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Important Steps To Take After A Car Accident

Important Steps To Take After A Car Accident Being involved in a car crash is a life changing event. In most instances, it leaves you facing a long road to recovery. Your physical health can take months or even years to recover, and your mental or emotional health may suffer as well. Adding to the stress is the fact that most car accidents come with a large financial burden as well – things like missing work, huge medical bills, and more can all quickly add up and leave you struggling financially after an accident.

But if you’re hurt in an accident due to the actions and injuries of someone else, it’s important that you take the time to consider filing an auto accident personal injury lawsuit. You may have the right to seek compensation for your injuries and get the restitution that you need to regain your financial stability following an accident.

To help ensure that you have the best chance of success at this, it’s important to go through a quick checklist of what to do after a car accident occurs. Here’s a rundown of the main things to do.... full post

Distracted Driving And Your Legal Rights

Distracted Driving And Your Legal RightsFew things are as ingrained in the nation’s psyche as our vehicles. In fact, the only thing that has recently become more important to many is their phones. But when you combine the two together, you get a dangerous outcome that can put many lives at risk.

A Huge Risk

Distracted driving is a very real problem – so real that the Florida government has been working to create a bill to ban texting and driving or using a phone while driving outright. The most recent texting and driving bill was stalled due to fear of racial profiling, but legislators are still working on additional measures.

Currently in Florida, texting and driving is illegal but can’t be the primary reason a driver is pulled over. It has done little to curb the problem – 44% of drivers in the state have at least one incident involving distracted driving. And studies have found that distracted driving and especially things like texting or social media use while driving are just as deadly and dangerous as drunk driving.

Your Rights

So what are your rights if you’re involved in an accident that was... full post

How Witness Testimony Can Support Your Accident Claim

How Witness Testimony Can Support Your Accident ClaimWhen the courts and claims adjusters are evaluating car accidents to determine who is at-fault for the incident, they are looking for strong and compelling evidence. One of the best forms of evidence you can present is eye-witness testimony. Eye-witness testimony is a first hand account of the details of an accident by a party that was present during the incident. This testimony is weighed with physical evidence by claims adjusters, mediators, and court officials to determine the truth of what happened.

Why Witness Testimony Is Important

There are a couple of reasons why gathering testimony from witnesses following an accident is important for your case including:

● Witnesses are considered unbiased in an accident, so their testimony is valued by both sides of the case
● They can provide details you forgot or overlooked that support your case
● They can help investigators establish who was at fault for the accident
● They can add credibility to your claims

Witness testimony can often make or break an auto accident injury claim, so it’s very important that at the scene you try to collect as much witness information as possible if you are able to do... full post

How Do Florida’s No Fault Laws Impact My Accident Settlement?

 How Do Florida’s No Fault Laws Impact My Accident Settlement?Florida is one of several states in the United States that is a no fault state. This means your insurance will pay for your injuries no matter who was at fault. It is required in Florida for every driver to carry a minimum of $10,000 in personal injury protection per person. However, Florida law does allow injured victims to file a personal injury lawsuit if you have been seriously injured as a result of the accident. These injuries include:

● A permanent injury
● Significant and permanent disfigurement or scarring
● Significant and permanent loss of a bodily function.
● Death (Your estate would file)
What is the Burden Of Proof In A Florida Lawsuit
When you file a personal injury lawsuit and you are the victim, you and your personal injury attorney will have the “burden” of proving a “preponderance” of evidence that every element required in your claim is present. The four elements that you must prove in the state of Florida are:

• Duty: You must show that the defendant had a legal obligation to act with reasonable care so there is no risk of harm.... full post

Lawsuit Settlements Are A Good Thing

Lawsuit Settlements Are A Good ThingWhen most people think about lawsuits, they probably think of all the courtroom dramas on TV and in films where lawyers cleverly maneuver around each other, discover key pieces of evidence in the middle of a trial, and trick witnesses into confessing on the stand. Moments like these make for great stories with plenty of drama, but what they don’t do is represent how the vast majority of real-life cases go. Most real lawsuits end with a settlement out of court, and that’s almost always a good thing.
Lawsuits Are A Last Resort
In the first place, filing a civil lawsuit represents the fact that the parties on either side have a problem with each other and can’t solve it themselves. For instance, if a person slips on a rainy road and falls into a ditch, her insurance company might not want to cover all the repairs and towing costs she needs to pay to get her vehicle back in shape. They may claim that some of the damage came from wear and tear that she has to cover herself, or else that policy doesn’t cover the kind of... full post

What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Do?

What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Do?Accidents can come at the most unexpected moments as this is the nature of things. When these do happen, are you protected both medically and legally? The truth is that it’s easy to find a hospital that can help you recover but finding the right people to protect you from the legal aspect of accidents a whole different beast to be tackled.

When accidents happen and more than one party is involved, the law intervenes to make sure that the victims get the compensation they need. In cases like these, the value of a personal injury attorney is immeasurable, making them crucial for your well-being. What exactly do these specialized lawyers do?

Handles The Settlement Negotiation And Litigation Process

The legal process to settle court hearings for accidents can last for a year if not months. The process itself includes the investigation of evidence, requests for motions, and the negotiation of settlements. Understandably, you’ll have to take some time off after an accident so that you can recover. This is why getting the help of a personal injury lawyer is vital.

The lawyers can guide you throughout the entire legal process.... full post

Understanding Compensation Laws And The Attorneys The Uphold Them

Understanding Compensation Laws And The Attorneys The Uphold ThemAccidents can happen anytime, anywhere, even if the workplace you are at is deemed safe. Whenever minor or major accidents happen and you are not completely at fault, you may be entitled to just compensation from the company you are working for. Not many know this but professionals like a workers’ comp attorney can do wonders for such cases.

As the name suggests, a workers’ compensation attorney is a legal professional that can aid workers who are injured on the job. They can help these workers recover the right compensation for injuries or any long-term issue put through their body. These issues include but are not limited to medical bills and lost wages due to absences at work.

To understand why these attorneys are important for today’s working man, let’s take a look at compensation laws in general and what they mean for the working class.

Compensation Laws At A Glance

Workers’ compensation laws exist all throughout the world. These have been implemented to protect workers from any workplace harm. It’s not just about giving workers compensation after being in an accident though. These laws also apply to... full post

Giving Value To The Duties Of An Lawyer Amidst A Car Crash Case

 Giving Value To The Duties Of An Lawyer Amidst A Car Crash CaseA car crash is one of the last things you’d want to be involved in but alas, accidents come and go at unexpected moments. Aside from the serious injuries and health complications, you’ll also want to worry about the legal aspect of car accidents. Whether you are the victim or the cause of the accident, understanding the legalities that follow is a crucial practice.

One of the reasons why car crash lawyers are so in demand today is that people want to be safe. As they can never tell when accidents can happen, they want to ensure themselves that they are already prepared to answer possible lawsuits or liabilities in any case they become involved in one. You may want to consider finding one to turn to as well.

Just to give you a glimpse of how important these legal professionals are, here’s a short list of what they can do for you.

Find Your Liability In An Accident

Your liability in an accident can strengthen your case against it. Car crash lawyers are experts at finding all of the areas applicable to... full post

Do Not Just Be Part Of The Statistics, Know Your Rights

 Do Not Just Be Part Of The Statistics, Know Your RightsAn accident is something no one would ever want to experience. Aside from the injuries an individual might get, it also takes time and money to recover. Thus, a victim should have proper compensation to assist one in his or her everyday life following the incident.

What Is Personal Injury?

Any injury that affects the physical body and mental well-being of a person is considered a personal injury. The basis does not matter. It can be intentional or due to a person's negligence. There are two basic things victims should take into consideration when dealing with this kind of claim. These are liability and damages. Proving the existence of these two things will help you obtain the proper amount of compensation for your loss.

Among all causes of such injuries, automobile accidents have the most number of incidents. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), the state has recorded 402,592 crashes in 2018. From these crashes, the department said there were a total of 254,873 injuries. Do not just be part of the crash statistics. Know your rights.
... full post

What You Need To Know About Florida Semi-Truck Accidents

What You Need To Know About Florida Semi-Truck AccidentsWhen an accident occurs with a semi-truck they usually cause more severe injuries than with a car. As a result, in the state of Florida, semi-truck drivers have to obey more stringent requirements to reduce the likelihood of catastrophic accidents. These requirements also make it easier for truck accident victims to receive the compensation they deserve if the truck driver fails to be in compliance with the rules and regulations.

Insurance Requirements For Semi-Truck Drivers

The State of Florida requires all drivers to carry at least $10,000 in liability. For semi-truck drivers, Florida requires them to carry $50,000 minimum up to $750,000 depending on vehicle weight. Those truckers who transport hazardous materials must carry at least $5 million in personal injury and property damage. In addition to insurance, there are some other factors that need to also be taken into consideration:

● Logo Liability: When a semi hits a passenger vehicle, under logo liability there is the possibility that the logo holder on the semi-truck can be held liable for any damages incurred.
● Crash Factors: Over half of semi accidents are not caused by driver error. Often it... full post

How Do I Afford To Hire An Attorney After An Auto Accident?

How Do I Afford To Hire An Attorney After An Auto Accident?If you have been injured by a negligent driver in an accident, you have probably incurred a host of accident-related expenses. The costs of a serious car crash including repairing or replacing your auto, medical expenses, missed work and no income, can add up quickly. If you are under these financial constraints, it may seem that hiring an expensive attorney may is unattainable. However, attorneys do not cost what you may think.

Why Having An Attorney Represent You Is Needed

What many people are not aware of is that insurance companies are under no obligation to settle for a fair amount. They have a staff of agents who are trained and whose only job is to pay you as little as possible to keep making money for their stockholders. Some ways insurance companies minimize payouts:

● Make an initial offer unreasonably low so other still inadequate offers seem more reasonable
● Misrepresent your legal rights such as telling you there is no compensation for pain and suffering
● Advise you that you will get less compensation and it will take years if you hire an attorney
● Waiting... full post

Bicyclists Beware, An Accident Could Occur While You Are Out And About

Bicyclists Beware, An Accident Could Occur While You Are Out And AboutBicycles are becoming a regular mode of transportation for a lot of people in the Sunshine State. Many folks choose to ride their bikes to work, school, stores, and numerous other places. Why? Well, naturally, each person has their own reasons for doing so, but one of the most common ones is money. Owning a car can prove to be very expensive. Firstly, there is the initial purchase of the vehicle, which can run a consumer anywhere between $1,000 and $80,000 or more.

Then, one also has to figure in the price of insurance, gas, maintenance, and keeping the auto's registration up to date too. Of course, if a person owns a truck, they also have to worry about friends continually asking them to help them move. Another reason why cyclists decide to ride their bikes everywhere is to help out the Earth in their own way. There is plenty of controversy surrounding the subject, but there is scientific research that proves global warming is taking place today.

Vehicles play a major role in the process as they emit carbon dioxide... full post

Who Is To Blame For A Parking Lot Accident?

Who Is To Blame For A Parking Lot Accident?One of the tasks most people dread is going to the grocery store, especially on weekends. We all know people are supposed to drive slowly in a parking lot, but not everyone does and serious accidents occur. Many people are driving distracted. Most are in a rush and trying to get in and out as quickly as possible. All of these circumstances can not only lead to car on car accidents, but also shopping carts, pedestrians, and barriers can be hit. On the plus side, auto accidents in parking lots are usually not so serious because of the slower speeds, but determining who had the right away can be complicated. Here are some tips to help you determine who is at fault.

Right Of Way Rules In Parking Lots

Your typical parking lots have multiple lanes and the cars are parked on both sides. The following are several examples of common parking lot accidents and who is responsible:

● Rear End Collision: You stop at the end of the parking lane or stop for a pedestrian crossing and you get hit from behind. It... full post

When Is The Right Time To Hire A Lawyer After An Accident?

When Is The Right Time To Hire A Lawyer After An Accident?There can be a lot of chaos and confusion after an accident. It’s never something you plan, after all, and both you and several other people may be seriously injured and have to deal with significant property damage. Then again, maybe someone rammed into your parked car and very courteously handed over their insurance information before leaving.

You don’t always need a personal injury lawyer to handle your case after a car accident or some other form of personal injury, and it’s true enough that hiring one means you won’t get the full value of your claim or settlement. However, a partial settlement negotiated with a professional lawyer can often be much bigger than a full settlement negotiated without one. If you run into any of the following issues or conditions, you should see a personal injury lawyer for at least an initial consultation.

There Are Many Parties Involved

If an accident involves just you and one other person, it usually isn’t that hard to figure out who’s responsible and which person’s insurance should pay for what.... full post

What Happens If Someone Gets Into An Accident While Driving My Car?

What Happens If Someone Gets Into An Accident While Driving My Car?Many of us have not thought twice about loaning their car out to a trusted friend or a family member. Your sister may need a bigger car for a special event or a good friend’s car is in the shop, you loan them yours. The majority of the time this is not a problem and your car is promptly returned when no longer needed. But what if an accident occurs to the car you loaned out? Who’s insurance pays?

Car Insurance Covers The Car

The popular belief with auto insurance is that the driver, not the car is insured. It is actually the reverse. As long as you have coverage it will follow your car. Your insurance is the primary coverage that will apply if the driver who borrowed your car has an accident. The person who is driving will act as a secondary insurance if your coverage is not enough. That is unless you know the person you loaned the car to is incompetent or negligent before driving off in the vehicle.

How You Could Be Held Liable

Some examples of... full post

Stay Alert And Stay Safe On Your Family Vacation

Stay Alert And Stay Safe On Your Family VacationFlorida is a popular state for tourists and vacationers throughout the summer. The sunny beaches, warm climate, lively nightlife, and massive amusement parks draw in visitors from across the United States and beyond. Many of these visitors drive down from their home states, but because Florida is full of swamps, lakes, and wetlands they only have so many highways they can drive down. Florida is already a densely populated state, so when summer comes the highways can become dangerously congested.

That’s why it’s so important to stay alert and avoid driving while distracted, drowsy, or under the influence. Whether you come to the state in a family SUV or you rent a fast coupe after flying in, the highways and streets of Florida are dangerous enough without adding to your risk levels. Keep these important pointers in mind before you climb behind the wheel.

Delegate Your Kid Wrangling

Young children can be a real handful on a long road trip, especially if you don’t have enough distractions on hand to keep them busy. They also don’t always realize that you need... full post

Protecting Senior Drivers In Florida

Protecting Senior Drivers In FloridaFlorida is known for being a great place to retire. That means that there are many seniors on the road. However, as people age, they are not always capable of doing the same things they could do before. Health issues can affect driving abilities. Decreased vision or hearing as well as decreased mobility due to osteoporosis can impact the ability to safely operate a vehicle. As many seniors are able to continue to drive safely, it may be difficult to tell when a senior should stop driving. A good way to tell is if you notice your elderly relative is having near-misses or fender benders.A physician can also help decide if an elderly patient can no longer operate a vehicle safely, it is well for the senior to listen to that input.

Five Tips For Senior Driving Safety

Many seniors can prolong the time they can be on the road by following these simple tips:

• Stay Physically Active: Daily activities such as walking, stretching and strength training are great choices for seniors. These activities improve strength and flexibility making it easier to look around, back up the car and turn the... full post

Is Fault Always Automatically Assigned In Rear End Collisions?

Is Fault Always Automatically Assigned In Rear End Collisions?When being rear ended or accidentally rear ending someone else, the average driver believes that the person who hit the car in the rear is at fault. This is not always the case. Florida uses a system of comparative negligence. That means that insurance companies and courts look at the full circumstances of an accident, and split negligence according to the details among the drivers involved. Thus, negligence can also be proved by the driver who rear-ended the other driver.

Negligence In Rear End Collisions

When a driver's actions fall below an established and reasonable standard of care, they are considered to be negligent. So what would a reasonable person have done that the driver did not do that led to the accident is what determines negligence. In order to determine fault or “negligence”, the driver has to prove a reasonable standard of care existed. This is not all that difficult as it is reasonable for all drivers to exercise care and be observant when driving a motor vehicle. Then you must show that the other driver did not demonstrate a reasonable standard of care. Some... full post

Do I Need To See A Car Accident Doctor After An Accident?

Do I Need To See A Car Accident Doctor After An Accident?Anytime you get into a car accident, even a minor one. The very first thing you need to do is to see a physician. Many injuries like spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and even soft tissue injuries like whiplash, may not show symptoms for weeks or even months after an accident. The sooner you visit your physician the better for your health and well-being, but also the more likely you’ll be able to receive the full compensation you need to cover the costs of your injuries. Seeing your family doctor is a great idea, however there is another option we always recommend. That is, accident victims should also visit a car accident doctor.

What Is A Car Accident Doctor?

Every doctor has training in a unique specialty, including general practitioners and family doctors. If your family doctor notices a condition that requires specialization, they will refer you to a specialist. For example, if you suffer frequent ear infections, they may refer you to an ENT. A car accident doctor is a type of specialist. They are trained to identify, diagnose, and... full post

Child Seat Safety And Preventing Injury And Death

Child Seat Safety and Preventing Injury and DeathOne of the leading causes of death among children in the United States is from auto accidents. Properly installed and secured child safety seats help decrease the chance of fatal injury significantly. When determining what kind of protection your child needs as a passenger in the car, you need to remember that as they grow, their needs will change.

If you are unsure if the car seat you are using has been properly installed, there are Child Passenger Safety Technicians across the country that can teach parents how to safely transport their children and ensure that all seats have been installed correctly.

Not only do they encourage the safety of the child passengers, but they also encourage the adults in the vehicle to buckle up as well.

Inspection Stations

You can find help with your car seats at one of several locations in your area, including General Motors dealerships, hospitals, and fire departments. These inspection stations are open during regular hours. However, parents and caregivers can also elect to set an appointment at the location of their choosing.

Child Passenger Safety Tips

When discussing child passenger safety... full post

Picking Up The Pieces After A Hit-And-Run

Picking Up The Pieces After A Hit-And-RunIn February, a 19-year old teen was severely injured in a hit-and-run rollover accident in Sarasota. Though the driver of the other vehicle caused the accident, they stopped for only a few minutes before leaving the scene of the crime.

The victim of the accident, Jack Kelley, suffered critical injuries and was taken to a local hospital where he was placed in the ICU. Fortunately for Kelley and his family, the accident was captured on a surveillance camera that showed the event in dramatic detail. After numerous tips came in about the suspected identity of the hit-and-run driver, 24-year-old Zachari Brock turned himself in to authorities.

Jack Kelley was able to leave the ICU in late March and started a long road of recovery. As of May 21, he was out of the hospital and walking the beach after an amazing recovery.

Zachari Brock will face a long road of his own. He was charged with two felonies, including leaving the scene of a crash and driving without a valid driver’s license.

Accidents Happen

Hit-and-run accidents happen every day. People who have caused an accident can become so... full post

Don’t Let A Fun Party Lead To A DUI

Don’t Let A Fun Party Lead To A DUIBy now, everyone knows that drinking and driving is a reckless and dangerous act. Yet many people continue to choose to get behind the wheel after a few hours of partying. The NHTSA reports that there are almost 30 people in the U.S. who die in drunk-driving accidents each day. That amounts to one death every 48 minutes. Though the statistics have fallen over the years, our country still loses over 10,000 people each year to this tragedy.

The Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)

Currently, the legal limit of alcohol consumption when driving in Florida is less than 0.08%. A blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% or more is all it takes to become a DUI. That might sound like a low number, but the effects of just a small amount of alcohol in the system can be dramatic.

A BAC of just 0.02% contributes to a slight loss in judgment, increased body temperature, and an altered mood. The effects on driving are:

• Decline in visual function – difficulty in tracking a moving target
• Decline in the ability to do two things at once – divided attention ... full post

Nonresidents And Florida Accident Lawsuits

Nonresidents And Florida Accident Lawsuits Florida is one of the most heavily populated states in the nation, with millions of residents calling it home. But it’s also one of the most heavily visited, and every year millions more visit for the beaches, theme parks, and more.

And while residents may be involved in an accident and get the help of a lawyer when seeking personal injury settlements, what happens when one of those millions of visitors is involved in an accident? The easy answer is that pretty much the exact same thing will happen if two residents are involved, only with a little bit of extra work – mainly for the nonresident or for the attorneys involved in handling the case.

