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Can Pedestrians Be Held Liable In An Auto Accident In Florida?

When a car accident involving a pedestrian happens, people would assume that it is the vehicle’s fault. Well, that is not always the case. In busy areas like Fort Myers, there are many pedestrians that are too energetic to miss a few traffic rules, causing them to land on a nasty accident with vehicles on the highway.

In short, yes, pedestrians can also be held liable in an auto accident and drivers can seek help from trusted professionals like attorneys. The question is, when are pedestrians held liable for an auto accident?

Crossing Where You're Not Supposed To - This is a pretty simple traffic rule that many pedestrians tend to ignore, especially when the empty roads are too tempting to cross. Many Florida highways have designated pedestrian lanes, but people who want to take a shortcut would opt to cross anywhere they find it convenient.

As a result, oncoming vehicles are caught off-guard and won’t have enough time to slow down, stop, and even switch lanes.

Walking On The Road - There is a sidewalk for a reason but some people still walk on the road itself. Some would even walk outside the barrier set to separate the main road from the sidewalk intended for pedestrians, thinking that it would be faster.

Walking and simply being found on a road where you’re not supposed to be is also considered jaywalking and is a violation of the road traffic rules. When an accident happens under these circumstances, the pedestrian can be held liable.

Crossing The Road Under A Red Light - Just like how vehicles follow a traffic light that signals them when to go, slow down, and stop, there are areas where pedestrians also have the same light they can follow. Again, many would ignore these traffic lights and would proceed to cross the street if they think the cars are at a good distance and wouldn’t catch up to them. People also do this when they spot no vehicle in sight.

In addition to this, there are pedestrians who love to beat the red light. Even after seeing that there are only a few seconds left before the light turns red again, people would rush and still try to reach the other end of the road. These miscalculations often lead to road accidents. The safest way for you to cross the street is to follow the road signs and traffic signals.

What Happens If A Pedestrian Is Liable For The Accident?

When proven that the pedestrian violated traffic laws and can be accountable for what happened, the at-fault pedestrian will cover the damages and medical bills of the rider who got injured. This also still applies even when the pedestrian also sustained injuries, whether they're minor wounds or are worse than the vehicle driver’s injuries.

How Can You Prove That The Pedestrian Is Liable?

Accidents like these go through a lot of checking and processing, You can help speed it up by collecting data and trying to remember the details of the surrounding areas much as you can. Look for camera footage, eyewitnesses, and take photos of the scene before the authorities take them away.

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