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Common Challenges Encountered When Making A Workers’ Compensation Claim

Getting injured at work may cause certain financial concerns, especially if you end up having to take some time off to recover. In times like this, workers’ compensation will help.

What It is

Mandated by the government, workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that companies should have for their employees. As the name suggests, it pays monetary benefits to workers who have gotten injuries or sustained a disability because of their employment.

In some cases, Port Charlotte employees take care of workers’ compensation claims without the company knowing. They directly communicate with the insurance carrier. But there are also those who go through the employers.

Possible Challenges

Once you successfully make a claim, you will be able to gain back a portion of your lost wages. You will also get compensated for the medical treatments related to the injury or disability. However, going through the claims process is not a walk in the park. You may encounter challenges you have to overcome.

Here are some of the most common challenges people encounter when making workers’ compensation claims:

Improper or Late Claim Reporting – Workers and employers alike should be aware of the steps to take to report a claim. At the same time, they should know who to report it to. Failure to comply with the requirements set by the insurance carrier may cause issues. 

Another mistake is by delaying the reporting of the claim. Some employers may be guilty of doing this. The problem with this is that it may inflate the claim costs. It also makes the worker wait longer before knowing whether the claim is valid or denied. 
No Witnesses – Having a witness to prove that you have gotten the injury or disability due to your work can help you get approval for your claim. However, having no one to prove your claim makes the process more challenging. That is especially true in cases where an accident while doing a work-related activity caused your condition. So, if you ever get injured at work and no one has seen the incident happen, immediately inform your manager, supervisor, and coworkers. Relay the story. Make sure it is consistent.
Being Laid Off – Another reason why you should immediately file for a workers’ compensation insurance claim as soon as possible is to prevent the company from unfairly laying you off first, which can be used as a reason to interpret your purpose as a revenge claim only.
Inconsistency Between the Medical Records and Your Story – Medical records play an important role in a workers’ compensation claim. However, they should be consistent with the story you told others. Otherwise, your claim may be dismissed because your story does not match up with the findings of your doctor.

Reviewing the Claim – Before filing for a claim, make sure all pieces of information are accurate. To prevent any mistakes you can get help from an independent consultant. In Port Charlotte, you can choose to work with a workers’ compensation attorney.

Working with a lawyer may increase the chances of you getting approval for your claim. That is because lawyers know the necessary steps and documents. They can give you the best legal advice based on your situation. If you work with competent attorneys, the insurance carrier will think twice before giving you an unfair deal.

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