Exactly what will be involved in the process of seeking financial compensation will largely depend upon what role the nonresident plays in the accident and the recovery. Taking a closer look will make it easier to see just what to expect no matter who you are and how you’re involved in the process.

If The Nonresident Caused The Accident

If a Florida resident is injured in an accident that was caused by... full post

Five Big Things To Look For When Choosing An Accident Lawyer

Five Big Things To Look For When Choosing An Accident Lawyer When you’re hurt in an accident, it can be hard to know just what steps you need to take next. Finding medical help is the immediate, obvious step to take first. But after that, you’ll need to find an attorney – especially if your injuries were caused by the negligence of someone else.

If this is the case, you may have the grounds to seek compensation for your injuries through a personal injury lawsuit. But you’ll need the right accident lawyer on your side to do so. Luckily, finding the right one isn’t as hard as you might assume. In fact, just remembering five basic things will be the keys to choosing a lawyer that is right for you.

One – Location

While you won’t have to show up every morning to chat with your lawyer, you will still have to visit from time to time to sign documents, talk to attorneys, and more. Having an easy to access location that is close to your home will matter more than you might realize.

Two – Practice Area

There are many more... full post

Easy Ways To Help Your Attorney After An Auto Accident

Easy Ways To Help Your Attorney After An Auto Accident When you’re hurt in an auto accident, it’s not always easy to know what to do. If you’re hurt, seeking medical attention will be a natural first step. But aside from that, getting back on your feet often means that you need to take the time to connect with a personal injury attorney who will work to get you a settlement offer that will make it easier to recover financially.

Medical bills, lost wages due to missing work, property damage, and more. All of these are costs that can seriously impact your financial stability after an accident. But if the accident wasn’t your fault, you deserve to be able to get restitution – and filing a personal injury lawsuit is a good way to get that compensation. Your lawyer will help by speeding up the process, getting you better settlement amounts, and more.

Helping Your Attorney

However, while they’re a professional and will be able to take over most of the heavy lifting for you, the fact is that you can also do some things to help your lawyer get you the... full post

Auto Accidents Out Of State: Know Your Rights

Auto Accidents Out Of State: Know Your RightsGetting into an auto accident is traumatic enough, but imagine how tough it would be if you were vacationing with your family or on a business trip out of your home state? If you’ve gotten into an accident out of state, you may not know where to turn. Accidents happen often with out of state drivers, so there are laws that can help protect you. Here is what you need to know if you are ever in an accident out of state.

Will My Insurance Company Cover Me Out Of State?

Most car insurance companies will cover you if you are traveling in the United States. However, it is important to know that liability limits are different in different states and you are required by the state where the accident happens to comply with their insurance requirements and not the requirements of your home state. There is a good chance that your insurance company will not adjust for the liability in that state. Added to that, each state has their own laws regarding limitations and conditions. A good idea is to check with your insurance company... full post

Top-Tier Representation When You Need It Most

Top-Tier Representation When You Need It MostAccording to Statista, there were around 225 million licensed drivers in the United States in 2017. The study reveals that Florida accounted for over 15 million of those drivers. What does that mean? Well, it shows that there are lots and lots of people operating motor vehicles in the Sunshine State. Some use the mode of transportation to go to work and return home. The same can be said for students traveling from home to school and back again.

Of course, many other folks use their cars for leisurely purposes too. After all, Florida is known for its fabulous beaches, outstanding amusement parks, and other attractions. Thus, vacationers and tourists are always blessing our cities with their presence. Nobody should be knocking it though as these people help our economy stay healthy and strong. Still, with so many cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles in one place, accidents are sure to happen. Don't just take our word for it though. Rather, take a look at some of the recent headlines from news outlets around the area such as...

• FOX 4 – Couple Married 60 Years... full post

What You Need To Know About Trucking Accidents

What You Need To Know About Trucking AccidentsBeing injured in any kind of accident isn’t easy. Florida motorists who are hurt in an accident will find their lives thrown into chaos. Not only do you have to try to make a full physical recovery, but you have to recover financially as well. And when you factor in medical costs and lost wages from missing work, it’s not hard to see why an accident could be devastating to you in more ways than some think.

And one of the biggest examples of this is in trucking accidents. Florida’s roads are filled with commercial trucks, and each of them carries the potential to do serious damage to those in passenger vehicles. Their larger size and weight means that they can seriously damage passenger vehicles and those inside them. If you’re hurt in an accident of this nature, it’s important to find help. There are more variables involved than it first appears.

Proving Fault In Trucking Accidents 

The first thing you'll need to understand is that under Florida law, those who are seeking compensation through a trucking accident lawsuit must be able to... full post

A Closer Look At Distracted Driving

A Closer Look At Distracted DrivingFlorida drivers have a tremendous amount to pay attention to while on our roads. With the third highest population in the country and millions of visitors every year, Florida roads are among the busiest in the nation. As such, they can also be among the most dangerous. Drivers who are injured in an accident may need help making a full recovery, and if your injuries were caused by the reckless or negligent actions of someone else it is important to get compensation for your injuries. And one of the biggest causes of accidents today? Distracted drivers.

A Major Issue 

With the rise of mobile phones and mobile technology, more and more drivers are operating their vehicles while using their devices. And this means that many drivers on the roads today are distracted. Just something as simple as sending out a text while behind the wheel can be as dangerous as driving drunk, and studies have found that reaction times are greatly reduced when you are distracted.

Florida is no different, and recent studies have found some troubling numbers:

• Nine percent of fatal crashes were caused by... full post

Five Bad Driving Habits To Break This New Year

Five Bad Driving Habits To Break This New YearWith a New Year, comes the opportunity to make some positive changes to our habits. After helping South Florida auto accident injury victims for over 30 years now, we have seen how a small bad driving habit can have a devastating impact. It takes only one bad decision to lead to consequences that can last a lifetime. So this New Year, why not make some resolutions to break those bad driving habits we all do? Here are five bad driving habits to consider ditching:

• Distracted Driving: Whether you are sending a text on your phone, eating a lunch to go, or trying to get your children to stop fighting, distracted driving is very dangerous. In fact, distracted driving is the number one cause of accidents in Florida. So this year, rather than multi-task, stay safe and pull over.

• Speeding: Between getting to work on time, grabbing your kids after school, and running your daily errands, it sometimes feels like there is not enough time in the day to get everything done. Sometimes this rush can lead us to speed. Speeding is not only... full post

5 Major Factors To Consider When Selecting A Lawyer

5 Major Factors To Consider When Selecting A LawyerAs hard as you may try to avoid it, it’s likely that at some point in your lifetime you’ll need the help of a good lawyer. Many people associate the need for a lawyer with the act of committing a crime. This is why people who do their best to avoid criminal activity don’t think that they’ll ever need this type of help.

There are many areas, however, where a lawyer can be of assistance, such as:

• Accidents – Auto, Boat, Motorcycle, Trucks
• Workers Compensation and Workplace Injury Claims
• Wrongful Death Suits
• Social Security Disability
• Slip And Fall Claims
• Personal Injury

You can hope that none of these things will ever happen to you, but life doesn’t always go as planned. When you have a problem that requires the help of a lawyer, the first thing you have to do is select one.

5 Things To Consider During Selection

Area of specialization

You wouldn’t see a cardiologist if you broke your ankle, so why hire a real estate attorney to handle your worker’s comp claim? Choose your lawyer based on your... full post

Getting A Fair Settlement Doesn't Have To Be Hard

Getting A Fair Settlement Doesn't Have To Be HardMany people in this world find themselves involved in lawsuits from time to time. Common reasons for these legal proceedings include auto accidents, workplace injuries, dog bites, wrongful death suits, and more. The ordeal can be complicated, confusing, and overwhelming, especially when folks choose to go it alone. After all, most of them haven't studied the law for years and years. Thus, the jargon and processes leave the person perplexed and stressed out.

Regardless of the type of case, the ultimate goal is to receive compensation for damages caused by another party. However, the defendant's legal team and their insurance company will stop at nothing to prevent the client from paying out a large sum. It is a good idea not to sign anything until your attorney has had a chance to review the document. More and more companies are adding fine printing to contracts that attempt to get the victim to sign their rights to compensation away. The items don't always hold up in court, but they can sure slow things... full post

Stay Safe - Honda And Acura Vehicles Recalled For Brake Problems

Bad Brakes Equal CrashesMost people drive around from place to place without a care in the world. They believe their cars are safe and have no reason to think otherwise. However, sometimes, a part or piece can malfunction and put the motorist in danger. Heck, they even pose a threat to pedestrians and other people on the roadways. One of the scariest feelings in the world is attempting to slow a vehicle down only to have a spongy brake pedal. If it compresses to the floor and nothing happens, the person's car can slam into someone else's rear end, an immovable object like a concrete barrier, or even a building.

Of course, anyone that has ever been involved in a crash knows that the events are anything but forgiving. Skin and bones are just no match for metal, rubber, and glass. People can be left with minor to severe injuries, and sometimes, participants can even lose their lives. Aside from death, some of the other common damages associated with these incidents include...

• Fractures And Broken Bones
• Burns, Lacerations, Contusions
• Brain Injuries
• Loss Of Limbs
• Partial Or Full Paralysis

Folks Become Involved In Lawsuits

It is extremely expensive to... full post

Stay Safe While Driving A Supercar

 Stay Safe While Driving A SupercarNot many people have the kind of money you need to own a supercar. This class of vehicles includes extremely powerful sports cars designed by specialty manufacturers that only make a few hundred of each model per year, and they all come with a six-figure price tag (sometimes seven). As such, the only owners tend to be the very wealthy and car lovers who are willing to save up for the purchase.

However, you can also find a few places that rent out supercars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris, especially in a state like Florida where millions of vacationers visit every year. However, when you’re driving something that expensive and that powerful, the rules of the road are more important than ever. Be sure to remember everything you know about defensive driving when you’re on the highway or in the city, and keep in mind that supercars bring their own challenges.

Remember You’re Driving A Wide-Body Car

Most supercars are wider than the average sedan or SUV. This is because a wider body with the wheels set farther apart is more stable, especially when taking... full post

Tips For Sharing The Road With Large Trucks

Tips for Sharing the Road with Large TrucksAs drivers, we are subjected to several road hazards and conditions that may prove to be less than favorable. We also sometimes find that even though we are safe and careful drivers and pay attention to the road and other vehicles, other drivers may not be as careful as we are which can ultimately result in accidents and other incidents.

One of the scariest things as a driver on the road is to be driving next to a large 18-wheeler. Due to their size, they are known to drift in and out of lanes often which means you need to be alert and ready.

To make it less scary and a lot easier for you as a driver, there are a few things you can do when it comes to sharing the road with these larger trucks.

Driving Around Big Rigs

Patience and awareness are the two main elements needed for safe driving. This is especially true when it comes to driving in the presence of 18-wheelers and other large trucks.

Never Take Chances

When driving alongside these trucks, you do not want to take any chances. If you... full post

Health Insurance And Auto Accidents- What To Expect

Health Insurance and Auto Accidents- What to ExpectYou have recently been involved in a car accident and sustained injuries. Now the medical bills are beginning to pile up, and you are unsure of what you need to do to file a claim so that the insurance provider of the other party responsible can step up and pay these bills. Do you have to use your own health insurance to cover these costs?

Who Caused the Accident?

If the other driver was responsible for the accident, then the liability for bodily injury should fall to their car insurance for the medical expenses. Your own car insurance, despite who is at fault or not, should also pay for your medical expenses.

However, there are also times when you can and cannot use your health insurance as a replacement for your car insurance for injuries and medical expenses.

Health Insurance of PIP

Florida is one of the few states that requires that you carry personal injury protection insurance (PIP) in addition to your other coverage. PIP is used to cover any injuries sustained due to the accident, rehab costs, and even lost wages.

While PIP and health insurance basically do the... full post

What Can You Do After A Hit & Run?

 What Can You Do After A Hit & Run?One of the most upsetting things that can happen on the roads of Florida is for you, as a driver, to be doing everything you can to obey Florida traffic law, and then get into an accident through no fault of your own. This becomes even more upsetting if the other driver responsible for the accident doesn’t do the responsible thing, but instead drives away, hoping to avoid all the consequences of what just happened. But can they?

If someone flees the scene of a hit and run—an act that is, unfortunately, on the rise in our state—do they get away with it?Is there nothing you can do once the other driver has decided to evade responsibility, and all you can do is hope your insurance company understands? The answer is “no,” and there are a few options open to you for investigating this.

The Police

This is a given if a hit and run results in injury or, worse yet, a death. When someone is injured or dies as a result of a hit and run accident, the police will automatically divert their considerable investigative... full post

Florida Is Seeing Hit & Runs Rise

 Florida Is Seeing Hit & Runs RiseThe traffic law in Florida—as in other states in the country—is very clear on what to do in the event of a traffic accident. When an accident occurs, anyone involved in the accident is expected to remain in the scene, especially if injuries are involved. It is not just unethical, it is actually illegal for a driver to flee the area when an accident occurs, and this is known, colloquially, as a “hit and run.”

However, despite the fact that a decision to hit and run is against the law, hit and run incidents are on the rise. Perhaps even more sobering, Florida is one of the top states in the USA where hit runs are on the increase. And this means bad news for everyone.

Why It Matters

One of the reasons why remaining at the scene of an accident is essential is for both legal and insurance purposes. Police that arrives at an accident will want to conduct an investigation and, of course, talk to the witnesses as well as participants and victims of the accident. Information between accident victims will need to be exchanged so... full post

Do You Need An Attorney For A Workplace Accident?

Do You Need An Attorney For A Workplace Accident? Every day, accidents happen on job sites around Florida. And when they occur, it's easy for the person who was hurt to assume that they just need to file a worker's comp claim and be done with the process. In a perfect world, that would be the case. But it's rare that things work out that way, and for many people, the help of an accident attorney will be a must after a workplace accident. If you want to ensure that you make a total recovery, speaking to one of these experts will be vital.
There are several reasons for this:

• Ensuring that you actually don’t' get refused in your claim. It's common for insurance companies to do all that they can to refuse a payment or try to deny claims. You may end up being denied just so the powerful insurance companies can save money. A personal injury attorney will argue your rights and ensure that this doesn't happen.

• You may only be offered a fraction of what you're actually owed. In some instances, insurance companies may try to give you a... full post

Florida Law Requires You To Stay At The Scene

 Florida Law Requires You To Stay At The SceneSadly, one of the reasons that societies like the United States require laws in place is to have something enforceable—and punishable—when common decency is not enough to compel people to do the right thing. One of the most common examples of this in modern life is the “hit and run.” Put simply, when a driver gets into an accident, whether it is hitting a piece of property, a person, or even another vehicle, the driver then flees. In these cases, it’s almost never ignorance, and is a deliberate attempt to evade whatever financial or legal consequences may be due.

Changes For The Better

Sadly, Florida has, for years, had a pretty significant hit and run rate. 25% of accidents occurring in the state involved drivers in the incident fleeing the scene. In some cases, those that fled the scene were responsible for serious injuries or even death. The “last straw” was in 2012, when Aaron Cohen, a 31 year old cyclist, was struck in central Florida, in February, and died.

The person who struck and killed Aaron Cohen was, it was later determined, drunk. However, because... full post

Reasons To Hire An Attorney After A Trucking Accident

 Reasons To Hire An Attorney After A Trucking AccidentMost drivers are intimidated by big rigs being next to them on the road and rightfully so. Tractor-trailers are enormous when compared to conventional cars, trucks, and even SUVs. As if their sheer size is not enough to cause people to feel threatened, the eighteen-wheelers are also loaded down with heavy cargo, freight, logs, and more. This added weight makes it harder for the vehicles to stop, and when traffic abruptly comes to a halt in front of them, stopping is nearly impossible.

Additionally, if the trailer is packed incorrectly, the weight can shift when the driver takes a turn or curve too quickly, which in many cases, causes the truck to flip. Unfortunately, this action is a recipe for disaster for the eighteen-wheeler and cars in the nearby vicinity. Injuries that are common in trucking accidents include...

• Burns, Cuts, Contusions
• Whiplash Or Other Neck Injuries
• Broken And Fractured Bones
• Internal Bleeding Or Organ Damage
• Loss Of Limbs
• Death

These trucks are necessary as they get items to store shelves for consumers to purchase. Without them, people wouldn't be able to run out and buy groceries, clothing,... full post

Don't Become An Auto Accident Statistic By Avoiding These Things While Driving

 Don't Become An Auto Accident Statistic By Avoiding These Things While DrivingMany people operate motor vehicles without a care in the world. They forget that cars, trucks, and SUVs can be dangerous, especially when drivers get distracted or act negligently. Research by the CDC shows that there were more than 32,000 car crash deaths in 2013 alone. Loss of life is not the only unfortunate side effect of auto accidents either. Drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians can sustain injuries from these incidents. Damages often include...

• Partial Or Full Paralysis
• Burns, Cuts, And Bruises
• Brain Injuries
• Fractured And Broken Bones

As if the pain and suffering were not enough after an auto accident, money woes also become an issue. On many occasions, the injured party cannot work due to the wounds, which makes paying for things like rent, groceries, and lights nearly impossible. Plus, recovering from car crash damages is not cheap. Victims regularly have to pay for doctors appointments, emergency room visits, physical therapist meetings, and prescriptions.

Don't just accept these expenses, particularly if another driver is to blame for the injuries. Hire an auto accident lawyer to fight with your best interests... full post

What Documents Do I Need After A Car Accident?

What Documents Do I Need After A Car Accident? After a car accident, there will be a lot of paperwork you need to gather to prove any damages. When you pursue compensation for your losses, your award will be determined by your ability to prove your claims. This requires evidence of the accident, your injuries, and the connection between the two. The best evidence is documentation of all the events following the accident from medical visits to lost income to vehicle damage. Here is a list of the documents that you should gather after your car accident so you can prove your damages.

Police Report: No matter the circumstances of your accident, you should always call the police. The police will help document the accident in an official record. This record will include important details that can help you prove your claim including:

● Proof the accident occurred
● Potential causes of the accident
● Whether or not any traffic laws were violated
● Witness testimonies

To obtain the police report, you will need to contact the law enforcement agency and provide your name and the name(s) of the other driver(s), the date of the accident, and if possible, the badge number... full post

Six Most Common Types Of Car Accidents And How An Attorney Can Help

Six Most Common Types Of Car Accidents And How An Attorney Can HelpIf you’ve been injured in an auto accident, you will face a lot of challenges. Beyond just the pain and suffering you are enduring, you’ll also have to deal with the insurance companies who will try to discredit your claims. You’ll have to prove fault, the existence of your injuries, and the value of your claim. During this stressful time, the best thing you can do is get an attorney. No matter what type of accident you are in, an attorney can help make sure your rights are protected and you receive the compensation you deserve. Here is how an attorney can help you will with six most common types of car crashes:

• Head-On Crashes: Head-on collisions are one of the most dangerous auto accidents and almost always lead to debilitating injury. Anytime you are severely injured in an auto accident you need an attorney. Insurance companies are in the business of making money and even in cases of severe injury, will try to undercut the value of your claim. An accident attorney will help you calculate the true value... full post

Avoid Getting Taken Advantage Of By Hiring A Reputable Car Crash Lawyer

Avoid Getting Taken Advantage Of By Hiring A Reputable Car Crash LawyerMany people are lucky enough that they never have to experience an automotive accident. Unfortunately, this statement does not ring true for everyone though, and with what seems an endless supply of vehicles on the roads, an incident can occur anytime, anyplace, or anywhere, including right here in Florida. Most operators attempt to drive defensively, which prevents some episodes from transpiring, but sometimes, accidents just happen, and there is no stopping them. These events are stressful, overwhelming, and they can leave the participants with minor or severe injuries. Damages often include but are not limited to…

• Burns, Cuts, Scrapes, And Contusions
• Broken Or Fractured Bones
• Loss Of Life
• Partial Or Fucontll Paralysis

The medical bills to recover from such an injury become expensive to say the very least. Additionally, if the party is missing time from work due to the damage, funds will deplete quickly. It typically becomes difficult for the individual to pay for necessities like food, rent, or utilities. However, if it can be proven that another driver's negligence or recklessness is to blame for the affliction, you may be entitled... full post

Ways That Contracting An Attorney Can Prove To Be Beneficial After A Trucking Accident

Ways That Contracting An Attorney Can Prove To Be Beneficial After A Trucking AccidentMost people do not fully comprehend the consequences of trucking accidents unless they are first-responders on the scene or directly involved in the incident. Tractor trailers are massive pieces of equipment that are designed to transport heavy loads from one location to the next. Operators spend numerous hours behind the wheel, driving through different types of conditions, and one wrong move is all it takes for a crash to occur. There are laws in effect, which require the big rig drivers to keep track of their working hours and off time, but still, spending so much time traveling from here to there is enough to make anyone tired.

