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Can I Get The Video Of My Car Accident?

Even though you are the victim of the car accident, the burden of proof will fall on you. You’ll have to prove that the other driver was negligent, their negligence caused an accident, and that accident caused your injuries. Proving injury can be done by correlating medical bills with the timeline of the accident. However, proving the other driver was negligent and caused the accident can be a bit more tricky. A police report can help, so can eyewitnesses, but the best proof is a video of the car accident.

Video Evidence Is Indisputable

As the old saying goes, “seeing is believing”. When insurance companies and court officials view a video of your car accident, they can see for themselves your claims are true. Unlike written statements or verbal testimony, the video shows what happened without a doubt. It can prove negligence, the severity of the accident, and the severity of your injuries. It is the most compelling form of evidence and it can really help you win your case.

How Do I Know If My Accident Is On Video?

Nowadays, there are video cameras everywhere. Video cameras are present on highways, at stop lights, and toll plazas. They are also on businesses, on people’s dashes, and even in people’s smartphones. The best way to determine if your video was caught on video is to go to the scene of the accident and see if you can spot a camera. You can look for public video cameras on the Florida 511 website to see if there are any near your Port Charlotte accident. You can also look around to see if any businesses have security cameras that point to the location of your accident. Finally, you can ask any of the witnesses if they happened to get a video of the accident.

How To Obtain Video Footage From Public Cameras

All the public video cameras are monitored by the Florida Department of Transportation. To obtain footage from these cameras, you’ll have to make a request. The instructions on how to make a public records request are on the Florida Department of Transportation (DOT) website. If the nearest camera is on a toll booth, then you’ll need to contact the toll authority to obtain it. You can find who owns the toll road by contacting the Florida DOT. Remember, the Florida DOT is not legally obligated to provide you the records. So they may deny your request.

How To Obtain Video Footage From Private Businesses

If you think that a security camera at a private business captured your car accident, you’ll simply have to ask them if they can provide the video. A friendly request can be your best friend. However, they are also under no legal obligation to provide this footage. Some companies even have policies against providing video footage. So you may be denied.

How Your Attorney Can Help

The best way to get video footage is with the aid of your attorney. Your attorney can issue a subpoena, which creates a legal obligation for the release of video footage. Attorneys are much more likely to obtain video footage. If you’ve been in an accident and haven’t hired an attorney yet, our knowledgeable attorneys at All Injuries Law Firm can help. We specialize in auto accidents and will help you collect all the evidence you need to prove your claim. Call us today for a free consultation at (941)-265-HURT.