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Fatal Motorcycle Crash On San Carlos Blvd., Reveals Dangers To Motorcyclists In Lee County

A tragic accident that occurred on San Carlos Boulevard in Fort Myers Sunday night has claimed the life of a motorcyclist and critically injured the passenger riding with him on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. The seriousness of this accident highlights the increasing dangers faced by motorcyclists traveling on roads in Lee County like San Carlos Boulevard.

Heavily trafficked San Carlos Boulevard is a major artery leading from mainland Fort Myers onto Ft Myers beach and has become notorious for its dangers to motorcyclists, and other motorists. As accident attorneys serving southwest Florida for over 30 years, we see have seend time and time again that it’s critical for motorcycle riders to be aware of the various risks that make this road particularly hazardous. Here are some critical dangers associated with San Carlos Boulevard and why it has become deadly for drivers in the Lee County area.

Because San Carlos Boulevard is a major thoroughfare connecting Fort Myers Beach and the mainland in Lee County it gets crowded with a chaotic mix of beachgoers, pedestrians, bicyclists, vacationers searching for parking spots, and commercial vehicles serving Estero Island. With so many driveways directly off San Carlos, this traffic can lead to drivers becoming frustrated, inattentive, and sometimes aggressive. As a result, motorcyclists must deal with the unexpected from other drivers much more often when traveling to Ft Myers Beach. This includes a potentially deadly mix of drivers making left turns in front of motorcyclists, drivers pulling out in front of motorcyclists, and distracted drivers rear-ending motorcyclists. Additionally, some accidents are caused when an unwary pedestrian or bicyclist crosses into the path of an oncoming motorcycle causing them to crash attempting to avoid a collision. we urge all motorcyclists to be patient, keep a watchful eye out for unexpected traffic, and be prepared to stop when driving in this busy corridor.

Getting Compensated After A Motorcycle Accident In Lee County

However it may have started, if you have been injured when riding a motorcycle in southwest Florida All Injuries Law Firm is here to help.

Attorney Brian O. Sutter has been representing injured motorcycle drivers and their passengers in Southwest Florida for over 30 years, and will fight to get you compensation for your injuries and damages. Call 941 625-4878 today for your 100% free attorney consultation.

Motorcycle Accident Kills Driver and Critically Injures His Passenger of Harley Davidson On San Carlos Boulevard In Lee County

San Carlos Boulevard - Florida Highway Patrol has announced that a motorcyclist has died and his passenger was critically injured on San Carlos Boulevard Sunday Evening.

The accident began as a 43-year-old man from Fort Myers was driving a Harley Davidson Motorcycle with a 43-year-old woman from Fort Myers as his passenger, traveling north on San Carlos Boulevard, approaching Heidi Lee Lane.

Directly in front of the Harley Davidson Motorcycle, also traveling north was a Ford Pickup Truck, driven by a 23-year-old man from Fort Myers with three passengers, a 32-year-old man from Fort Myers, a 27-year-old man also from Fort Myers, and a 36-year-old-man from Fort Myers.

At 8:07 P.M., the driver of the pickup truck slowed down to turn right onto a residential driveway and began their turn. At the same time, the driver of the Harley Davidson then attempted to pass the Ford Pickup truck on the right while the truck was just beginning its right turn.

As the Harley Davidson motorcycle was attempting to pass the Ford Pickup truck, the right front of the Ford Pickup truck collided with the Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

The 43-year-old man driving the Harley Davidson motorcycle was fatally injured in the crash and pronounced deceased at the scene of the accident.

The passenger of the Harley Davidson motorcycle was critically injured in the collision and transported to an area hospital for emergency medical treatment.

FHP has stated that this crash remains under investigation.

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