If drowsy driving happens, the truck can drift into other lanes of traffic or even run off the road. With any luck, the operator will regain control after the commotion, but if the load becomes offset, they may lose command of the vehicle altogether. It can strike cars, pedestrians, or stationary objects in the vicinity. Autos can get stuck beneath the trailer taking the occupants on dangerous rides... full post

Reasons To Employ The Services Of A Car Crash Lawyer

Reasons To Employ The Services Of A Car Crash LawyerCars, pickups, vans, eighteen-wheelers, and even motorcycles are beneficial in helping drivers, passengers, or goods travel between locations. They are necessary pieces of equipment for keeping store shelves stocked with products, which allows them to stay readily available for consumers to purchase. However, when distracted driving, a vehicle malfunction, or less than stellar road conditions come into play, accidents are likely to happen. Vehicle wrecks of any kind are unforgiving. Drivers and passengers alike get tossed or jostled around. They can bump their heads, receive lacerations from shattered glass, and obtain a host of other severe issues. Injuries associated with automotive wrecks often include...

• Broken Or Fractured Bones And Sprains
• Whiplash And Other Neck Or Spinal Injuries
• Loss Of Limbs
• Burns
• Brain Injuries
• Death

A lot of things are going on during and after an auto accident. You will likely be experiencing pain and discomfort, your heart will be thumping incredibly fast, and thoughts will be racing at ridiculous speeds. However, it is important to keep your cool, stay calm, and give first aid to other involved parties whenever it is necessary. Contact the... full post

Be Ready When You Meet Your Auto Accident Attorney

Be Ready When You Meet Your Auto Accident AttorneyOnce you've taken care of emergency related injuries and made sure that your physical health is where it should be, the next step for your recovery after an auto accident will likely be to talk to a skilled auto accident attorney. While medical professionals will help you with your physical recovery, your lawyer will ensure that you are able to make a full financial recovery as well.

There are plenty of reasons for visiting an attorney, but the main one is simple - it's the best way to ensure that your case is resolved as best as it possibly can be and that you receive the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries. Plus, your attorney takes care of the hard work for you so you are able to focus on physically healing without worry about the stresses that can come from a seeking restitution on your own.

However, it's important that you have the right information on hand when you first visit your attorney and receive your initial consultation. They'll take care of the process of seeking compensation for you,... full post

Who Is Liable In An Uber Or Lyft Accident?

Who Is Liable In An Uber Or Lyft Accident? The world of catching-a-ride has come a long way since the first yellow taxicab. With the implementation of ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft, people everywhere are more comfortable letting someone else take over the driving duties.

Anyone Can Drive For A Ride Sharing Company

When anyone gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, there is always a chance that an accident can occur. What keeps these chances low is the ability of the driver to concentrate on the task at hand without distractions, follow the rules of the road, and use safety precautions at all times.

Those who drive for Uber and Lyft are no different than the rest of the vehicle-operating population. They receive no special training or equipment; they use their own vehicles to take people from point A to point B. The problem is, you never know how “good” a driver they are until you get in the car.

What To Know If An Accident Happens

Accidents can happen no matter what kind of a driver is operating the Uber you are riding in. If you are... full post

Truck Accident Victims Should Put A Professional, Proven Attorney On Their Side

Truck Accident Victims Should Put A Professional, Proven Attorney On Their SideThe entire United States relies on tractor-trailers to transport goods to stores and keep the economy flourishing. They are essential for putting items on the shelves and making them readily available for consumers to purchase. These vehicles are so important that many companies are even trying out self-driving trucks. The verdict is still out on these devices because it is too early in the testing phase to determine if they are 100-percent safe. However, until we get to the point where everyone is getting chauffeured around, humans remain in control. Distracted driving should never occur, regardless of what a person is operating, whether that is a car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, or eighteen wheeler. Unfortunately, distractions do happen, and they are often the cause of wrecks.

Talking on the phone, receiving and sending texts, eating, or even playing around with passengers can result in the car barreling out of control due to human error. Drowsiness leads to folks falling asleep or just not paying as much attention as they should to the task at hand. Trucking companies transport heavy loads, and if the... full post

Reasons To Employ A Car Crash Lawyer

 Reasons To Employ A Car Crash Lawyer Anyone that has ever been involved in an automotive accident knows that the experience is quite overwhelming. Shattered windshields can leave lacerations on the face, arms, or on other areas of the body. Broken bones are painful results from the twisted metal caused by the impact, which might lead to partial or full paralysis. Vehicles without airbags, cars with faulty seatbelts, and automobiles with safety devices that do not operate properly allow drivers and passengers to hit their heads. These types of actions tend to produce traumatic brain injuries. The jolting back and forth motions generate spinal injuries and whiplash. Not everyone has an electric car, and most motors utilize gasoline, oil, or other flammable substances. Whenever these items enter the equation, there is always an increased risk of sustaining burns. On other occasions, the consequences of an accident are deadly, and wrongful deaths become a reality. As you can see, the possibilities are endless as to the types of injuries that a person can obtain when they are involved in a collision. Keep your head on a swivel and remain... full post

Contact An Attorney If These Continually Illuminated Brake Lights Cause An Accident

Contact An Attorney If These Continually Illuminated Brake Lights Cause An AccidentAutomotive accidents happen anytime, any place, and anywhere. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict the events, hence the name accident. Distracted driving plays a significant role in car crashes, and the actions include things like texting, eating, or just not paying attention. Motor vehicle operators do not always understand the dangers posed to them by these massive pieces of machinery. Owners naturally expect their cars to be safe, which they should, but on some occasions, malfunctioning pieces of equipment cause the automobiles to become less than trustworthy. Thanks to the Takata corporation being all over the news, almost everyone that has not been hiding under a rock knows the consequences of faulty airbags. The canisters of these devices break apart upon inflation, and shrapnel is sent flying throughout the vehicle's cabin. These pieces cause damages like lacerations and even wrongful deaths.

When incidents occur, people that are lucky enough to escape with their lives intact can find themselves injured, alone, and afraid. Sadly, bills don't stop coming in while you are trying to recover, and debt will... full post

2 Everyday Situations That May Put You In Need Of An Accident Lawyer

 2 Everyday Situations That May Put You In Need Of An Accident LawyerThere are not a whole lot of certainties in life. We expect to wake up each morning, stick to our regular routines, and come back home again without a hitch. However, the world is always throwing obstacles at humanity. Earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters seem to be occurring more and more often. Still, these incidents don't take place every day, but injuries from car crashes, negligent acts by property owners, and wrongful deaths for various reasons do. Many times, these incidents are unavoidable, and people must just chalk them up to life experiences. On other occasions, with only proper care and maintenance to personal property, the accidents are preventable.

Florida is a premises liability state, which basically means that property owners are responsible for certain damages that occur on their premises. Slips, trips, falls, dog bites, and countless other items can land into this category. If it can be proven that another person acted negligently, and these reckless behaviors caused the injuries, the other party may be able to seek restitution... full post

These Faulty Vehicle Safety Devices Could Leave You In Need Of An Attorney

These Faulty Vehicle Safety Devices Could Leave You In Need Of An AttorneyThe start of the new year is supposed to mean turning over a new leaf. Everyone gets a fresh start, but if some of the recent recalls are any indication of things to come, car owners may be in for a rough year. Airbags, ignition switches, and countless other parts usually operate flawlessly. However, on occasion, these pieces malfunction causing damages, instead of protecting drivers and passengers. Automotive accidents are unforgiving and sustained injuries often include...

• Brain Injuries
• Broken Bones And Lacerations
• Wrongful Death
• Partial Or Complete Paralysis
• Loss Of Limbs

A person that becomes injured after a car crash may be entitled to a fair amount of compensation for their wounds. If Southwest Florida residents believe a negligent act by a driver, manufacturer, or another party is to blame for their damages, they should not hesitate to contact us for a free case review. For more than 30-years our attorney has represented clients in the area with great success, and given the opportunity, he can do the same for you. Bills begin piling up quickly after an injury. The victim typically... full post

Reasons To Hire A Lawyer After A Trucking Accident

Reasons To Hire A Lawyer After A Trucking AccidentAs Americans, we are used to sharing our roads with big trucks. They transport goods from one location to the next, while driving through snow, rain, and on some days, sunny conditions. Failing to have these deliveries would put our economy in a state of chaos and confusion. However, these vehicles are huge, especially when compared to an ordinary car, truck, or van, and being involved in an accident with an eighteen-wheeler can have a terrible effect on one's overall way of life. Aside from the physical ailments like broken bones, lacerations, and burns, a person can become affected mentally by the crash as well. The incident may lead to drivers being fearful of getting behind the wheel again, or it might cause them to have panic attacks after only seeing a tractor-trailer.

The amount of work that these operators put in can result in drowsy driving, or it may cause their senses and reactions to become lax. Always attempt to keep your car out of a big rig's blind spot. The vehicles have multiple windows and mirrors to help their driver's... full post

Having A Responsible Lifeguard On Duty At Your Pool Party May Prevent You From Being Involved In A Premises Liability Claim

Having A Responsible Lifeguard On Duty At Your Pool Party May Prevent You From Being Involved In A Premises Liability ClaimThere are not many feelings better than those gained from soaking in the Florida sun poolside. Many residents in our great state invest in a backyard oasis or hot tub. They can go for a swim at a moment's notice, which helps them stay in shape, but soaking in the water also reduces stress and anxiety. Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of pool ownership is being able to host barbecues and parties though. Premises liability basically means that the homeowner is responsible for accidents that occur on their property. So, before getting too far ahead of yourself with the fun and excitement, take the time to check for dangers that could put guests in harm's way.

Many people have decks installed around their above ground pools. It instantly improves the aesthetics of the backyard and makes the entire site more visually appealing. However, a weak board, loose handrail, or protruding nail could be a recipe for disaster. Replace vulnerable wood before guests arrive as a person's foot can go through... full post

Why Would You Need To Hire An Attorney?

Why Would You Need to Hire an Attorney?If you have a good attorney on your side, they can add valuable protection for you, especially if you are a business owner. A good attorney provides an individual with several benefits and can help protect you from any future legal complications that may arise for a number of different reasons including accidents, workers compensation cases, personal injury cases, and even social security disability, and wrongful death cases.

Reasons to Hire an Attorney

While there are many good reasons to hire an attorney, we will highlight a few of them right here to help you decide whether or not you should hire an attorney.

Protect Against Lawsuits

Having an attorney can help protect you against many different kinds of lawsuits. They can help reduce any charges and can offer a proactive advantage for the case even before real legal proceedings have begun.


Lawyers can also help mitigate damages. Mitigating damages simply means to take action to avoid or reduce the amount of the damages. It will help reduce any loss you may experience due to the allegations of a wrongful act.

State and Federal Compliance

Laws and regulations vary state... full post

Seeking Repairs For An Automotive Recall

Seeking Repairs for an Automotive RecallEvery once in awhile you may be faced with a safety recall that affects your vehicle. If you find this to be true of your vehicle, it is important that you contact the manufacturer immediately in order to receive the proper repairs to maintain the safety of your vehicle.

Even if you are not the original owner of the vehicle, you will still qualify for the recall repairs. The statute of limitations regarding no-charge recalls is eight years from the original sale date. Recalls are considered safety issues, and if not addressed they can cause personal injury or other accidents to occur. Therefore, the recall repairs are free of charge.

The Basics of Auto Recalls

To find out if there are any recalls on your vehicle, you should visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s recall portal to receive updates and valuable information regarding current vehicle recalls.

A recall is placed on a vehicle when the manufacturer has determined that a defective component may potentially cause harm and injury to the occupants. Some common auto recalls include the tires and the airbags of the vehicle.

Other recalls include broken or... full post

What Makes A Commercial Truck Accident Different?

What Makes A Commercial Truck Accident Different?There are millions of reported auto accidents every year and added together they cause millions of injuries, hundreds of thousands of hospital stays, and kill tens of thousands of unfortunate Americans annually.

But not every car crash is the same. Some are just minor dents picked up in parking lots, while others are highway crashes where the high speeds result in some major damage. Others involve some seriously heavy vehicles like commercial trucks, vans, and semis. If a normal car collides with the side of a semi, the car will always come out in worse shape. Commercial truck accidents have some very real differences from ordinary auto accidents, and those differences are worth considering.

The Damage

The effects of a truck accident are a simple matter of physics. “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,” which means the effects of a collision hit both vehicles equally. But commercial trucks have a lot more mass, and the impact spreads throughout the whole body. A sedan, on the other hand, has to take all the force the giant truck brought with... full post

Utilize An Accident Attorney When An Increased Risk Of Fire Leaves You Injured

utilize-an-accident-attorney-when-an-increased-risk-of-fire-leaves-you-injuredFor many of us, vehicles are our best friends. While they do not offer conversation or traditional companionship, cars provide their owners a host of other benefits. Depending on traffic and road conditions, automobiles help us get from here to there quickly. Sitting on the inside of a car keeps people protected from outdoor elements, providing that they are not softball-sized hail or hurricane force winds. Many operators even feel so safe behind the wheel that they could never imagine an accident happening to them. However, in many cases, it is other drivers that cause the incidents, so people must always keep their heads on a swivel to look for dangers.

Trucking accidents, car or motorcycle crashes, and even pedestrian-related issues occur every day around our great nation. Yes, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, and other areas around southwest Florida are included in the equation. Driving services like Uber and Lyft, tourists, and most of us accomplishing our everyday commute, add to increased traffic on the roadways. Also, more and more shoppers are buying things online these days, which means an increased presence of mail trucks and package delivering... full post

Reasons To Seek Legal Advice From A Personal Injury Attorney

reasons-to-seek-legal-advice-from-a-personal-injury-attorneyUnless a person is personal injury attorney, complex laws, and legal issues are likely the last things on their mind. However, accidents occur every day that send Port Charlotte residents in search of a reputable and proven law firm. The holiday season is upon us, and there promises to be increased traffic on the interstates, highways, and city streets. At certain times, the roadways even resemble a store's parking lot on Black Friday. More cars offer increased risks of defective parts or vehicle failure, while exceedingly high numbers of drivers raise the chance of a human error occurring. These actions lead to car crashes with multiple types of damages that often include...

• Broken Bones, Stiff Muscles, And Sore Joints
• Lacerations Of Different Severities
• Traumatic Brain Injuries
• Wrongful Deaths And Much More

Of course, the lucky ones walk away without a scratch, and in many cases, a personal injury attorney is not needed to seek compensation for damages. However, other people are not as fortunate, and injuries lead to lengthy recovery processes, which become quite expensive quickly. If you have sustained injuries from a car wreck or trucking accident, and believe that another party's negligent act... full post

Information About Accidents Caused By Road Construction Or Design For Sarasota County Residents

information-about-accidents-caused-by-road-construction-or-design-for-sarasota-county-residentsCyclists, motorists, and even pedestrians can sustain personal injuries from crashes caused by potholes, improperly placed safety barricades, or just poorly designed streets. Anything is possible as roads zig when they actually should have zagged. Some of the more common hazards include...

• Non-illuminated street lamps or stop lights
• Uneven lanes
• Poor drainage
• Hazard markers not in place, or installed in a non-visible location
• Poorly maintained roads

Many cities and counties, with subdivisions and mud-districts alike, sub-contract street maintenance duties. These acts can include making repairs or sweeping and removing debris from the road to allow for safe passage. The methods help keep property taxes manageable, but when the work is not of high-quality craftsmanship, conditions seem to go downhill and accidents happen. A vehicle's tire can become popped from the direct impact of a pothole. Drivers caught off guard by the sudden change can jerk the wheel, which causes some things to happen, including being involved in a crash with a pedestrian or car. Countless damages can be incurred by involved parties, including, but not limited to, head trauma, broken bones, cuts, bruises, or even wrongful deaths.

Individuals of the crash, and in... full post

Contact A Professional Accident Lawyer When Airbag Non-Deployments Occur

contact-a-professional-accident-lawyer-when-airbag-non-deployments-occurVehicles have come a long way over the years. Advancements in technology have made engines faster, and body styles are lighter than ever before. The improvements also make traveling safer thanks to anti-lock brakes, airbags, seatbelts, and other features. All drivers and passengers should thank the various crash dummies that have sacrificed so much over the years to make these attributes possible. Southwest Florida offers the ideal scenery and climate to take the wheels out for a spin, anytime. These conditions result in our Port Charlotte community thriving from the tourism income. However, the increased revenue does not come without a price, and we must share our roadways with drivers and pedestrians that are newcomers to the area every day.

Even driving most courteously and safely does not eliminate the risk of being involved in an automotive accident entirely. For instance, imagine that you are in your car going down the road. Both hands are on the steering wheel, and no distracted driving is taking place. The freeway is full of traffic on this particular day and without warning your front tire blows out. This action causes the car to swerve into... full post

There Are More Risky People At Sea

There Are More Risky People At SeaThe average American—thanks to the media—is aware of just how many accidents can happen on the road. Mishaps can occur for any number of reasons, although the most common cause of accidents, in general, is human error. This is despite the fact that when it comes to automobiles, Americans are required to take a test, evaluated by an expert, that certifies them to hold a license to drive. Without that license, a person can’t legally take to the road. So even with the numerous accidents that occur throughout Florida’s roads every day, the people involved have achieved a certain minimum level of driving competency, and have a personal permit that must be renewed every few years to retain that right to be on the road.

When it comes to boats, this is definitely not the case.

Free On The Water

One of Florida’s big tourist attractions is the sea itself. Thanks to the tropical weather of the state, people can enjoy water and boating activities here throughout the year, even during the holiday season. But getting into the water with a vehicle is not as simple as cars,... full post

The Big Challenges In Premises Liability

The Big Challenges In Premises Liability When most people think of an accident, they think about the many auto accidents that occur around the country every day. And Florida is no exception - millions of vehicles fill our roads annually, increasing the risk of an accident occurring.

But roads aren't the only place that an accident can happen, and for those injured on someone's property in a slip and fall or other types of accidents, it's important to know that you have rights as well. Premises liability cases are filed every year, and they can be instrumental in getting your life back on track after an accident of any kind.

However, it can be one of the more difficult types of personal injury cases to pursue. This is due to a couple of things. The first is simply convincing people to seek compensation, and the second is the complexity of the cases and proving fault. Taking a closer look at these can help prepare you for the process of seeking out the compensation that you are owed.

Why Seeking Compensation Matters

The first big issue for many premises liability cases is simply... full post

Who Is To Blame In Trucking Accidents?

Who Is To Blame In Trucking Accidents? Florida roads are among the busiest in the nation. With the third largest population in the country and millions of tourists visiting every day, it should be no surprise that accidents occur on a sadly regular basis. But among these accidents, the most serious is certainly those that involve large commercial tractor-trailers.

Trucking accidents carry the potential to be dramatic in their damage and are often fatal or nearly fatal. Injuries sustained in trucking accidents often include traumatic brain injury, broken bones, paralysis, and more. Making matters worse, not only are trucking accidents incredibly serious, but they're also very difficult to become involved in when it comes to personal injury cases.

Trucking accident personal injury cases are difficult for numerous reasons. The biggest of these is simply the deep pool of resources that trucking companies and their insurance providers have at their disposal. And a large part of why those resources work against you is simple - it isn't always the driver of the truck that is held to blame for an accident in the Florida courts.

