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Did Negligence Cause You To Get Injured On The Job In Florida?

Workplace injuries come in different shapes and sizes. Sometimes, employees have nobody to blame but themselves for ailments. For instance, maybe a person is horsing around and running through a warehouse, only to trip over a foot and slam into a shelf, receiving a broken collarbone for the trouble. Meanwhile, on other occasions, negligence is to blame.

Perhaps a boss or manager is negligent is some way. Or maybe the company, in general, is at fault. It depends on the situation, but you may be entitled to fair compensation for your wounds. To get a fair deal, you'll want to put a reputable personal injury attorney in your corner. He or she will fight to recover the restitution you deserve. Going it alone can turn into a recipe for disaster, as the organization you're going up against could have a legal team standing by.

The professionals will do anything and everything to discredit your claim. We'll tell you who to contact a little later in the article. However, before we get to that, it's first time to look at some scenarios that can be considered negligent.

An Electric Shock

In this tale, a worker uses power tools furnished by their company to perform carpentry duties. One day, the cord on a saw gets caught in the blade, tearing it to shreds. Instead of replacing the cord, getting a firm to do it, or buying a new saw, the individual splices the wires together and covers them with electrical tape. Then, without even checking the unit, the person hands it to the employee and tells them to use it.

Had the repair been made correctly, that might not have been a big deal. However, in this instance, it shocks the representative, and he goes down like a sack of potatoes. The person hits his head on the concrete floor, sustaining a traumatic brain injury that will impact them for the rest of their life. A scenario like this one could put you on the fast track to restitution.

Tripping Over An Extension Cord

This time, a boss has extension cords all over the office, and they aren't out of the way. Rather, they are strewn out across the room, where everybody has to step over them to get to their desks. There isn't even any tape holding the wires to the floor. Plus, no signs are present to warn people of the tripping hazard. One day, a worker is heading to their cubicle with their arms full of files, and they fail to step over a cord. Instead, it hits their ankle, wraps around their foot, and that's all she wrote.

File folders fly everywhere and create quite a mess. However, the big problem is that the person's wrist slammed into the side of a desk, breaking in two places. Had the electrical in the building been installed correctly, this injury could have been avoided, but it wasn't because of the proprietor's negligence.

Blind In One Eye

A welder is building fence posts and other items for his company when her safety goggles break. She tells her boss that she needs a new pair, but he doesn't replace them. Therefore, the employee is left to fend for herself, and while grinding a bead, a piece of metal flies off, stabbing her in the eye. This causes her to go blind in the eye, and that impacts her overall way of life. Had the proprietor only given her the appropriate equipment, she would still have her vision in both eyes.

A Few Final Words

If you get hurt on the job because of negligence, please, don't hesitate to contact All Injuries Law Firm. Schedule a free case evaluation with an attorney and discover where your claim stands. There has never been a better time than now to take action and get the compensation you're owed.

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