bit confused. Instead, continue reading and learn about some tips that can clarify if you have a premises liability claim or not.

Premises Liability Claim Tips

Review The Circumstances

One of the first things you'll need to do to see if you have a premises liability claim is review the circumstances. Did the property owner know about the dangerous condition and do absolutely nothing to fix it? Or should they have known about the problem and made you aware of it? If you answered yes to either question, the individual may be held liable. In turn, that means you might have a premises liability claim.

Were Reasonable Steps Taken

As mentioned, it is up to property owners to keep their places safe for people to visit.

Thus, if you get injured on someone's property, the question then becomes, "Did the individual take reasonable steps to fix the problem or warn you of it?". If the person failed, they can be held responsible for the damages, thanks to premises liability law.

Did Trespassing Occur?

The next tip to determine if you have a premises liability lawsuit is to see if you were trespassing. Premises liability does not protect trespassers unless the owners know they're on properties and neglect to tell them about hazards. Therefore, if you broke into someone's house, tripped on a uneven surface, hit your head, and sustained a traumatic brain injury, the chances of a premises liability claim being successful are slim to none.

All may not be lost if you were a trespasser, though. However, you will have a harder time winning a case than an invitee would. So, keep this info in mind if you're wondering if you have a legitimate premises liability claim.

Get With A Premises Liability Lawyer

Englewood FL citizens can always perform Google searches and read online articles to see if they have premises liability cases. But can they trust the info they find, or will they be able to understand the complex law jargon? If not, individuals may take the wrong steps and have an unsuccessful claim.

Therefore, if you really wish to know if you can seek compensation following an accident on someone's property, the best thing to do is get with a lawyer.

They'll listen to your side of the story, ask questions, and answer any questions that you may have. Then, the attorney will be able to tell you if you have a premises liability claim that you should act on. Are you ready to see where your claim stands in Englewood?

If that's the case, contact All Injuries Law Firm, P.A., and schedule a free evaluation today. 

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