To see what we mean, take... full post

Gas Accidents Are No Laughing Matter

Gas Accidents Are No Laughing MatterIn April of 2016, in the Pennsylvania township of Salem, a 30 inch natural gas transmission exploded. Because this was gas, the explosion immediately resulted in a conflagration of the gas that was in the pipeline and that fire spread, eventually sending fireballs flying through the area.

One home that was, unfortunately, near the explosion, was burned to the ground, a newlywed living in the house barely escaped with his life, and at the cost of severe burns. It was a sobering reminder to everyone that natural gas, while extremely useful in a number of different ways, is still a volatile substance. And when it’s not handled correctly, or its power is not respected, it can result in massive damage that may injure people or even take lives.

Of course, the usefulness of natural gas means that it is often piped into many places, including homes for cooking or commercial buildings for heating. Under these circumstances, everything is fine, and there is little to no worry of harm. Once people start getting careless, however, this is when the safety of everyone in a building—or a general area—is put... full post

Can You Seek Compensation For Your Accident Related Injuries?

Can You Seek Compensation For Your Accident Related Injuries?Being involved in an accident is something that has a tremendous impact on your life - and not for the better. Each year, millions are wounded due to an accident and while the majority of these will thankfully be minor, some are much more serious.

If you've been involved in an accident, your physical health is only one aspect of your recovery. You also need to be able to manage your finances - and the high costs of medical care combined with lost wages if you miss work because of your injuries it's often very difficult to make that full recovery.

If your accident was caused by the actions of someone else, there's a good chance that you can seek financial compensation for your injuries. This isn't always the case, but with the help of a personal accident attorney in Florida, you may be able to file a personal injury claim and get the restitution that you need.

Of course, the first step is simply figuring out whether or not you have the ability to do so. As such, it's worth taking a closer... full post

What Are Your Rights After A Boating Accident?

What Are Your Rights After A Boating Accident?No matter the time of year, Florida enjoys wonderful weather that is perfect for heading out on the water. But boats do carry some measure of risk with them, and if you're injured in a boating accident it's important to remember that you do still have a number of rights.

Chief among them is that if your injuries were caused as a result of the reckless or negligent actions of another, you may be able to seek financial compensation for your injuries. A personal injury boating accident case could be filed and lead to you receiving significant financial restitution for your injuries - or at least receiving the money you need to get your finances back on track and focus on your physical recovery instead of your financial one.

There are just a few things to understand regarding boating accident cases. Luckily, they're so similar to auto accident personal injury cases that it's fairly straightforward to gain a basic comprehension of the subject.

Can You Seek Compensation?

What it generally boils down to is whether or not you can seek financial compensation for your... full post

The Big Challenges With Trucking Accidents

The Big Challenges With Trucking AccidentsAccidents happen every day. With a bit of luck, you'll be able to avoid being involved. But if the unthinkable happens and you or someone you love is involved in an accident, you need to be able to take the right steps to lead to your recovery. However, with a trucking accident, it can be more difficult than normal to do so.

Not only is the immediate risk to your safety increased with a trucking accident, but the long-term recovery process and even seeking compensation can be more difficult. It starts on the roads, with large trucks posing a serious safety risk to those who are operating passenger cars. The reason is obvious - a tractor-trailer can weigh tens of thousands of pounds more than a standard vehicle. When that much mass strikes a car, it can lead to devastation. Because of this, trucking-related accidents are some of the most traumatic that can occur on the roads. Potential trucking accident injuries include:

Traumatic Brain Injury
Broken Bones
Internal Injuries

These injuries can take months or even years to recover from, and when you're struggling to heal physically you may... full post

Top Ways To Help Your Personal Injury Lawyer Get Results

Top Ways To Help Your Personal Injury Lawyer Get Results When you're injured in an accident, your health should be your first priority. Recovering physically and mentally can take time, and you need to give it your utmost attention. But while focusing on that physical recovery, you may also have other challenges that you face. In particular, the heavy financial burden that comes from an accident could make it harder to give your health your total attention.

A good Florida personal injury lawyer can help with this and will be instrumental in helping you alleviate the financial burden and get your life back on track. Things like medical costs and lost wages from work can lead to major financial distress, and your Florida accident attorney can help you get the money that you really deserve.

There's no question that having a good accident lawyer on your side is important, but you also need to remember that you can help them with the process to some degree. While you won't have to engage in direct legal actions since your attorney will do so for you, a few steps can make it easier... full post

Not All Boating Accidents Involve Other Boats

Not All Boating Accidents Involve Other BoatsFlorida is one of the best states to live in the entire continental USA if you’re a fan of boating. The southernmost state of the nation combines year round warm, sunny weather with a coastline that surrounds most of the state. This makes it very easy for people who love seafaring trips to hop into a vessel of their own and just hit the water.

Unfortunately, with any numerical increase in boats out on the water, so too do the chances of an accident involving boast also rise. In some cases, a boating accident is just like a car accident on land, and two vessels come into contact with each other, causing both injury and damage to the boats. In other cases, however, there doesn’t have to be another water craft present for things to go wrong. This was discovered tragically, earlier in the year.

Coastal Tragedy

On May 2nd, at around 2 pm in the Hollywood area, rescue crews were alerted to an accident out on the water just off the shore of Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park. Three friends, two them experienced boaters, had taken to the... full post

Do You Need Help With Social Security?

Do You need Help With Social Security?The United States is a nation that has been built on trying to be as fair to everyone as possible. This is a country that makes a straight up “deal” with its citizens, where the work you put in, the persistence you hold to the pursuit of a dream, and the rewards you claim at the end are all possible with enough effort. But this is also a nation that recognizes that sometimes unfair things will happen to people through no fault of their own. In many cases, we have measures in place to help people to overcome these hardships that they encounter.

One of the ways the US government does this is through something called social security. It’s set up by the government with the best of intentions, but, as with anything in life, sometimes practice and theory don’t line up. You may feel you deserve the assistance of social security, and you may very well be right. But the people that decide these things may not agree. How does this happen? What can you do about it? Let’s take a look at the basics... full post

The Big Challenges With Slip And Fall Personal Injury Claims

The Big Challenges With Slip And Fall Personal Injury Claims With millions of people living within the state of Florida, it makes sense that accidents would occur everyday. And while most of these - and most of those that lead to significant injuries - are related to auto accidents, there are also many injuries caused by slip and fall accidents.

Often called premises liability cases, slip and fall cases are those that involve injuries sustained while on the property of someone else. Generally, this will be a public location such as a store, parking lot, or even theme park. However, it can also be the private residence of someone else in some instances.

While these types of accidents vary greatly from incident to incident, the one thing that all slip and fall injury cases have in common is that there are numerous very significant challenges for those who are trying to seek financial compensation for their injuries.

Identifying And Proving Fault

One of the first challenges is just showing that fault exists - or even identifying it for yourself. Under Florida law, you must show that the actions of another party... full post

The Deeper Question Of Fault In Trucking Accidents

The Deeper Question Of Fault In Trucking Accidents Being involved in any kind of accident is a terrible event that can lead to major upheaval in your life. Recovery isn't easy and often involves mental, physical, and financial steps back to where you were before the accident - if you ever reach that place.

Trucking accidents are even more serious. The heavier mass of the trucks and the high impact that they can cause means that issues like death, paralysis, traumatic brain injury, and other serious injuries are far more likely to occur.

Beyond the serious injuries, there are also numerous other factors related to a trucking accident that needs to be considered. One thing that will need to be given attention is that of fault. Those who are injured in an accident involving a truck need to understand a number of things including how fault works in Florida trucking accidents, who can be held responsible, and how to go about getting the compensation that you deserve.

Trucking Accidents Fault Basics

Truck accident personal injury claims are handled in the same way that other auto accidents in the state are -... full post

Traumatic Brain Injury And Your Rights

Traumatic Brain Injury And Your Rights Few injuries are as serious or potentially life-altering as a traumatic brain injury. Sometimes called TBI for short or just 'brain injury', a traumatic brain injury is just what it sounds like - damage done to the brain that was caused by the outright trauma of any kind.

These types of injuries can lead to numerous issues physical, mental, and financial. Just some of the repercussions of TBI include:

Long recovery times
Physical and mental therapy
Disability that can be permanent
Loss of mental function or bodily functions
And more

And these are just the physical factors. When you consider the financial costs that can come with them - medical bills, lost wages, and more - it becomes clear that getting help following an accident that causes a traumatic brain injury is important for anyone.

Knowing Your Rights

Traumatic brain injury personal injury cases are similar in some respects to other types of personal injury law, only much more serious due to the more serious nature of the injuries themselves.

In short, under Florida law, you can seek financial compensation for your injuries if you can show that the other party... full post

What You Need To Know When Injured In A Boating Accident

What You Need To Know When Injured In A Boating Accident Florida is a beautiful state, one filled with plenty of scenic beauty and activities that allow residents and visitors to experience it in new and exciting ways. A perfect example of this is the numerous boating opportunities throughout the state. With hundreds of miles of coast, rivers, lakes, and even swamps to explore, boating adventures abound here.

But what happens when you're involved in a boating accident? It can lead to serious injury and even death in some instances, and in many cases will cause your life to be thrown into chaos. Speaking with a professional boating accident attorney will be the key to protecting your finances and your overall stability following these kinds of accidents, but there are still some things worth knowing.

Multiple Boat Accidents

Boating accidents in Florida are treated much like auto accidents in that when one occurs, any party that acted in a negligent or reckless manner will likely be held liable for damages. This means that if your boat was hit by a boat being piloted by someone acting negligently, you could have the... full post

Why An Accident Lawyer Is A Must Following Any Injury

Why An Accident Lawyer Is A Must Following Any Injury Being involved in an accident can lead to major injuries and have a negative impact not only on your physical health but your mental and emotional well-being. Another issue that can arise after an accident is financial in nature. In short, an accident can put you in serious financial hardship due to lost wages, medical bills, and more.

A good Florida personal injury lawyer can help immensely when you've been injured in any kind of accident. Those who've been hurt may have the grounds to seek financial compensation for their injuries, but it's not easy to go about doing so on your own. Because of the complexities involved in the situation, having help from a professional is important. Here are some of the primary reasons that getting a good accident lawyer is such a good idea.

Faster Results - When you're injured, bills can pile up quickly. But insurance companies can drag out a claim forever just to avoid paying what you're owed. It can feel like you're never going to get any money for your injuries at times, but an... full post

Top 5 Things To Remember After An Accident

Top 5 Things To Remember After An Accident When you're involved in an accident, it can create a hectic, confusing, and stressful period of your life. The minutes following an accident all the way up to months down the road are all important, and for those involved in an accident of any kind there are several steps that need to be taken in order to ensure that you are able to move towards the best recovery and get the kind of financial compensation that you are owed.

With that in mind, it is well worth taking a look at some of the key things anyone should remember following an accident. Obviously, you need to seek medical attention when you've been injured in an accident. But once that you've made sure you aren't in a medical emergency, there are other steps to remember as well. Here are five of the main things to keep in mind.

1. Take Photos

Every photo of the accident, the area around it, and your vehicles could tell a story to those who are in charge of determining what happened. If possible, try to take photos of the accident and... full post

It’s Another Season Of Boating Accidents

It’s Another Season Of Boating AccidentsWe’re now officially into summer, and for the state of Florida, that means one of many things; namely that more boats than ever are going to be cruising the water. And the more boats there are afloat, the greater the chance for mishaps, which is something we’ve already seen in the last few months alone.

A Weekend Of Mishap

An unfortunate example of boating accidents in action happened just last month in the Miami-Dade County area. On Saturday, May 13th, there was one death and over a dozen injuries related to different boating accidents that all took place on the same day, in different parts of the county.

One accident, for example, took place at Normandy Shores, Miami, when a boat coming into a private dock crashed into the dock instead of stopping. The result was four of the nine passengers getting injured, with one of those victims being listed as in critical condition. An airboat accident resulted in the death of one person while two others were injured. Two other accidents resulted from personal watercraft colliding with other boats, while a final accident in the evening required four... full post

Why You Need An Accident Lawyer

Why You Need An Accident Lawyer Being involved in an accident is something that can impact your life in far more ways than one might first suspect. Your physical injuries will take a long time to heal in many cases, and the mental or emotional impact will be even longer-lasting. Making things worse is the fact that an accident can lead to serious financial burdens, and if your auto accident wasn't your fault then you owe it to yourself to talk to a Florida accident lawyer.

It's common for those injured in an accident to be offered a settlement amount in the days after being injured. But while those initial offers make it seem easy to quickly accept an amount and get the help that you need, the reality is that seeking out a Florida accident lawyer is almost always a better option. There are numerous reasons for this, and taking a quick look at some of the main benefits offered by a personal injury lawyer can help you see why they're one of the best allies you can have on your side.

More Respect

The simple fact is that a Florida... full post

The Grenfell Tower Tragedy And Property Injury Issues

The Grenfell Tower Tragedy And Property Injury IssuesJune 2017 saw one of the worst fires in recent memory as 79 people died in a fire in Grenfell Tower, an apartment building in England. And while the investigation is ongoing, numerous officials and residents have already begun to blame the owner and manager of the building for the accident.

While it's on the other side of the ocean from us, the reality is that accidents like this could happen almost anywhere - despite the country and the state of Florida having very strict regulations in place to help reduce the risk of injuries or death from fires and other issues on a property.

But still, property-related accidents can indeed happen, and taking a closer look at what this might involve is important since it could be something that you or a loved one ends up unfortunately facing.

Who Is Responsible?

Under Florida law, when an accident occurs the party that is held responsible will often depend upon who is shown to have been acting in a reckless or negligent manner. With auto accidents, reckless behavior is often the issue and could include... full post

Social Media And Auto Accidents

Social Media And Auto Accidents Technology has found its way into our lives in a way that most wouldn't have dreamed of just a decade ago. For example, today's social media usage is so prevalent that virtually every business in the nation needs a social media account, and the platforms are used to communicate with friends and family members on a constant basis.

There is certainly nothing wrong with loving your social media accounts, but it's well worth taking a closer look at the numerous ways that it can impact an auto accident in Florida. Before and after your accident, social media may play a bigger role than you realize.

Distracted Driving

The first aspect of social media to pay attention to where accidents are concerned is simply the fact that it has become a very common cause of automobile accidents. Checking Twitter or posting another Facebook update while driving is incredibly dangerous, and these distracted driving cases account for a large percentage of accidents on the roads today.

If your accident was caused by someone who was using social media while driving, you might be entitled to compensation for... full post

How To Make A Lost Wages Claim After A Car Accident

How To Make A Lost Wages Claim After A Car AccidentWhen you are severely injured in a car accident, it can cost a lot of money. Between medical bills, prescriptions, and rehabilitation, your bills can stack up. Another source of economic hardship can also come from missing work. If your car accident injury is so severe you cannot go to work or perform your job normally, you may have a claim for lost wages.

What Are Lost Wages Damages?

Lost wages damages are money paid in the place of any wages you would have earned from your employer from the time of the settlement to your recovery while you were injured. Lost wages are different than lost earning capacity which are damages paid out when an injury has left you disabled and unable to work. They are also different than lost compensation which is wages plus any benefits such as retirement pay or bonuses you would have earned if you were not injured. An injury attorney will help you determine which kind of wages claim you should make depending on the severity of your injuries.

Filing A Lost Wages Claim

If you have lost wages because... full post

Understanding Distracted Driving In Florida

Understanding Distracted Driving In Florida Being able to stay safe on Florida roads is important, and with millions of people living in the state as well as visiting it on a regular basis it can be difficult to do. Sometimes, no matter how much we try, accidents will happen.

But when you're involved in an accident that was caused by someone else, it can be incredibly frustrating. Not only will you have to physically recover, but the mental and emotional stress can take a toll as well. And when you have large medical bills as a result of the accident, it's even more difficult to make a full recovery.

One of the biggest risks to drivers today is distracted driving, especially that which is caused by cell phone use. Mobile device use causes over 1.5 million traffic accidents every single year, and more than 330,000 of those accidents lead to major injuries or death. It's a growing problem, and something that isn't often given the attention it deserves.

Florida Distracted Driving Regulations

The majority of states now have distracted driving laws in place to prevent these types of accidents. Florida is among... full post

3 Reasons To Lawyer Up When Dealing With A Trucking Accident

3 Reasons To Lawyer Up When Dealing With A Trucking AccidentTrucking accidents are far too common in modern times. Careless and reckless acts by these drivers can put everyone in the immediate area in danger. It is important to note that it is not always the truck driver’s fault, but when it is, you should definitely lawyer up. There are a variety of benefits available to you when you use our services that can help you get the compensation that you deserve.

Lawyer Up After A Trucking Accident Because Of These 3 Reasons

1. Using a proven and reputable law firm can help you protect your future finances.

Whenever a huge piece of machinery is involved in an accident, carnage can ensue. You will likely be out of work for an extended period of time in an attempt to recuperate, while medical expenses and daily necessities continue to pile up. Getting a fair and just amount of compensation can seem nearly impossible when you attempt to go it alone. In many cases, the lawyers for these companies, would rather let the case go in front of a jury than to pay out a fair... full post

Top Reasons You Need An Attorney

Top Reasons You Need An Attorney When you're injured in an accident in Florida, it can throw your life into chaos in an instant. Injuries can lead to major medical bills, lost time from work that will impact your income, and more. Those who suffer serious injuries may even impact your mental wellbeing, making it harder to fully recover.

Making a full recovery often means being able to get your finances in row, then turning to your physical and mental health. After an accident of any kind, it's well worth finding a personal injury lawyer to help you fight for the compensation that you deserve. Here are some of the main reasons to seek help from a professional personal injury law firm.

They Help You Know What To Expect - Sometimes you may simply not have the right to seek compensation, or may have limited possibilities. No matter the situation, an attorney will explain to you what your options are and then tell you what to expect from the process of seeking compensation.
They Prevent You From Being Taken Advantage Of - It's common for insurance companies to offer an injured person... full post

Things Aren’t So Simple With Contributory Negligence

Things Aren’t So Simple With Contributory NegligenceIn a typical personal injury case, especially the type that involves negligence on the part of another driver, or company, the goal is straightforward. Someone else is at fault for the injury that you or a family member or friend has suffered. Because someone else is at fault, the goal of the personal injury lawsuit is to prove that fault to a jury, so that the jury can discuss the matter and eventually arrive at a verdict stating that the person accused is at fault, or “liable,” and thus has to pay whatever damages are being sued for.

Of course, while there are some cases that are as simple as this, we live in a “gray” world where things aren’t always so clear cut. In some cases, the party being sued may be at fault, but they may not share 100% of the blame. In these cases, a counter-suit may be launched, which attempts to prove that it’s not just one person that is completely responsible for the injury.

In situations like this, we have what is known as contributory negligence.

Mutual Blame

Contributory negligence, as you may gather... full post

5 Of The Strangest Laws In Florida That You May Have Never Heard Of

5 Of The Strangest Laws In Florida That You May Have Never Heard OfLaws are in place for a reason. They keep us safe and give us guidelines about what is acceptable in society. However, some Florida laws will leave you scratching your head. They are so strange that it makes you wonder how they ever became laws in the first place. It is very important to remember that no matter how ridiculous they may seem, they are still enforceable laws and should be followed.

5 Strange Florida Laws

If you are an unmarried skydiving enthusiast, who happens to be a female, do not attempt to skydive on a Sunday. This seems to take marriage and sacred vows to a whole new level. Unmarried women that are caught committing this weird crime can face jail time and/or fines. There is no need to run out and get married, simply remain aware of the law, and if you do not agree with it, contact your state representatives to voice your opinion.
If you have ever considered having sexual relations with a porcupine, you may want to rethink that idea. It is against the law,... full post

Tips To Help Avoid Accidents From Occurring On Your Property

Tips To Help Avoid Accidents From Occurring On Your PropertyA premises liability lawsuit can become a reality if a slip and fall accident were to occur on your property. There are a variety of other reasons this type of lawsuit can be filed against you as well, including any kind of injury that results from a negligent and unsafe condition. There are certain precautions that can be taken to help avoid unwanted accidents or at least reduce the instances of them occurring.

