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Workers’ Compensation Articles

5-reasons-your-works-comp-claim-was-denied Bryan Greenberg Mar/04/2020 Bryan Greenberg

5 Reasons Your Works Comp Claim Was Denied

Workers' compensation is a financial mechanism put in place to help out honest workers that are injured on the job. In theory, if you are working responsibly, not neglecting your duty or the quality of your work, and you are injured at work through n...

the-ten-most-dangerous-jobs Brian O Sutter Mar/02/2020 Brian O Sutter

The Ten Most Dangerous Jobs For Worker Injuries

Most Americans will get a job and earn a living, making an honest day’s dollar for an honest day’s work. Unfortunately, some jobs have a higher element of risk than others. While a typical white-collar office job, for example, will introduce a relati...

a-joke-can-cost-you-workers-comp Corbin Sutter Jan/29/2020 Corbin Sutter

A Joke Can Cost You Workers Comp

For Americans fortunate enough to have full-time jobs with health benefits and other perks, workers' compensation is one more bit of financial peace of mind that helps people work with confidence. Workers' compensation is a special form of financial...

steps-to-take-after-a-workplace-injury Brian O Sutter Oct/07/2019 Brian O Sutter

Steps To Take After A Workplace Injury

Even if you’re as careful as possible on the job, workplace injuries do occur. Florida is home to plenty of industries, commercial enterprises, and more and each of them has its own risks – some more serious than others. No matter what your job is,...

did-your-job-cause-a-repetitive-strain-injury Brian O Sutter Jul/31/2019 Brian O Sutter

Did Your Job Cause A Repetitive Strain Injury?

A repetitive strain injury, known also as “RSI,” is an injury you incur as a result of repetitive movement and overuse from performing a physical task. RSI can affect employees in any industry including manufacturing, clerical, and healthcare. In Fl...

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