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what-steps-to-take-after-an-accident Brian O Sutter Jul/06/2015 Brian O Sutter

What Steps To Take After An Accident

Millions of accidents occur in Florida every single year. And while most of them are minor, a large percentage will be fairly major – major enough to require medical attention and potentially even cause the victim to miss time from work or become dis...

understanding-floridas-pip-law-time-restrictions Brian O Sutter Jul/01/2015 Brian O Sutter

Understanding Florida’s PIP Law Time Restrictions

The year 2013 introduced Florida’s new PIP laws, and these are laws that every motorist should be familiar with and concerned about. PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection, and the state of Florida requires each motorist to have at least a $10,000...

why-will-the-insurance-company-deny-valid-claims Brian O Sutter Jun/25/2015 Brian O Sutter

Why Will The Insurance Company Deny Valid Claims

It is important for motor vehicle drivers to know that insurance companies will want to look out for their best monetary interest as well, and it’s important to realize that insurance companies may deny valid claims or offer low settlement amounts in...

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