Avoid Accidents On Your Property With These Tips

Hosting a pool party can be fun for you and your guests, but it can also provide numerous ways for accidents to occur. If your party is going to occur at night, make sure that the entire area is well lit. Water can become puddled on areas around the pool, which can easily be slipped upon. In most cases, nobody wants to fall down and providing them adequate light can help them avoid an occurrence. Providing no-slip mats at entrances and exits can also help. If you want to be extremely cautious, posting signs about swimming at your own risk... full post

Florida's Comparative Negligence Law And What That Means For You

Florida's Comparative Negligence Law And What That Means For You  Negligence seems like a pretty straightforward concept to grasp but the legal system is always here to make it a bit more complicated but for clarifying reasons. Law practice is intricate and detailed because the human condition is not an easy one to regulate. Negligence in the justice system can be defined as failure to take reasonable care that results in injury or damage to another person or property. Fault in legal cases is not always 100% clear on who is the person at fault or what is at fault. This is where comparative negligence gets the game ball, it is designed to help in these situations.

What Is Comparative Negligence?

Comparative negligence falls under case law specifically for personal injury and accident lawyers, like us here at All Injuries. IT was adopted in the state of Florida in 1973 and is designed to help juries assign blame correctly. What this means is that before 1973 if there was a little bit of fault to be put on the otherwise victim of the accident than the fault would be... full post

7 Boat Safety Items You Don’t Want To Forget

7 Boat Safety Items You Don’t Want To ForgetThere is nothing like getting some warm sun out on the boat. Whether you are hoping to catch some fish or just want to relax on the water, Florida has everything a boat lover could want.

However before you hop in, there are a few safety items you don’t want to forget on your next trip.

1. Life Jackets

Even if you are a team of expert swimmers, every person on the boat needs to have a Coast Guard approved life jacket that fits them properly. All your boat passengers don’t have to wear them, but they all need to know where they are located on the boat.

2. First Aid Kit

If an accident happens on the boat, you could be miles away from any kind of medical help. Thankfully, with a first aid kit handy you can be prepared for anything that might happen.

Your first aid kit should include:

bandages of various sizes
crepe bandage roll
butterfly clips
hypoallergenic tape
sterile wipes
antiseptic liquid
burn gel
antibiotic ointment
small, steel scissors
gloves (preferably not latex)
pain killers (such as ibuprofen and paracetamol)
motion sickness tablets

3. Extra Food and Water Bottles

If you end up stuck out... full post

9 Top Causes Of Boating Accidents

9 Top Causes Of Boating AccidentsThere is nothing quite like being out on the boat in the warm Florida weather. The bright sunshine on your skin and that wonderful sea breeze. As great as it is, taking a nice ride on the water can also be dangerous if you aren’t careful.

1. Running out of gas

When you run out of gas on the highway it isn’t such a big deal. You can just call AAA or a friend to come rescue you. Even when you are on the water, you can usually call a towing agency to bring you the fuel you need. However, if you happen to run out while in the Gulf Stream or in the middle of an unexpected storm, you could be in big trouble.

2. Running aground

Typically, grounding your boat is only embarrassing rather than life threatening. Whether poor judgement or someone distracted you when you were pulling in, it is a pretty common and often innocent mistake to make. However, it isn’t the grounding that hurts you, but the sudden stop that lurches everyone forward.

3. Falling overboard

Much like with grounding, falling overboard is another event that... full post

How To Drive Safe In Strong Wind And Rain

How To Drive Safe In Strong Wind And RainWhile Florida is typically known for its sunny weather, it isn’t all sunshine here. In fact, you may find yourself having to drive through strong winds and heavy rain sometimes. Traveling in that kind of weather can be downright scary.

Heavy Winds

While wind may seem like just a minor risk, but drivers should take special consideration when this weather condition is around. You should be especially careful in wide open areas including highway overpasses and tunnels. With the following tips, you can keep yourself safe on those windy days:

Anticipate gusts – When the weather report predicts severe weather or are in areas that are prone to strong winds, take extra caution while driving.

Be aware of larger vehicles – During high winds, keep an eye out for larger vehicles, such as tractor trailers and recreational vehicles. These tend to be more susceptible to high winds and can make it hard for the drivers to stay in their lanes.

Keep a firm grip on the wheel – When there are high winds about, you need to keep both of your hands on the wheel in case... full post

What To Look For In A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

What To Look For In A Workers’ Compensation LawyerWhen you have suffered a serious work-related injury or illness, it is typically a good idea to have a lawyer around to help you through the workers’ compensation process. Since workers’ compensation law is complicated and highly specialized, it is best for clients to find an attorney with an expertise in the subject rather than someone who just dabbles in it.

However, it isn’t always so easy to distinguish a workers’ compensation expert from the dabblers. You hear the commercials and see the ads, but they often have more style than actual substance. While it can take some extra effort to find the right lawyer for your needs, it can make all the difference in the success of your case.

Ask For Recommendations

The best workers’ compensation lawyers often don’t need to do any advertising and instead rely on word of mouth and referrals. So when looking for an attorney, start asking around. Ask friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations. You might also be able to contact state and local bar associations and legal aid offices for referrals as well.

Search The Internet

In this digital... full post

What To Do After A Parking Lot Collision

What To Do After A Parking Lot CollisionAt times it almost seems as if parking lots were made for car accidents. Whether you have two drivers vying for the same spot or find yourself distracted by people walking around while you are pulling out, there is plenty of things to watch out for on your way to the grocery store.

Although parking lot accidents are common, they are typically low speed collisions with minimal damages or injuries to worry about. Still, it doesn’t mean you should take this kind of car accident lightly either.

Steps to Take After a Parking Lot Accident

Any time you find yourself involved in a traffic accident, whether in a parking out or somewhere else, you need to protect yourself in the moment and act in your best interests. Here are some steps you should take after the car collision:

Pull the vehicles out of the way and into a safe location.
If you are unable to move your car, put on the emergency flashers and exit when it is safe to do so.
Immediately call for medical assistance if anyone is injured.
Call the police, especially if there are any injuries... full post

Pain And Suffering Damages In Florida

Pain And Suffering Damages In FloridaLike in most states, Florida treats ‘pain and suffering’ as a legal term for any physical or emotional distress caused by an injury. Whether you have lived here all your life or just like to vacation in the Sunshine State, there are a few things you should know about how Florida courts treat pain and suffering.

The Different Kind of Damages in Florida

When there is a claim for damages after an accident, there are typically two types of damages that need to be considered: economic (aka special) and non-economic (aka general). Economic damages refer to the actual monetary costs of an injury, such as medical bills and lost wages. However, non-economic damages is more abstract and harder to estimate, such as current and future pain and suffering as a result of your accident. A couple examples of this kind of injury are depression, anxiety, PTSD, and insomnia.

How Are Pain And Suffering Damages Measured in Florida?

Unfortunately, measuring the damages for pain and suffering is difficult because the experience is very subjective and there is no universal standard to use. Often the courts must use their best judgment and... full post

Does This Crash Call For A Car Accident Lawyer?

Does This Crash Call For A Car Accident Lawyer?They are all too common, which is why they are so confusing. Auto accidents happen everyday, right in front of us and it could very easily be you at any point. If you have been in one of any severity you know there are immediately a lot of options and therefore questions. Am I injured? Do I report the accident to the police? Do I report it to my insurance? What information do I need from the other driver? Are there injuries after the fact? These are all things going through your mind before the legal troubles even come into play.

There are varying degrees of car accidents and varying degrees of legal action needed to deal with car accidents.

Without A Lawyer

For the most part if there are no injuries you should be able to settle the dispute through insurance companies without a lawyer because it will cost you about the same amount of money. The insurance should cover the cost of repair or replacement of the damage done to the vehicles. Using the combination of insurance, auto... full post

Protecting Yourself And Others While Driving During The Holiday Season

Protecting Yourself And Others While Driving During The Holiday SeasonAs you are probably aware by now, the holiday season is among us! This joyous time of the year allows us to spend time and celebrate life with distant relatives and friends. On the other hand, the holiday season can also bring about a lot of stress and problems. People are always running around last minute trying to buy gifts for relatives, or driving long distances to visit family out of state. The abundance of alcohol at holiday gatherings can also pose problems for people trying to get home at night. All in all, the holiday season brings about increased driving risks for people all over the country. In order to keep yourself, your family, and others safe this holiday season, here are a few preventative measures that our team of car crash lawyers suggest that you take before getting on the road.

Inspecting Your Vehicle

Before getting in your car and taking off on a long trip, the first thing you should do is inspect your car thoroughly. You need to make sure... full post

A Closer Look At Settlements Following Accidents

A Closer Look At Settlements Following Accidents Being involved in an accident can lead to a long recovery. For those who aren’t responsible for the accident, seeking financial compensation is the key to ensuring that they aren’t left struggling to pay for medical costs that aren’t their fault.

However, one of the most common mistakes that can be made where financial restitution following an accident is concerned is to fail to fully understand the cash settlement that you may be offered. While having a good accident lawyer on your side is the key to making sure that you receive the kind of settlement you deserve, it’s also important that you take some time to understand the basics of personal injury settlements.

What Is The Settlement?

Essentially, a settlement is where the two parties involved in the accident agree to settle their dispute out of court. In the case of personal injury, it generally involves the party who was injured agreeing to accept a lump sum of money from the responsible party in exchange for dropping any further litigation.

In other words, if you’re... full post

The Facts About What A Personal Injury Lawyer Does For The Injured

The Facts About What A Personal Injury Lawyer Does For The InjuredThere are plenty of misconceptions out there about personal injury law and in particular about personal injury lawyers. While they can get painted by the media as being a lot of things, the reality is that today’s accident lawyers really do help those who have been injured in an accident.

Whether it’s from an auto crash, a workplace injury, or a slip and fall accident, injuries sustained during an accident can leave a huge impact on your life and make it hard to move forwards and heal. And the heavy financial costs that come along with many injuries mean that you can often find yourself focused more on the stress of money than on recovery. In short, a personal injury lawyer matters in a big way. Here are some of the key things to understand about what a personal injury accident attorney does for those involved in accidents.

Initial Consultation

It all starts with the initial case review. Knowing what kind of case you have is the first step... full post

The Complexities Of Fault In A Trucking Accident

The Complexities Of Fault In A Trucking Accident When you’re involved in an auto accident, it can put your entire life into chaos. Recovering from your physical and mental injuries can be a challenge, and it’s even more difficult when you consider the financial burden accidents can place on you.

That’s why seeking compensation for injuries if your accident was caused by someone else is so important. But if you’re involved in an accident with a commercial truck, things can become even more complex. There are numerous aspects to this that need to be considered, and understanding the basics is a key first step in making sure that you know what to expect. Just the question of fault and proving it will be more complex in trucking accidents. Let’s look at some of these complexities now.

Proving Fault

Under Florida law, you’re required to show fault in order to seek financial compensation for your injuries. This means that you must show that the driver of the other vehicle acted in a reckless or negligent manner and that those actions led directly to your... full post

What You Need To Know Regarding Trucking Related Accidents

What You Need To Know Regarding Trucking Related Accidents Sadly, the sheer number of people driving on Florida roads means that every day, accidents occur throughout the state. Luckily, the majority of these accidents are relatively minor. However, there are major accidents that occur regularly as well, and one of the most dangerous types of accidents is one involving semi-trucks. Understanding more about the subject and what steps you can take afterwards is important for anyone, and could help you if you find yourself involved in one of these accidents.

The Increased Danger

The big thing to understand about trucking accidents themselves is simple – there is a tremendous amount of increased danger to everyone involved when a truck is involved in the accident. The larger size and heavier weight of these trucks, plus the potential weight and size of the cargo they carry, means that injuries are more likely to occur when a truck is involved. These injuries could include:

Traumatic brain injury
Spinal cord injury
Broken bones

Seeking Compensation

If you or a loved one is involved in a trucking accident, it’s important... full post

Busting The Biggest Auto Accident Myths

Busting The Biggest Auto Accident Myths Being involved in an accident is never fun, and when you’re injured it can be even more difficult to move your life forwards – especially when medical bills and lost wages from work keep piling up. That’s why it’s so important to understand the specifics of auto accidents and try to move past the various myths surrounding them.

If you’ve been involved in an accident, these myths can make it harder to receive the compensation that you deserve and to move your life forwards afterwards. That’s why it’s so important to do a bit of myth busting and get the truth about auto accident related issues. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the big myths and the actual truth behind them.

Myth: Your Injuries Are Apparent Immediately

This is incredibly false. Just because you’re not obviously hurt doesn’t mean that issues don’t exist. You only have a short amount of time under Florida PIP law to seek medical assistance, and failing to do so means you’re essentially voiding your chance of getting restitution. From spinal problems... full post

A Closer Look At The Out Of Court Settlement

A Closer Look At The Out Of Court Settlement When you’re injured in an accident, seeking financial compensation is something that may need to occur. Injuries take time to physically recover from, and mental scars can be just as tough to heal. But when your accident places you in a financial hardship it becomes even harder to overcome your injuries.

That’s why seeking restitution for your injuries is so important – if someone else was responsible for your accident, you shouldn’t have to suffer financially because of it. And in the world of personal injury law, one of the most important things to understand is the out of court settlement.

Essentially, an out of court settlement is nothing more than the responsible party offering you a lump sum of money to cover your costs in exchange for you no longer pursuing legal action against them. It’s actually how most personal injury cases come to a conclusion, and can help save you a tremendous amount of time and stress by expediting your outcome.

However, there are several things that aren’t always understood... full post

Recovering After Accidents Involves More Than Just Physical Healing

Recovering After Accidents Involves More Than Just Physical HealingWhen most people think of the aftermath of an automobile accident, they think of a wide range of different issues that have to be managed. Physical healing of injuries is obviously the first and most important part of the recovery process, and the emotional or mental healing can take much effort as well.

The Financial Side Of Recovery

But what many don’t realize until they are dealing with it for themselves is that recovering after an accident also often involves a financial recovery period that can make the process of moving on with your life even more difficult.

Consider some of the different ways that an accident can impact your financial health to see what we mean here.

Medical bills can pile up quickly, and the initial medical costs are only the beginning. Long term medication and physical therapy costs become more and more expensive.
Auto accidents mean that your vehicle may need to be repaired or else you’ll be left stranded without a way to get to and from doctor’s appointments and other... full post

Safety Tips For Driving Around Semi-Trucks

Safety Tips For Driving Around Semi-TrucksSemi-truck accidents can lead to very serious injury and even death. With an average minimum weight of 80,000 pounds, semi-trucks can easily crush a passenger vehicle during an accident. In Florida alone, there are an average of 3,500 accidents a year, nearly 200 of which are fatal. However, in 72% of all semi-truck accidents with a passenger vehicle, the accident was the fault of passenger vehicle driver. So it is crucial that when you are driving near a semi-truck you exercise safety driving. Here are some basic safety tips for driving near semi-trucks:

Understand The Challenges Of Driving A Semi-Truck

Semi-trucks are incredibly heavy, so it creates many challenges for truck drivers. The weight of the vehicle and the cargo make speeding up and slowly down much more difficult than with a passenger vehicle. The distribution of weight also makes it difficult for trucks to move up and down hills easily. Further, many trucks have speed limiters which means they may not be able to match the pace of traffic. Finally, semi-trucks are very... full post

Insurance Issues You May Face After A Semi-Truck Accident

Insurance Issues You May Face After A Semi-Truck AccidentEvery year there are an average of 3,500 accidents in Florida involving semi-trucks. Since semi-trucks can weigh up to 150,000 pounds, these accidents are often debilitating. Insurance companies know how costly and dangerous these accidents can be, so they often make it extremely difficult for the victims to get fair compensation for their injuries and losses. If you are filing a claim after a trucking accident, you can run into some serious roadblocks from the insurance companies. So it is important you are prepared for these and have a strategy to get the money you are owed.

You May Be Dealing With Multiple Insurance Companies

Semi-truck insurance is complicated. The driver may have one form of insurance while the contracting company has another and the leasing company another. Then the tractor may have a completely separate policy than the trailer and the cargo. Since semi-trucks drive all over the country, you may be dealing with agents from different states and coverages that are less than Florida requires for its... full post

What To Do When You’ve Been In A Bicycle Accident

What To Do When You’ve Been In A Bicycle AccidentSummer is a great time to ride your bicycle. Whether you are commuting to and from work or simply riding for sport, bicycling is a fun way to get around town. However, Florida has the highest rate of bicycle accidents in the country, so it’s especially important here that you are prepared in case you are ever in an accident. Here is what to do if you are involved in a bicycle accident:

Exercise Proper Safely

The best thing to a bicyclist can do is to avoid an accident in the first place by exercising proper bicycle safety. You should always wear protective gear like helmets and good shoes. Also, make sure your bicycle is properly maintained so that you don’t have an accident because of a mechanical malfunction. Then, while on the road, make sure you are always visible, ride defensively, and stay alert. If you ride safely you are much less likely to be in an accident.

Make Sure You Are Safe

The first thing you need to... full post

What You Need To Know About Volunteers And Worker’s Compensation

What You Need To Know About Volunteers And Worker’s CompensationWhether you own an organization that relies on volunteers, or you volunteer your time to a cause, it is important that you understand how worker’s compensation applies to volunteers. Most people assume that since volunteers are not full time employees, they are working at their own risk. However, there are certain cases where volunteers are eligible for worker’s compensation. Here is a rundown of how worker’s compensation applies to volunteers in the state of Florida.

Volunteers That Are Not Eligible For Worker’s Compensation

Florida Labor Statute 440.02, found here:, defines eligibility for worker’s compensation as an “employee.” Employees include “any person who receives remuneration from an employer for the performance of any work or service.” The statute goes on to specifically exclude volunteers. As volunteers do not receive compensation for their work, they are no defined as eligible for worker’s compensation. So if you are a volunteer at a nonprofit or private organization and you are injured while volunteering, by law the organization does... full post

What To Do After An Accident With A Non-Resident Driver

What To Do After An Accident With A Non-Resident DriverIt is no surprise why Florida is called “the sunshine state” with its wonderfully mild and mostly pleasant weather. However, this means that throughout the year from summer vacation to the winter holidays, there are an abundance of visitors and tourists that are enjoying the weather with us.

While there is certainly plenty of ‘sunshine’ to go around, the increase of visitors also means an increase of drivers on the road and accidents.

At times it may just be a little fender bender with someone visiting out of state, but other times it can be a much more drastic change like when a British tourist forgets to switch sides while driving and accidentally crashes into another driver. In most car accidents, there are a lot of factors that will need to be looked into before deciding whether or not to go to court.

However, what do you do if the other driver isn’t from Florida or even from America for that matter?

Much like with any normal accident, the first thing you must do is... full post

The Dangers Of Driving Drowsy

The Dangers Of Driving DrowsyThe dangers of drowsy driving do not receive nearly enough attention as it deserves. Mostly, because it often goes unreported and is much more difficult to pinpoint as a cause or factor in car accidents compared to factors like speeding or alcohol. However, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration estimates that drowsy driving may contribute to more than 100,000 accidents per year. Though the NHTSA believes even that number is probably lower than is true.

According to the National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep in America poll, it was found that 60 percent of Americans have driven despite feeling sleepy and 37 percent have even admitted to falling asleep at the wheel within the past year. There is even a chance that the numbers are higher since many people are unable to tell whether they are about to fall asleep or have fallen asleep.

While you may believe that you can handle your sleepiness while on the road, you are putting yourself and others in danger each time you make that decision to do so. It is suggested that if you start to feel... full post

What To Do When You’ve Been Hit By An Uninsured Driver

What To Do When You’ve Been Hit By An Uninsured DriverFlorida has the fifth highest rate of uninsured drivers in the United States. It is estimated that 23% of all Florida drivers do not carry car insurance. So what happens when you are hit by one of these drivers? How are you protected when they don’t have insurance? We’ve put together a guide of what to do if you’ve been hit by an uninsured motorist so that you, your family, and your assets are protected.

Why Are There So Many Uninsured Drivers?

Usually uninsured drivers are people who cannot afford insurance or do not believe they should be forced to carry insurance. Many times people will only buy car insurance for just long enough to register their car while other people will try to skirt the law by buying a policy for six months or a year, but cancel before making payments to have false proof of insurance. Other times they are drivers with no license, whether their license has been suspended or they are not... full post

Tips For Driving In A Construction Site

Tips For Driving In A Construction SiteSummer is coming, and in Florida, that means road construction season. So it’s a great time to refresh your driver safety before hitting the roads. If you follow these basic safety tips then you can avoid getting into an accident in a construction zone.

