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Crowded Waters Lead To Boating Accidents

The time of year has come once again where people from everywhere start flocking to the Florida coast. While many parts of the United States are still dealing with winter weather, southwest Florida residents are enjoying sunny skies and warm temperatures. The ocean is ideal for water or jet skiing, swimming, and spending time with the family. Additionally, the coastal area allows for some of the best fishing around, so amateur and professional anglers alike are regularly in abundance. However, with so many folks accumulating in one place, and new crafts continually hitting the water, boating accidents will likely occur.

Boating accidents are equally as dangerous as car crashes and other incidents. If two vessels collide, one or more of the drivers and passengers can become thrown into the water. Once in the liquid, these individuals are vulnerable to getting struck by another boat, hypothermia, and possibly even drowning. Of course, there are also things like sharks, jellyfish, and contaminated water that they have to worry about as well.


Always Be Prepared


It is of the utmost importance to inspect your craft before taking it out. Make sure that all of the lights are in working order, especially if the sailing is taking place in the morning or at night. This action will ensure that your vessel stays highly visible, regardless of the dimly lit conditions, and hopefully, it will allow all of the passengers to stay safe and sound. Don't forget to check the horn's capability. If a ship starts drifting too close for comfort, emitting the loud sound can notify them of your presence, and with any luck, avert a catastrophe.

The first aid kit should also be examined. It needs to contain items that allow a person to offer assistance whenever it is required. Boating accidents are hectic, disorderly, and chaotic enough on there own, but in many cases, alcohol is also involved. Emotions are running high, tempers can flare, and everything can get out of control in the blink of an eye. Keep a cool head, stay calm, and help everyone out of the water, whether they are from your craft or not. After all, the last thing anyone needs at this point is an altercation.

Owners must thoroughly inspect the safety equipment on board too. Life jackets need to be available for each person in the craft. However, just having the units is not enough to keep passengers safe. The preservers must be in top-notch condition and fit people appropriately. It is also a good idea to plot your course ahead of time and leave the directions with a designated friend, family member, or colleague. Then, if a boating accident does occur, the person can send emergency personnel in the right direction to look for you.


People Involved In Boating Accidents May Be Entitled To Compensation


If it can be proven that another person's negligence or recklessness caused the accident, you should consider hiring an attorney to seek compensation for your injuries. Our firm has represented many residents from Arcadia, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Englewood, North Port, Venice, Sarasota, and Fort Myers. The attorney has over 30-years of experience, and he has an outstanding reputation with his peers. Visit the results page to see some of the case outcomes, and when you need legal assistance, just give us a call.