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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Filing Workers’ Comp Claim

Suffering from an injury or disease you have gotten in the workplace may make you eligible to seek workers’ compensation benefits. With the stress and challenges you face due to the injury or illness, it is possible to find the claiming process to be a bit overwhelming. 
Making mistakes is also a possibility, especially if you have never gone through the process before. Additionally, you have larger concerns like focusing on your recovery, paying for medical expenses, and supporting your family. That said, any type of excuses will not be accepted or considered.
So, the best way to get positive results is to avoid making mistakes as much as possible.
Here are five of the most common mistakes you should be wary of:

Missing Deadlines

When you get injured in the workplace or are diagnosed with a work-related illness, report it to your employer immediately. Notify them in writing. Keep a copy to serve as proof that you have informed them about your situation.
You have to do it within 30 days of the accident or diagnosis. A late notice can lead to the denial of your right to pursue medical benefits or compensation for lost wages. 

Going to Unauthorized Doctors

Your own doctor can check your condition. However, your employer or their insurance company will have a list of authorized doctors. You must see the doctor they tell you to see for your workers’ compensation claim.  
After reporting your situation, ask your employer what doctor to see to get a report for your injury or disease. Make sure you follow the doctor’s orders and take all necessary medications.

Avoiding the Offered Job

Workers’ compensation benefits aim to give financial assistance to the affected worker until they recover and be healthy enough to return to their job. 
Relay to your employer the findings of the assigned doctor. Inform them if there are types of work you can or are not allowed to do. 
If your employer offers work that you can do based on what the doctor said and you are trained and qualified to do the job, you have to accept it. Otherwise, you may cause the discontinuation of your benefits.
If you think the doctor’s opinion is not right, you can pursue an appeal for your workers’ compensation.

Taking the Offered Work Immediately

If the work offered to you is something you can do based on your condition, experience, and training, then you should accept it. However, you have to ensure that you are fit to work. Do not return to work yet if you experience pain when performing a task. 
Pushing yourself to work when your body is not yet ready can hinder your recovery. You may think of working full-time again and closing out your claim. But think about a possible relapse. When you experience a relapse, you will have to reopen your claim. 
Do not forget to review the job description for the work your employer is offering you. This way, you can prevent making mistakes.

Agreeing to a Settlement

The claims process can take a while. Some employers and insurance companies even drag it out to make sure it takes longer. That is why some employees choose to accept a settlement. The problem is that some insurance companies do not offer the right amount of compensation. 
To prevent this from happening to you, make sure you review the settlement agreement well. You should also consult a workers’ comp lawyer to ensure that you will receive the maximum benefit possible. Additionally, an attorney can help if you need to file an appeal or adjust a settlement.
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