Construction Zone Accident Statistics

Construction zones are unpredictable and many people don’t know how to navigate through them safely. Here are some important statistics about construction zone accidents:

Around 50% of all accidents in Florida happen in a construction zone
There are an average of 87,000 accidents in construction zones every year nationally
Around 500 of these accidents resulted in a fatality
An average of 50,000 result in injury
Florida has the third highest number of construction zone accidents in the county
In Florida, there are around 50 fatalities resulting from a construction zone accident

Causes Of Construction Zone Accidents

There are many causes of construction zone accidents. These causes can be broken down into two categories. The first, accidents that result from the road workers and engineers mismanaging the risks of a construction zone. The second... full post

How To Determine Who Is “At Fault” In A Car Accident

How To Determine Who Is “At Fault” In A Car AccidentDetermining fault in a car accident is a crucial factor in determining the validity of an insurance claim. In Florida, you legally have to establish fault by proving the other party acted in a negligent way. Florida is also a comparative fault state, which means that if you were in anyway at fault, even a small percentage, the value of your claim will be reduced by that percentage. Therefore when pursuing a claim on an automobile accident in Florida, it is essential to prove who is at fault so you can get the full value of your claim.

Who Determines Fault?

Since it is a comparative fault state, in Florida both drivers’ insurance companies will work together to decide each driver’s fault level and will seek to cover the cost of damages. They will use a variety of methods to determine who is at fault, most often they will rely on the police report. However insurance companies are not required by law to agree with the police... full post

Tips To Avoid The 5 Common Driving Distractions

Tips To Avoid The 5 Common Driving DistractionsDistracted driving is a serious problem in the state of Florida. Florida has the highest number of accidents caused by distracted drivers. Last year alone there were 45,000 crashes from distracted drivers. These crashes lead to 39,000 injuries and 214 people were killed. Distracted driver is deadly and should be avoided at all costs.

What Is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving is driving a vehicle while being distracted by something else. There are 3 main types of distracted driving:

● Manual: Manual distracted driving is when a driver takes their hands off the wheel to do something else.
● Visual: Visual distracted driving is when a driver stops looking at the road and instead looks at something else.
● Cognitive: Cognitive distracted driving is when a driver takes their mind off the road and starts thinking about something other than driving.

Distracted driving endangers the lives of the driver, the passengers, and the people on the road including other drivers and passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Who Is Guilty Of Distracted Driving?

The assumption is that most distracted drivers... full post

Recent Challenges To Florida’s Worker’s Compensation Laws

Recent Challenges To Florida’s Worker’s Compensation LawsIn 2003, Florida overhauled their worker’s compensation laws in order to to reduce the increasing rates of worker’s compensation insurance. However, this year the Florida Supreme Court is hearing three cases that challenge the 2003 laws concerning Florida’s worker’s compensation. These cases are major and could potentially have far-reaching consequences. Here is a brief summary of each of the main cases being heard.

Miles Vs City Of Edgewater Police

On April 21, 2016, the Florida Supreme Court ruled on Miles vs City of Edgewater Police. The case concerned police officer Martha Miles who had been seeking worker’s compensation after exposure to methamphetamines on the job had caused her to take ill. However, because of the Florida state law that restricts police officers from paying legal representation to pursue worker’s compensation insurance claim, she was unable to redress her grievances and her claim was denied in court. So she filed an appeal and argued that the Florida laws concerning the limits on legal fees, specifically the ban on retainers and hourly fees, prevented her from... full post

The Difference Between Pecuniary And Non-Pecuniary Compensatory Losses

The Difference Between Pecuniary And Non-Pecuniary Compensatory LossesWhen you file a personal injury claim, the amount of money you will be awarded will be determined by several factors. These factors are defined as either pecuniary or nonpecuniary and the total amount given for each will be determine by a judge or jury depending on your case. Once you’ve begun the legal process, it is important to understand these two different types of damages so you can get the money that you deserve.

Pecuniary Losses

Simply put, pecuniary losses are any losses that can be measured in financial terms. Pecuniary losses are easy to measure and therefore, are the more common type of financial compensation in a personal injury suit. Pecuniary losses count for both the losses to the victim and the losses to the victim’s family. Here are some examples of pecuniary losses:

● Medical Bills: The cost of medical treatment is calculated into the lawsuit. Medical treatment includes everything from ambulance rides, surgery, medication, physical therapy, chiropractic care, and any other form of medical cost incurred from the... full post

The Top Things To Look For In A Personal Injury Lawyer

The Top Things To Look For In A Personal Injury Lawyer When you’re injured in an accident, it’s important that you not only find the right medical professional to care for your physical and mental injuries, but also that you find the best legal professional to help you with the injuries done to your finances. Financial hardships can easily occur as a result of accidental injuries, and when that accident was caused through the reckless or negligent behavior of another person, it’s clear that you need to consider finding the right attorney for your situation.

There are a lot of personal injury attorneys out there, and it’s vital that you take the time to find the one that will work best for you. Luckily, remembering a few key things can help make it easier to do. Here are some of the top points to look at when finding your personal injury lawyer.

Proximity – While you won’t have to visit your attorney on a constant basis, you will still need to spend some time periodically visiting their office... full post

A Closer Look At Boating Accident Liability Cases

A Closer Look At Boating Accident Liability CasesBeing injured in an accident can have a tremendous impact on your life, and not in a positive way. The simple fact is that when you are hurt, it can not only have a physical influence and a mental one, but a financial one as well. But when most people think of accidents, they think of automobile accidents or even slip and fall type accidents. However, in Florida the warm weather means that boating accidents are highly common as well.

Boating accidents are similar to auto accidents in terms of the types of injuries that can occur and the type of liability law that applies to them. For example:

DWI laws are identical, and a blood alcohol content level of .08 is considered driving while under the influence.
Accidents can lead to death, dismemberment, Traumatic Brain Injuries, and more.
When an accident occurs, the person who acted in a negligent or reckless manner will be held responsible.
Fault is determined based on the willful and reckless actions of a party. Speeding, driving recklessly, and driving under the... full post

Spring Weather And The Rise Of Drunk Driving Accidents

Spring Weather And The Rise of Drunk Driving AccidentsAs the warm weather approaches and springtime comes into full swing, it’s easier than ever to relax and enjoy everything that Florida has to offer. But one thing to remember is that thanks to the huge number of people visiting Florida to relax and vacation, drunk driving accidents steadily increase in frequency throughout the spring and summer months.

While there’s no way for the average person to actively stop people from drinking and driving, you can take steps to avoid putting yourself at risk to some degree. But if something occurs and you are involved in an accident that was caused by a drunk driver, you need to understand the steps worth taking to overcome the issue and get back on track in your life.

Showing Fault

Springtime often brings increased rates of drunk driving, and the first step towards overcoming the financial burden after an accident is simply figuring out whether or not the other person is responsible for your injuries. In terms of drunk driving, showing that they were under the influence... full post

How Far Can I Go With Punitive Damages?

How Far Can I Go With Punitive Damages?Sometimes the unthinkable happens, and a terrible incident, possibly even involving death, can occur through no fault of your own. When you are victimized by an incredible injury or tragic loss of life, that is a traumatic enough experience as it is. But if it comes out that the loss could have been easily prevented had someone else been more responsible—or in some cases, less malicious—then simply going to court to sue for negligence may not be enough. In such cases, a person may want something more extreme, and in the eyes of the law, that extreme response is known as punitive damages.

What Are Punitive Damages?

As the name implies, punitive damages are a specific form of lawsuit that go above and beyond just trying to get the financial compensation you may be due, and is instead focused on financially “punishing” the responsible party with an extreme amount of money. It is intended to make the offending party an “object lesson” and send a message to others about the consequences of irresponsible action.

In other words, punitive damages... full post

Florida’s Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law

Florida’s Motor Vehicle No-Fault LawFlorida is one of the few states in America with a no-fault automobile insurance state. You’ve probably heard this before, but do you know what this really entails? The no-fault law guarantees your insurer pays you a limited sum of money, but there are situations where you may be entitled to more. If you don’t know the details of the law, you may be forgoing significant damages that an experienced personal injury lawyer could obtain for you.

Origins Of The Law

In the 1971, the state of Florida, faced with sky-rocketing vehicle insurance premiums, excessive litigation that clogged the court systems and delayed payment to automobile accident victims, and jury awards that overcompensated minor injuries, passed no-fault legislation. According to the Florida Supreme Court in Lasky v. State Farm Insurance Company, the no fault law was intended to:

avoid delayed payments by ensuring injured persons were paid directly by their own insurers regardless of fault,
unclog the court system,
lower automobile insurance premiums, and
end inequitable recoveries under the traditional tort system.

Since then, the law has undergone several revisions to get to its current iteration.

Pertinent Provisions Of... full post

Boating Accidents Can Be Just As Dangerous

Boating Accidents Can Be Just As DangerousWhen you’re on a boat in Florida, the rules are different than when you’re in a car on land. You’re still considered under the influence if your blood alcohol content is .08 or higher, but you’re much less likely to get stopped by a patrol and you’re allowed to have open containers within reach of the pilot. Underage drinking still isn’t permitted, but kids as young as 14 can helm a personal watercraft of any sort and only need a license for boats with 10 horsepower or more.

However, just because the rules are different doesn’t mean the results won’t be the same if you get into an accident. A bad collision can cause an injury to just about anywhere on your body depending on what you hit, including a potentially hard-to-detect traumatic brain injury. A collision can also cause significant damage to any boats involved or even sink them, and even with a proper flotation device there’s still some risk of drowning.

For these reasons, the actions you take after a boating accident are exactly... full post

What’s The Problem With The Assignment Of Benefits?

What’s The Problem With The Assignment Of Benefits?“Assignment of benefits” is a practice with insurance claims in which a claimant will sign away some of his or her benefits directly to the person or organization who would wind up taking the money anyway. For instance, a person who’s just been through a flood will need a professional cleaning service and someone to repair the foundation, and with the ability to use an assignment of benefits the homeowner can essentially tell the contractors to contact their insurer directly for their money.

The Benefits

The best reason for this approach is the fact that it cuts out a lot of the now-unnecessary back-and-forth communication. Without it, a contractor would need to inspect the condition of the home, provide an estimate for the needed work, and then wait for the homeowner to make his or her claim and then deliver the funds. Instead of all that, the homeowner can sign an assignment of benefits release form which allows contractors to place their claims directly with the insurance company and then get straight to work.

The Risks

The... full post

Open Vehicle Recalls Hit New High

Open Vehicle Recalls Hit New HighAccording to a recent Carfax report, no fewer than 47 million vehicles currently on US roads are in need of a recall repair. This number represents no fewer than one fifth of all American vehicles, and while many of them may represent “better safe than sorry” fixes that haven’t resulted in any accidents, it’s still enough of a problem that the Department of Transportation is starting up an awareness campaign.

Growing Demand, Limited Supplies

Part of the reason for this recent upswing in open recalls is the fact that the number of recalls period has spiked massively in recent years. Both 2014 and 2015 managed to more than double the previous record, logging right around 51 million recalls each (and on the bright side, this means that over half of the past two years of recalls have been successfully serviced).

A significant percentage of these open recalls are related to the massive Takata air bag recall which has affected nearly 30 million vehicles and counting. Many of the car owners involved are entirely unable to get the repairs they... full post

How Many Ways Can A Civil Case End?

How Many Ways Can A Civil Case End?The vast majority of civil cases never make it to trial. While that fact may be disappointing for those who love the courtroom drama shown in TV shows and movies, the issue is that seeing a court case all the way through to the end is an expensive prospect for both the prosecution and the defense. Even beyond the money problem, in most cases the facts are clear enough that there’s no need to let a jury decide what both sides can figure out without their help.

On the other hand, not every civil case ends in a settlement either. There are actually a number of different alternatives:

1. The Case Is Never Filed

While this may not technically be a way for a case to end, it often marks the end of a potential plaintiff’s dispute with the responsible party. There are a few steps in between an action which may justify a court case and the moment when that case is filed, including negotiations with lawyers, and if the two parties can come to... full post

No Trial Is Certain

No Trial Is CertainThere’s a common misconception held by the general public that a trial doesn’t happen unless the defendant is guilty (or at fault in civil cases) and thus when a case is ruled not guilty or not at fault it’s a miscarriage of justice. However, very few cases that make it to open court are so certain thanks to the variety of ways a case can resolve without getting that far, and ultimately the reason why courts exist in the first place is because the truth isn’t always certain.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

That particular phrase exists as part of the American court system because the alternative, “guilty until proven innocent,” was the established method in criminal cases held by British courts back before the Revolutionary War. And that phrase was more than just a different way to arrange the words – the change in philosophy has to do with who bears the burden of proof.

The idea is that if a case is brought to trial under the “innocent first” philosophy then it’s up to the prosecution to show beyond a reasonable doubt that the... full post

What You Should Know About Workers’ Compensation Benefits

What You Should Know About Workers’ Compensation BenefitsOften called “workers’ comp”, workers’ compensation is a state mandated program consisting of payments required by law to be made to an employee who is injured or disabled in connection with work. The federal government does offer its own workers’ compensation insurance for all federal employees, but individual states follow their own workers’ compensation insurance program. In the majority of situations, injured employees receive workers’ compensation no matter who is at fault.

What Kinds Of Incidents Are And Are Not Covered By Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is designed to cover any injuries that are a result of an employer’s or another employee’s carelessness. The range of injuries and situations it covers is quite broad, but there are some limits too. For example, a few state impose a drug and alcohol testing on injured employees and can deny benefits to those who were under the influence during the time of the injury. Compensation can also be denied if the injuries were self-inflicted or where the employee was violating a law or company rule at the time of... full post

Understanding Dislocated And Separated Shoulders

Understanding Dislocated And Separated ShouldersUnless you one of the lucky few, you have probably had an injury or two. From cuts to broken bones, injuries can come in several shapes and forms. A few of the injuries that is least talked about are dislocated and separated shoulders. Believe it or not, a dislocated shoulder and a separated shoulder are two distinct injuries that do have a few similarities here and there.

Dislocated Shoulder

This is an injury that is caused by a fall or a blow to the top of your arm bone that causes it to pop out of the shoulder socket. Unlike several other joints in your body, the shoulder is incredibly mobile. You can twist and more your upper arm in any direction, but this also makes the joint inherently unstable and prone to slipping out of place. In severe cases, the tissue and nerves around the shoulder joint get damaged.

Separated Shoulder

Despite its name, this injury does not directly affect the shoulder joint. This instead happens when a fall or blow tears one of the ligaments that connects the collarbone to the shoulder... full post

The Basics Of Stairs Accidents

The Basics Of Stairs AccidentsAnytime someone trips, slips, or falls, they are at risk of suffering a serious injury even if the fall occurs on even ground. However, when a fall involves a staircase, the potential injuries are all the more severe and life-threatening. According to the National Safety Council, more than 1 million individuals suffer injuries from falls on the stairs on an annual basis.

Furthermore, an estimated 12,000 of those fall victims do not survive their injuries.

Common injuries that usual follow an individual who has tripped, slipped, or fallen down the stairs includes:

Broken or shattered bones
Internal organ damage
Internal Bleeding
Neck and back injuries
Traumatic brain injury
Spinal cord injury

Generally, property owners are liable for any stair accidents in the same way that they are liable for any kind of slip and fall accident in general. However, stairs present a number of additional dangers that require special consideration. If you have recently been in a stair accident, here is how you can determine whether the property owner is at fault for your injuries.

In order to be legally responsible for the injuries you have suffered from tripping,... full post

Top 6 Reasons You Should Have A Personal Injury Lawyer

Top 6 Reasons You Should Have A Personal Injury LawyerAccidents happen and when they do, it may be you that pays the price. Not only are these injuries physically painful, but they can also lead to emotional and financial hardships as well. From the medical bills to the emotional stress placed on your family, an accident can end up costing you a lot and may even put you in debt.

1) Experienced With Similar Claims

We have a lot more experience dealing with the law and handling these kinds of cases. This will save you a lot of time and research trying to understand how these types of claims work. Not only that, but we will know exactly what kind of evidence and paperwork will work in your favor and which ones will end up hurting you in a claim.
2) Saves You Time And Energy

Do you the extra time to request your own medical records? Go over police and medical records? Talk with your insurance adjuster? Most likely, you do not have the time and energy to get everything you need and speak... full post

Getting Disability For PTSD

Getting Disability For PTSDPost-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD, happens after witnessing or going through a traumatic event involving injury or death. Though most of us think of soldiers when talking about PTSD, the majority of PTSD sufferers are actually victims or witnesses of car accidents. PTSD causes recurrent flashback episodes and nightmares that can disrupt every day activities. Some forms of PTSD including hyper-vigilance, extreme fear of the event recurring, a tendency to be easily startled, and anger or irritability.

Unlike simple shock or stress, the body and brain chemistry can be altered with post-traumatic stress disorder. Those with this disorder will show high levels of catecholamine and a low level of cortisol in their urine and a decrease in the volume of the hippocampus, a part of the frontal lobe of the brain. Due to these changes in the brain and body, PSTD is a serious condition that can greatly effect an individual’s ability to function.

There is no cure to post-traumatic stress disorder and cases can vary greatly in severity, symptoms, and possible triggers. However, there are several treatments and medications used to make... full post

What You Should Know About Drowsy Driving

What You Should Know About Drowsy DrivingSleepiness and driving is quite a dangerous combination. Most people are aware of the dangers of drinking and driving, but don’t realize that drowsy driving can be just as fatal. Much like alcohol, sleepiness slows reaction time, decreases awareness, impairs judgment, and greatly increases your risk of crashing.

According to a study by the National Sleep Foundation, 60 percent of adult drivers, about 168 million people, say they have driven a vehicle while feeling drowsy in the past year and 37 percent have even admitted to falling asleep at the wheel. If that wasn’t scary enough, 13 percent said they have done so at least once a month. 4 percent, around 11 million drivers, also admitted to having an accident or near-accident because they had dozed off or were too tired to drive properly.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 100,000 police reported car accidents are a direct result of driver drowsiness each year. This results in about 1,500 deaths, 71,000 injuries, and $12.5 billion in monetary losses. However, due to how challenging it is to attribute... full post

Handle Insurance Claims With Care

Handle Insurance Claims With CareInsurance policies are a bit like gambling: you’re betting that something bad will happen to you at some point while you hold the policy, and the insurance company is betting that nothing will happen. Insurance companies spend a lot of money on actuarial tables to figure out the odds that something will happen to a certain demographic, and it sets its premiums carefully so that it will always make a profit.

However, insurance companies don’t limit themselves to simply playing the odds. An insurance company’s biggest expense is (or at least should be) paying out claims, and as such fewer, smaller claims translate directly into more profit for the company. That’s why claims adjusters are constantly encouraged to reduce claim amounts by as much as they legally can. As such, you need to be very careful regarding what you say and do when you submit and wait for a claim.

Keep All Your Records

If you’ve been injured, either take pictures of your injuries or else seek medical attention right away. If your car or other property has been... full post

Subdural Hematomas: The Threat Of A Light Tap

Subdural Hematomas:  The Threat Of A Light TapBrain injuries are hard to catch at the best of times, but at least there’s usually a specific instance you can point to that created the problem: a hard fall, a car accident, a nearby explosion. However, under the right circumstances, there’s one class of brain injury that can occur after nothing more serious than bumping a rafter or jerking your head back and forth suddenly.

What’s Happening?

When you get older, into your 60s or 70s, your brain may start to shrink. This doesn’t mean you’re going senile, it just means that your brain is occupying less space.

At the same time, however, the inside of your skull is padded with a membrane called the dura. But while your brain may decrease in size, your dura layer will remain just as thick, creating an open space between the two. While this space makes it a little easier to sustain a brain injury on its own, the real trouble comes from the fact that the dura is still connected to the... full post

What If The Other Driver Is Uninsured?

What If The Other Driver Is Uninsured?No one wants to think about what may happen in the event of a car crash, or other automobile accident, but when things like this occur, that’s when insurance companies step in. Except when they don’t.

Unfortunately, it’s far more common than people think. In a study conducted in 2011, it was found that the national average for America was one in every seven drivers may be on the road without any kind of auto-insurance. These drivers may need a car, but either don’t want—or can’t afford—monthly insurance payments, so they cancel their insurance policy once they’ve used it to get approval on a car.

Florida is a “No Fault” state, meaning that for damage of up to $10,000, insurance companies can automatically handle these payments without any need for going to court. But what happens if you get into an accident with an uninsured driver here?

Making It Right Afterwards

If you get into an accident where you are not at fault but the other party has no automobile insurance, there are essentially three options.

It is possible for you yourself to... full post

Self-Driving Cars Are Going To Change Accident Law

Self-Driving Cars Are Going To Change Accident LawAs part of his last year in office, President Obama announced his intention to help the future of personal transportation arrive a little faster. He is committing four billion dollars to the research and testing of self-driving cars, as an attempt to accelerate the entry of this high-tech advance into the mainstream. Essentially, he would like to see to it that everyday Americans can have the opportunity to buy and use self-driving cars and by providing more funding for tests and live, on-the-field research and evaluation, it brings this future a little faster.

Surprisingly, Florida is one of the pioneering states that is already participating in the testing of self-driving cars. This means that locals may one day either see—or even own—a car that can drive and park itself with no aid from a human driver.

For the very large retired population of Florida, this may be a potentially great chance to regain some independence and mobility. It would allow the aged and infirm to once again enjoy the ability to go where they please in a car,... full post

Who Qualifies For Worker's Compensation?

Who Qualifies For Worker's Compensation?If you become ill due to your work or were injured on the job, you may entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation is an insurance program that is required by state law that ensures employees who have suffered work-related injuries or illness receive financial compensation.

Employees who are eligible receive compensation for lost work and medical bills, regardless of who was at fault, in exchange employees forfeit the right to sue their employers for those injuries or illnesses. Though there are a few exceptions to this rule.

For the most part, there are three basic eligibility requirements for workers' compensation benefits:

1) Employer Must Be Covered By Workers' Compensation

Not all employers are required to have workers' compensation coverage. Laws can very a bit from state, but an employer's responsibility to provide coverage typically depends on how many employees it has, the type of business, and the type of work the employees are doing. However, the majority of employers are required to carry this kind of coverage.

2) You Must Be An Employee

It may surprise you to hear, but not all workers are employees when... full post

The Problem With Pesticides

The Problem With PesticidesThough pesticides are designed to kill bugs and rodents, their mode of action is not specific to one species including humans. The World Organization estimates that there are 3 million cases of pesticide poisoning each year and around 220,00 deaths as a result. With those kinds of numbers, it is scary to know just how dangerous these chemicals really are.

What Are Pesticides?

Pesticides are the only toxic substances that we purposely released into our environment in order to kill living things. These substances are used to kill weeds, insects, fungus, rodents, and others.

Using these toxic pesticides to manage pest problems has become quite a common practice around the world and is used almost everywhere. Though agricultural fields use a large amount of the world's pesticides, pesticides can be found in homes, parks, schools, buildings, forests, and roads. In fact, it would be more challenging to find somewhere that doesn’t have or use pesticides. From a can of bug spray under the kitchen skin to the crop dusting of the farm land, our world is simply filled with them.

Pesticides And Its Effect On Human Health

There has... full post

What You Should Know About Pedestrian Accidents

What You Should Know About Pedestrian AccidentsPedestrian accidents can be a scary experience for both driver and pedestrian. Sadly, this is not an uncommon occurrence. According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, over 60,000 pedestrians were injured in traffic accidents in 2006.

What Should You Do After A Pedestrian Accident?

Safety comes first! Make sure to get any injured persons to a place of safety. Do not try to give them medical treatment beyond what is required of you in an emergency. Call 9-1-1 to ensure that the injured individual gets the medical attention they need straight from the professionals.

Next contact the police and auto insurance providers (both for the driver's and the pedestrian's). Make sure to be honest as possible to them about what happened.

As long as the pedestrian is not incapacitated, make sure to exchange your name, phone number, and insurance information with them. However, don't talk to them about much else and especially not about how the accident took place. Making statements like "I'm so sorry" could end up hurting you later on. You should also avoid saying too much to the... full post

Why You Should Have A Lawyer By Your Side

Why You Should Have A Lawyer By Your SideNot every legal matter needs the use of an attorney. For example, fighting a speeding ticket or going to small claims court really don't need legal help for. However, many other situation involving a legal dispute, challenge, or deal, you may not want to risk going it alone without a lawyer by your side.

Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why you want the advantage of a lawyer.

The Law Is Complicated

Unless you are a law professional yourself, you really shouldn't try to act like one. Even experienced lawyers know better than to represent themselves in court. Without the help of a trained and emotionally detached attorney by your side, your case can quickly unravel. That aside, the law is a pretty complicated thing and you should save yourself the headache by having a lawyer to help.

It May Cost You More To Go Without

Often the reason you avoid contacting legal help is because you don't want to hurt your wallet. It is a completely understandable reason, but refusing to seek legal assistance often costs... full post

You Can’t Always Blame The Weather

You Can’t Always Blame The WeatherWinter is a time when most of the United States experiences frost, snow, ice, and other forms of frozen water that make it difficult to drive. Snow can even fall as far south as Florida, although what little of it shows up does so in the panhandle region. Still, if you were to describe slippery conditions, most Florida drivers who’d had to drive through a rainstorm would know exactly what you were talking about.

And with more treacherous roads comes a higher risk of accidents, both the kind where you careen off the road and the kind where you skid into other vehicles. But how can you determine fault when Mother Nature is foremost to blame?

Preexisting Conditions

Unfortunately for drivers, courts and insurance companies are generally unsympathetic to people who claim that the weather is the reason they skidded into an intersection or fell off an embankment. The fact is that the presence of ice, snow, or driving rain should be obvious to anyone with enough eyesight to legally drive a car, and so it’s a driver’s responsibility... full post

Will I Get My Day In Court?

Will I Get My Day In Court?There’s a lot of romance and drama attached to the courtroom. It’s the centerpiece of an uncountable number of films, books, and TV shows, the place where lawyers unearth their opponents’ dirty laundry, make bold accusations disguised as questions, and cow witnesses into breaking down and admitting the truth. The courtroom is a setting for clever thinking, flawless reasoning, and emotional speeches. It’s all great fun, but chances are good that even if you file a suit, you’ll never see your trial take place – and you’re actually better off that way.

Robbing The Courtroom Of Drama

The thing about modern court cases, whether they’re civil or criminal, is that there really aren’t any sudden twists or shocking revelations on the courtroom floor. It’s unfair to make one side or the other defend against something they didn’t know about beforehand, and the justice system is supposed to be about fairness above all else.

That’s why every case goes through a lengthy discovery process before the trial begins. The idea is for the two sides to take... full post

What Is The Personal Injury Process?

What Is The Personal Injury Process?You or someone close to you has suffered because of someone else’s negligence or outright malice. Under United States federal and state laws, you have a right to compensation from the party at fault for your injury. But how much compensation is that, exactly? How do you go about getting it, and in what order do you need to do things? The process can seem complicated at times, so it’s often good to have an idea of what you need to do.

1. Record The Injury And Exchange Insurance Information

The first thing you should do is make sure you document the damage, whether it’s damage to your car, a physical injury, or an illness. Pictures are good for this, as are bills from doctors, hospitals, and mechanics. At the same time, many kinds of accident are covered by insurance (particularly workplace and auto accidents), so make sure you get the correct insurance information from everyone who may be involved.

2. Ask For Or Demand Compensation

If insurance is involved, this means issuing a claim and dealing with a claims... full post

Volkswagen Is Looking For Alternate Payment Plans

Volkswagen Is Looking For Alternate Payment PlansVolkswagen’s future isn’t looking terribly bright. After the scandal many are calling Dieselgate broke in September and slowly expanded to include millions of diesel vehicles worldwide, stalled sales in October soon led to a 25 percent sales plummet in November. That’s also when the automaker admitted it may have also fudged the CO2 emissions on a few gasoline vehicles, although the company has since revised its 800,000 vehicle figure down to 36,000. Not good that it happened at all, but at least it’s better than before.

As far as Volkswagen’s future is concerned, however, there are two names appearing on its radar which may offer some help: Ken Feinberg and Elon Musk.

Feinberg’s Alternative Dispute Resolution

Ken Feinberg has a storied history when it comes to settling financial matters outside of courts. He’s peacefully ended personal injury disputes brought on by Vietnam vets sickened by Agent Orange, 9/11 survivors, the BP Gulf oil spill, and GM’s faulty ignition switches. Considering the rest of his record, deceptive diesel engines are small potatoes.

Although some consider Feinberg’s alternative... full post

Sometimes, You May Be At Some Fault

Sometimes, You May Be At Some FaultIn a simple, black and white world of cause and effect, when an accident occurs, one person is the victim, while the other person is responsible for the accident. This is the “ideal” legal situation that many personal injury lawyers will try to pursue if possible, since this is the simplest kind of case to resolve in court. In the event that one party is clearly responsible, while another is clearly a victim, the case can be settled quickly and efficiently with little room for argument.

However, in the real world this is not always the case. Sometimes when an accident happens, one party is not solely responsible for the incident. There are cases in which case even the party that has been injured has actually played a role in how the accident occurred.

So what happens when more than one party is responsible for an accident? Does that mean that no one can pursue the case?

The answer to that is “no.” But, it does mean that the courts must now resolve a case of what is called... full post

6 Things To Keep In Mind For A Long Drive

6 Things To Keep In Mind For A Long DriveThe end of the year is traditionally a time for families to get together all across America, and with the way American families move around, that means it’s the season for long-distance car rides. At All Injuries Law Firm, we’re all too familiar with what can happen if someone gets too fatigued from driving for too long, and we’d like everyone to have a safe and happy holiday season. As such, we’re offering a few tips to those of you who plan to save money on air fare and go on a road trip instead.

1. Tune Up Your Car In Advance

If your vehicle is in need of a tune up or a specific repair, then you do not want to drive hundreds of miles away from home with something like that hanging over your head. Like a long-distance runner getting in shape for a marathon, you want to make sure your car is in the best possible condition before you start on a long journey.

2. Don’t Drive Nonstop

Despite how driving requires... full post

The Discovery Process Can Be The Longest Part Of Any Injury Case

Discovering Is The Longest PartDid you ever notice how court cases can sometimes take years between filing and actually seeing its first day in court? The primary reason for this delay is something called the discovery process, and the reason it takes so long is because it’s essentially the court case in slow motion.

Attorneys, detectives, and other investigators spend this time collecting evidence, witness depositions, expert testimonials, and everything else they need to prove that their side is correct. Then, once they’ve each built up a decent amount of material, each side allows the other to see or “discover” their collected evidence. This gives both sides the opportunity to collect more evidence to counter their opponents, and after that the cycle begins again.

Fair’s Fair

The surprise witness or piece of evidence is a classic feature of courtroom dramas. There’s nothing like an unexpected swerve to get you invested in the plot and keep you guessing as to what happens next, after all.

However, dramatic twists are a lot less fun when someone’s life or livelihood is on the line, and the discovery process came... full post

5 Causes Of Pedestrian Accidents

5 Causes Of Pedestrian AccidentsWhen the weather is sunny and you don't have too far to go, it's nice to be able to walk and enjoy the day. For some walking is even a daily form of exercise to keep you feeling good and healthy. Though traveling by foot might be a healthier option, it may not always be a safer one.

Pedestrian-automobile collisions are more common than you may like to think. A lot of pedestrian accidents fly under the radar because many choose not to report their accidents to the police. Regardless of that fact, it has been reported that 70,000 pedestrians are injured and more than 4,000 die each year from automobile collisions.

So why are pedestrian accidents so common? A pedestrian accident can happen for a number of reasons. Though most root back to a motorist's neglect to watch out for the pedestrian, it can be a little more complicated than that.

Here are some of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents.

• Unmarked Crosswalks

Intersections are where the majority of vehicle-pedestrian collisions occur. With the help of signaled crosswalks, these collisions... full post

What You Should Know About Car Seat Safety

What You Should Know About Car Seat SafetyThough children can certainly be a handful, they are a precious gift. That is why you, as a parent, try so hard to keep them safe and healthy. You make sure they get all their fruits and vegetables, take them to the doctor when they get sick, and never let them hop on to their bike without their helmet.

But are you doing enough to keep your child safe?

Keeping your child safe should always be your first priory as a parent. Due to their smaller and more vulnerable size, children require much more safety precautions than an adult does. This includes keeping them safe when your driving. Though you'd like to believe that you'd never get into an accident, specially when your little ones are with you, you can not take that chance with your child's life.

Accidents are unpredictable and happen a lot more often than you think. That is why you need to make sure to do everything you can to keep your children safe. Thanks to modern technology and research, your ability to... full post

Florida Rain And The Accidents That Come With It

Florida Rain And The Accidents That Come With ItThough many only think of Florida as being a very sunny and warm place, it is actually a pretty rainy state. This can be especially true during hurricane season when rain and wind become a deadly force. However, hurricanes aren't the only dangerous weather condition. Even when it is simply raining outside, the roads can become a dangerous place. In Florida, rain has caused thousands of car accidents each year.

How Does Rain Impact Your Driving?

It may sound strange that a little wetness could effect your health and safety. However, it really is no laughing matter. Any kind of poor weather condition is likely to effect your ability to drive in one way or another and rain is certainly no exception. The main reasons why rain can impact your driving boils down to less visibility, slippery roads, and inexperienced drivers.

Less Visibility

During a rain storm, especially a heavy rain storm, it can be difficult for drivers to see other cars. Even cars that are rather close may be hard to notice at first. If that... full post

Why You Should Have Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Why You Should Have Uninsured Motorist CoverageAccidents are no fun and can often cost you a ton in damages and medical fees. Thanks to Florida's no-fault insurance policy, Floridians are required to have at least the minimum amount of Personal Insurance Protection benefits also known as PIP. This allows you to receive financial help after an injury and get the medical care needed to recover. Sadly, not everyone is insured.

In Florida, almost one in five at-fault drivers are still uninsured. Though Floridian drivers are required to have no-fault insurance, that may not be enough to cover the costs of being hit by an uninsured motorist. That is why insurance companies offer uninsured motorist coverage to give you that extra protection and assistance you may need after an accident. Understandably, not many people are eager to spend more when they already have some coverage.

You have no fault insurance so why do you need uninsured motorist coverage?

No-fault insurance, also known as PIP, is mandatory and carries a $10,000 limit in Florida. However, the term “no fault” can be a bit confusing. The term is used... full post

Motorcycle Helmets Are Not Always The Law, But They’re Always A Good Idea

Motorcycle Helmets Are Not Always The Law, But They’re Always A Good IdeaWhether your first thought is the deep roar of a Harley or the rabid scream of a Honda, motorcycles are exciting vehicles. Even if you don’t push the engine to its limit on the open highway or weave in and out of traffic on a busy city street, it’s not hard to feel the excitement brought on by the wind whistling past your face and the sheer power rumbling beneath your seat. However, motorcycles also come with a variety of added risks which make caution and safety important considerations.

Safety Issues

As far as safety features go, the biggest difference between a motorcycle and an enclosed vehicle is precisely that enclosure. Automobile cabins are packed with safety features that go far beyond the basics of seat belts and airbags. They also come with special reinforced steel beams and crumple zones designed to absorb and redirect all the force of an impact so that none of it reaches you. Antilock brakes are standard equipment,... full post

Haste Does Not Make Waste: Get Legal Help Now

Haste Does Not Make Waste:  Get Legal Help NowThe idea behind the idiom “haste makes waste” is that if you act too quickly you may skip over an important detail or else lose track of something important. However, while there are plenty of things which you should definitely perform with care and deliberation, consulting with a legal professional after an accident or other personal injury should not be one of them.

The Benefit Of Professional Help

When you get in an accident or you start to feel sick, and the pain is serious, you visit a hospital or your doctor right away to find out what’s wrong with you. If one of your appliances stops working, you call a repair technician. If your car starts making funny sounds, you call a mechanic. If you get into a serious disagreement over an accident or another sort of personal injury, why then would you not call a personal injury lawyer?

Contacting a lawyer does not have to be a “nuclear option” that signals that you’re ready to bring your disagreement to... full post

Don’t Be A Statistic: Stay Safe On The Highways

Don’t Be A Statistic:  Stay Safe On The HighwaysWhether you’re commuting each day from a distant suburb or you’re driving down to your summer home to avoid the chilly northern winters, highway driving is a regular occurrence for millions of Americans. Perhaps because it’s so common we’ve become desensitized to the dangers we regularly face when going 60 miles per hour or more even on a divided road where you’d have to rumble through a ditch or ram through a concrete divider just to have a chance at crashing into oncoming traffic.

Of course, even if you don’t have to worry about that particular problem, the sheer speed involved in highway accidents make them more likely to be fatal than a low-speed collision at a stoplight or on a neighborhood street. In 2013, over half of all fatal motor vehicle crashes occurred in rural areas, and this trend is consistent through the years. What follows are a few tips on how to stay safe the next time you spend a few hours moving at high velocity.

Take A... full post

Water, Water, Everywhere, So How Did I Get Hit?

Water, Water, Everywhere, So How Did I Get Hit?The range of watercraft and water-based activities is truly staggering when you think about it. There are rowboats and paddleboats for when you want to get some exercise while you’re on the water, motorboats and sailboats for crossing lakes and finding good fishing spots, speedboats for when you want to feel the wind on your face, and yachts of all shapes and sizes for when you want to have a relaxing time somewhere far from shore.

However, your watercraft isn’t the only one out there, and whether you’re alone fishing in the reeds of a muddy lake or navigating through a busy quay, you need to keep in mind a few basic safety rules in order to have a good time and avoid harming yourself and others.

Remember Your Life Jacket

The word “life” is in there for a good reason. Even if you know how to swim, even if you’re a good swimmer, if something happens to your boat a mile from shore or if something happens to you even in a small lake,... full post

The Unfortunate Mysteries Of Brain Injuries

The Unfortunate Mysteries Of Brain InjuriesThe human brain is an immense and complicated organ, one with well over a dozen specialized areas and which reacts poorly to any amount of tampering. It can change emotional states in an instant by being exposed to nothing more substantial than a spoken word, and a direct injury could potentially change a person’s personality forever.

Banging Your Head

While sports, particularly football, tend to get all the media exposure when it comes to concussions and other brain injuries, the majority of all traumatic brain injuries reported in the United States come from car accidents. Your head doesn’t have to impact anything directly to cause a concussion: when your car suddenly decelerates from full speed to a full stop, the momentum transfers to your body. This momentum can swing your head around with real force, causing a whiplash injury to your neck and a less visible injury to your brain.

Whiplash can potentially cause lasting damage to your spinal cord, and while that’s a serious concern, the consequences of a brain injury can be long-lasting, debilitating, and worst... full post

Keeping Safe With Trucks

Keeping Safe With TrucksNo matter how commonplace it may be, it’s important to remember that driving is really a very dangerous activity. It can be safe enough so long as you and everyone else on the road follows the rules, but when it comes to trucks, buses, and trains, there are a few extra tips you may not be aware of which you should keep in mind if you want to stay safe.

Beware Of High Fenders

Trucks, including 18-wheelers, pickups, and SUVs, are designed to different standards than regular cars, and that includes having a higher clearance off the road. This allows them to climb over higher obstacles than a car can manage, but in order to do that their fenders are higher up than the fenders on a car. This means that your vehicle’s first defense in a front or rear collision won’t work, and in fact the truck’s fender may deal significant damage to your trunk or your engine while leaving the larger vehicle relatively unharmed. As such, while you should always keep your distance from the cars in front of... full post

What Not To Do After A Motorcycle Accident

What Not To Do After A Motorcycle AccidentThere is nothing like the freedom and independence you get when riding a motorcycle. Sadly, that rush can be quickly shattered when an accident happens. Motorcyclist are involved in more accidents than any other vehicle. Although there are many ways an accident can happen, the most common cause of motorcycle accidents is because the other person failed to notice a bike when turning or misjudged their speed and distance.

This is why it's important for a motorcyclist to always be on the defensive. However, that may not be enough to protect you. So before you hop on your bike you should know what to do and not to do if you find yourself in an accident.

Do not delay medical attention! Even if your feeling fine, symptoms may not manifest for a few hours and some may not be obvious. For the sake of your health and well-being, don't hesitate to seek medical attention and treatment. If that's not enough to convince you, then you should also know that refusing or delaying medical attention and... full post

Who Is Liable In A Boating Accident

Who Is Liable In A Boating AccidentWith Florida's sunny weather and miles of coastline, it is no wonder why so many Floridians are out boating. When you are spending your time out on the water it can be great fun, but accidents can happen. Sadly, boating accidents are not uncommon and can result in severe injuries. If you have been hurt in a boating accident or just want to know what your legal rights are, here are a few things you should know about liability in a boating accident.

Negligence Is Key To Liability

In a boating accident, liability depends solely on whether someone's negligence caused the incident. Negligence refers to the failure to act with reasonable care. If the operator of the boat or a secondary boat somehow caused the accident or hurt rescue effects because of actions that were careless and unreasonable, then they are liable for the resulting accident. Sadly, it is not always clear whether negligence was the cause.

Hitting A Wave

When a boat hits a big wave, the jolt can knock passengers down or throw them out of their seats.... full post

The Unseen Side Effects Of A Car Crash

The Unseen Side Effects Of A Car CrashCar accidents happen a lot more often than we care to admit. Being in a crash can drastically change your life and in ways that may not be obvious at first. After a car accident, it is important to have a doctor check for any external or internal injuries you may have suffered from. Many internal injuries can go unnoticed until it's too late and it's better to be safe than sorry. However, there is another type of injury that may go unnoticed after a car crash. Many do not realize the mental side effects that can follow after you have been in an accident.

It is certainly understandable that someone may not be too eager to get back behind the wheel again after an accident. You might have others drive you around for awhile or find yourself feeling nervous when you witness someone else in a crash. It may feel like very minor symptoms, but they don't necessarily end there. After a car crash, you could find yourself getting flashbacks, nightmares, uncontrollable thoughts about... full post

What You Should Know About The Florida Good Samaritan Act

What You Should Know About The Florida Good Samaritan ActLets say your driving down the highway and you see that someone's car is in a ditch. You stop nearby and rush to the scene. Once there you can see the driver is unconscious and trapped in the car. Immediately you call 911, but you are worried that they may not come in time. You could try to get the driver out yourself, but your unsure whether you could get sued for doing so. What should you do? Will you be protected from legal action later on?

Laws can vary from state to state. Some offer protection for those who come to someone's aid and others can be sued even when their actions have saved the victim's life. With the laws varying, it can make it hard to know what to do or what your rights are in these type of situations. In Florida, they have what is called the Florida Good Samaritan Act or Good Samaritan Laws that describe what you can legally do in this type of situation.

What Is Florida... full post

Fault In An Accident Is Only The Tip Of The Iceberg

Fault In An Accident Is Only The Tip Of The IcebergIt's not that difficult to enjoy life in Florida. From the weather to the beaches to the numerous dining and entertainment options, there's always something to enjoy here. However, it can be a bit harder to enjoy your time in Florida if you've been injured in an accident of any kind. Injuries can make it harder to move through your day, create difficulties in your finances, and more.

In fact, for many the financial side of healing is every bit as challenging as the physical recovery. Medical bills and lost wages due to missing time at work can combine to make your life very difficult as you move through the days and weeks following an accident. That's why finding a good Florida personal injury lawyer and seeking compensation for your injuries is so important.

Insurance companies will often try their best not to give you any kind of compensation or – in some instances – will offer a settlement that is very low in order to avoid having to pay you what... full post

Trucking Accidents Can Be More Complex Than You Realize

Trucking Accidents Can Be More Complex Than You RealizeAccidents can happen in an instant, but can have effects that last for months or even years. Among the most serious accidents are those involving tractor trailer trucks, and if you're involved in a crash with a truck there's a good chance that you're already aware of the severity that can come with them.

If you're injured in an accident involving a truck, it's important to remember that you could have the ability to seek out financial compensation for your injuries. If the accident wasn't your fault, you can seek compensation for your injuries from the driver of the vehicle.

But while that sounds fairly simple, the reality is that personal injury cases involving trucks can often be the most complex types of personal injury law that is brought into the court system. There are numerous reasons for this, but at their core they all mean one simple thing – finding an attorney is more important with trucking accidents than with any other type of accident situation.

One of the biggest reasons that a ... full post

How A Port Charlotte Accident Lawyer Can Help With Your Recovery

How A Port Charlotte Accident Lawyer Can Help With Your RecoveryPort Charlotte is one of Florida's most beautiful locations, and is a perfect place to call home. However, it's difficult to enjoy life here when you've been injured in an accident. The process of recovering from your injuries can be a long and sometimes difficult one, especially when you have family who depends on you.

Most will instinctively assume that their medical professional is the only person who can help them with their recovery. And while they'll certainly be the primary professional helping you physically heal, the fact is that a Port Charlotte accident lawyer is someone who can help with your recovery as well.

The reason primarily comes down to rest, stress, and finances. After an accident, you'll often be left facing significant bills and financial issues. These can include:

Medical expenses
Medication costs
Physical therapy costs
Lost wages from time lost at work
And more

That's not even counting the cost of potentially replacing a damaged automobile if your injuries come from a vehicle accident. Obviously, recovering from injuries physically is important. But that... full post

The Many Tools And Resources An Accident Lawyer Utilizes

The Many Tools And Resources An Accident Lawyer UtilizesWith more than 18 million people living in Florida, and millions more visiting every day, it's only natural that accidents happen from time to time. However, it's important to understand that if you're involved in an accident that isn't your fault, you shouldn't have to shoulder the financial costs of your injuries.

Finding an accident lawyer can help you avoid having to do so. While it's easy to ignore the need for an attorney, the reality is that they will directly help you in numerous ways after you're injured and ensure that you don't end up having to pay thousands in medical bills as a result of an accident that wasn't your fault.

In order to get you the compensation that you deserve, a lawyer must prove that the other party involved in your accident was at fault and that they acted in a negligent, reckless manner. If they can show that their negligent actions caused your injuries, they will be able to get you the compensation that you are owed.

To do so, a... full post

What To Do After A Car Accident

What To Do After A Car AccidentEvery year there are between 10-11 million motor vehicle accidents in the United States, and in Florida alone around two to three thousand people die as a result of these crashes. If you’ve driven a vehicle regularly for more than one or two years, odds are good that you’ve experienced an accident of some kind, although it was likely nothing more dramatic than bumping fenders as you tried to park or misjudging how much room you had while backing out of a driveway.

Still, you may yet find yourself in a collision involving two moving vehicles, and if that should happen there are several important tips you should know regarding what to do and what not to do.

Never Admit Fault

Even if you find yourself in a car accident too minor to demand the police show up, anything you say to the other driver or to witnesses can be used against you in court. Although you may think that you are at fault, you shouldn’t say so immediately because there may be circumstances you don’t know about,... full post

An Accident Lawyer Uses A Variety Of Tools To Fight For Your Rights

An Accident Lawyer Uses A Variety Of Tools To Fight For Your RightsWhen you're injured in an accident, the recovery phase consists of several things. Chief among them is, of course, your physical health. But after your wounds heal, the damage an accident does to your budget can remain for some time. That's why it's incredibly important that you find a good accident Port Charlotte accident lawyer if you're injured in the area.

A personal injury lawyer works to help you in a variety of different ways, and taking a look at the tools, resources, and processes they utilize can help you better understand what to expect during their representation of you as well as why they're such an important part of your recovery.

The key job of an accident lawyer is to show that the accident that caused your injuries was the fault of someone else, and that their reckless or negligent behavior directly led to the accident. This can include a variety of things ranging from drunk driving to speeding to failing to install safety... full post

Who Can Be Held Responsible For Injuries Sustained In An Accident?

Who Can Be Held Responsible For Injuries Sustained In An Accident?Florida roads can be dangerous, just like the roads throughout the country. The simple fact is that sometimes accidents will occur, and there's no way to avoid them. Recovering from an accident can be difficult. The combination of physical injury, mental and emotional damage, and financial hardships can make it very difficult to heal properly. While a doctor can help with the physical injuries, only a good personal injury lawyer can help you ease the financial strain of an accident.

By turning to a lawyer to handle your case, you'll make it easier to focus on your physical recover instead of on the stress of paying for those medical bills. They'll do the hard work for you and help you find out more about what steps you can take. And they'll also help you get a fair amount in any settlement offer.

However, one thing that often surprises those injured in an accident is that while the other party directly involved in the accident can be held liable, a lot... full post

Determining Fault Is The Key To Determining Your Right To Compensation

Determining Fault Is The Key To Determining Your Right To Compensation Accidents are a daily occurrence in this country, and in Florida. With so many people living in and visiting Florida, the number of accidents happening at any time can be somewhat high. If you or a loved one is injured in an accident of any kind, it can be difficult to recover fully. While doctors can help you physically, their services aren't free, and can quickly add up to significant medical bills.

However, if you weren't responsible for the accident there is a good chance that you can seek compensation for your injuries from the responsible party. It's not always possible, and your best bet is to begin by speaking to an attorney during a free consultation. This can help explain to you whether or not you actually have the right to seek compensation, what to expect from the process, and any steps that you'll need to take.

Before you speak to an attorney, there are some things that can help you prepare. Understanding the basics behind fault... full post

What Steps To Take After An Accident

What Steps To Take After An Accident Millions of accidents occur in Florida every single year. And while most of them are minor, a large percentage will be fairly major – major enough to require medical attention and potentially even cause the victim to miss time from work or become disabled.

After you're involved in an accident, it can be difficult to focus on just what you should do. There are some obvious things and some that are constantly overlooked, but it's important to review all of the different steps in order to ensure that you are able to move on and recover – physically, emotionally, and financially.

The first and most obvious thing is simply making sure that you're okay physically. If you have been injured, seeking medical attention is a must. However, even those who may not think that they've been injured still need to see a doctor. The reason is that under Florida law, you only have fourteen days to seek medical attention. Wait longer than that, and you will become ineligible for compensation from a PIP policy.

If possible,... full post

With Summer Rains Come Increased Accident Rates

With Summer Rains Come Increased Accident RatesPort Charlotte is like the rest of Florida in that it's a hot, wet city. The climate means that it regularly gets rain, and as the summer heats up those rains can increase in frequency. In fact, every year Florida receives around 3.5 inches more rain in the summer each month than during the spring or winter.

While those rains can be a godsend during the heat, bringing cooler temps and a refreshing quality with them, they can also be dangerous at times. Wet roads lead to increased auto accidents, and the rains can make visibility difficult while also causing other issues – everything from a car crash to a slip and fall accident can be blamed on the rains.

As a result, it's important to understand more about accident law, personal injury law, and how the rain impacts it. There are no solid answers since each case is different, but there are several key points that are worth understanding. Learning more about them can help you figure out what your rights are and whether or not... full post

Understanding Florida’s PIP Law Time Restrictions

Understanding Florida’s PIP Law Time RestrictionsThe year 2013 introduced Florida’s new PIP laws, and these are laws that every motorist should be familiar with and concerned about. PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection, and the state of Florida requires each motorist to have at least a $10,000 policy covering PIP in order to operate a motor vehicle in the state. PIP in an insurance policy covers the driver and his or her injuries should he or she be involved in a crash, regardless of fault, but this law also brings some concerns to motorists when it comes to their coverage and what this law can do for them.

The PIP law was created to crack down on insurance fraud, but what it actually seems to have accomplished is making it more difficult for motorists genuinely involved in accidents to get the claim settlements they need to recover from their injuries in a safe and healthy way. When a motorist in Florida is injured in a vehicle accident, their insurance provider is tasked with covering their medical expenses and lost work wages, but the PIP... full post

Can I Still Be Compensated If I Was Hit By An Uninsured Motorist?

Can I Still Be Compensated If I Was Hit By An Uninsured Motorist?If you’ve been hit by an uninsured motorist either in a hit and run accident or an accident where the other driver acknowledges the occurrence, you can still be compensated. In the state of Florida, no fault insurance laws and Uninsured Motorist insurance policies allow motorists to still get compensation if they have been in an accident with a motorist without insurance. One recent study found that up to 20% of Florida drivers currently drive or have driven recently without insurance, so it’s important to know what you can do to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Uninsured motorist insurance is a part of an insurance policy that Florida insurers are required to offer to all of their clients. In fact, if a person decides to opt out of this type of insurance, they are also required to sign a form stating that they have opted out by choice to be insured against an uninsured driver. What makes this type of insurance so... full post

Why Will The Insurance Company Deny Valid Claims

Why Will The Insurance Company Deny Valid ClaimsIt is important for motor vehicle drivers to know that insurance companies will want to look out for their best monetary interest as well, and it’s important to realize that insurance companies may deny valid claims or offer low settlement amounts in an effort to save from paying more or at all. If you’ve been in an accident, and you have what you believe is a valid claim, you may still find that you have trouble collecting the settlement you need in order to recover and move on with your life.

At All Injuries Law Firm, we want to make it easier for our clients to understand just what they may be able to expect when collecting a claim from an insurance provider, and how they can fight to receive the settlement they deserve. With the assistance of an attorney, you may be able to negotiate a higher settlement to cover your injuries and missed work, and it can help you to understand the claim process much better as well.

PIP And No Fault

Two... full post

Port Charlotte’s Summer Storms Bring More Accidents Along With All That Rain

Port Charlotte’s Summer Storms Bring More Accidents Along With All That RainThe summer storms hitting the Port Charlotte area have brought quite a few automobile accidents along with all that rain. This is not an uncommon occurrence, and those in the Florida region know that bad weather will often come with treacherous driving conditions. As the summer rolls on, there will be more storms on the way, and it’s important to keep in mind how you can protect yourself from the pain of having to deal with all that comes along with a motor vehicle accident later on.

Florida No Fault Insurance Laws

In the state of Florida, no fault insurance laws are observed, and this means that in cases of minor accidents, a driver’s own insurance policy will cover their medical expenses and missed work wages. With vehicle accidents, there are all types of injuries a person may find themselves suffering from, and even injuries considered minor can mean a great deal when it comes to medical costs.

A broken leg, for example, can cost a person hundreds... full post

Summer Storms In Port Charlotte Bring More Rain... And More Auto Accidents

Emergency vehicle responding to motorcycle crashPort Charlotte gets an average of 52 inches of rain per year. The United States average is 37 inches per year. A large percentage of the rain that Port Charlotte gets occurs during the summer months when you can almost set your clock by the thunder of oncoming afternoon thunderstorms. In June, Port Charlotte gets an average of 8.1 inches of rain. This city gets an average of 7.3 inches of rain in July. In August, Port Charlotte gets 7.9 inches of rain. In September, this city receives an average of 6.5 inches of rain.

While Florida needs these heavy rains to make for dry winters, these storms can greatly increase the risk of an auto accident. It is estimated that 23 percent of the car accidents that occur each year are weather-related. Additionally, Port Charlotte has had a history of hurricanes.

Hurricane Charley, which hit the city in August 2004, resulted in serious damage to the city. Meteorologists predicted that the hurricane would be a Category 2. However, the hurricane turned out to be a Category 4. The storm reached a speed of 145 miles per hour.

Why... full post

Documenting Motorcycle Crash Injuries For Legal Action

Motorcycle Crash Because of the way that the body is built, the most common location of an injury to the occupant of a motor vehicle involved in a collision is the cervical spine (neck).

The second most common location of an injury is the lumbar spine (lower back). The extent of these injuries can range from a minor strain/sprain that takes six weeks to recover from, to a herniated disc with nerve root involvement requiring surgical intervention.

Closed head injuries to the brain (concussion) would be the third most common injury. They have their own unique issues.

Documenting injury
To be compensable, an injury must be documented. Most often, the injury is shown by objective evidence like open wounds and/or a fracture or other orthopedic injury shown in x-ray or other radiographic images. When and how that injury is documented is often critical.

Treatment at the scene
Insurance companies aren't going to believe somebody if injuries are alleged and there is no medical documentation of that injury. Documentation begins at the scene with the medical records of paramedics. Attending paramedics will document each and every sign of injury to the victim of an accident.... full post

How An Attorney Can Help You Recover More Compensation For Your Injuries

Don't forfeit your legal right to compensation if you are injured in an accident that is not your fault.

If, as the result of an accident caused by another, you have incurred serious medical expenses, lost wages due to inability to work, or experienced psychological trauma or pain and suffering, you may be entitled to an award of cash damages.

But be careful, it is easy to compromise your legal right to damages, or even forfeit it entirely, through carelessness and lack of understanding. Promptly consulting with an accident attorney may save your right to compensation—at no cost or risk to you.

Some common mistakes that accident victims make—and which a simple consultation with an accident lawyer will help you avoid—include:

- Thinking an injury is "not serious enough" to be concerned about. Many injuries, such as those to the back, neck and brain, can seem mild at first while posing the risk of long-term complications. The timeline for neck and back injuries is crucial. Under Florida PIP law you must see a doctor within 14 days of your accident. Only certain doctors can certify that you have a medical emergency. An experienced accident lawyer can... full post

Work With An Accident Lawyer Who Understands What You Are Dealing With

A quality lawyer can make all the difference in an accident injury lawsuit. Unlike other more technical fields of law like contract or patent law, personal injury law directly concerns the lives of individuals and the catastrophic events that can redefine them. Choosing an accident lawyer in Port Charlotte must be taken seriously—laws are complicated and you need someone who understands their nuances to represent you in court or at the negotiation table.

Here at All Injuries Law Firm, we know how serious and life-altering accident injuries can be. We put you and your family’s needs first and fight hard in every case. If you choose All Injuries Law Firm, we understand that the decision to press forward with a lawsuit is not an easy one and that the outcome can transform your life. For every case, we spare no effort in our goal of winning a positive outcome, hiring the best accident investigators and experts to help us make our case.

Hiring inexperienced accident attorneys in Port Charlotte can doom your chances of receiving the justice and compensation you deserve. Remember, those liable for your injury—whether they are individuals, insurance companies, or businesses—hire defense attorneys who make their careers out of... full post

Protect Your Rights With An Experienced Injury Attorney

Hiring experienced accident attorneys in Port Charlotte is one of the wisest decisions you can make in the wake of an accident. They can help you obtain justice for the past while safeguarding your future by securing compensation for your injury, current medical bills, estimated future lost wages, future medical bills, and pain and suffering.

The purpose of the American legal system is to protect the rights of all citizens and ensure that the law applies to everyone equally. However, because of the complicated and often technical nature of legal statutes and the legal process, it is much harder to protect your rights and pursue justice without the counsel of an experienced accident lawyer.

If you or a family member has been injured in an accident for which another person or party was at fault, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries, your pain and suffering, and for the disruption it has caused in your life.

Florida accident laws

In the U.S., most accident and personal injury laws are determined at the state level, and that is the case here in Port Charlotte. Accident laws are a part of tort law (where a tort is defined as a wrongdoing for which... full post

Filing Auto Accident Lawsuits In Florida

Filing an accident lawsuit in Florida is not an easy process. It can require a significant investment of both time and money and, if you are to have any success, requires the skill of an experienced personal injury and accident lawyer.

Steps in filing a Florida accident lawsuit

Gather evidence and relevant information – The first thing you should do if you intend to initiate accident litigation in Port Charlotte is to collect as much evidence and information regarding the accident and your injury as possible. Obtain copies of police reports, witness statements, insurance reports, pictures of the scene of the accident, and pictures of the vehicles in the accident (if there were any). Also make sure to write down the addresses and phone numbers of all relevant parties. You want to gather any information regarding your injuries, including: medical records, medical bills, documents indicating past and future lost wages, etc.

Inform the at-fault parties – If you intend to file an accident lawsuit in Port Charlotte, inform the persons or parties you think are responsible that you will be filing a complaint against them.

Write the complaint – The complaint is the official legal document that spells out the details of your accident,... full post