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Burn Hazards Pose A Threat To Your Safety

It is not often that you get 2 products recalled for virtually the same reason at just about the same time, but in this rare occurrence, that is exactly what happened. Getting scalded by hot coffee, or another beverage can leave you with minor, or major injuries, depending on the temperature of the product in question. Many of us enjoy a hot cup of Joe every morning in our convenient cups, that are cool to the touch, in our vehicles. If you burn yourself while driving, this could also increase your risks of becoming involved in an accident.

Product Recall 17-157 Issued By Michaels

Sold in Michael’s stores nationwide between March and April of 2017, these ceramic travel mugs of the company’s brand, Celebrate It, have lids that do not fit securely and can result in leakage. How does just a little liquid coming from the lid hurt you? Typically, we drink hot beverages out of these types of cups, so even a small amount, at a high temperature, can cause a burn. It is also notable to mention that these cups do not have a silicone grip either, so one can easily burn their skin on the cup itself.

There are approximately 27,000 of these recalled travel mugs. They have four distinct designs and bright colors. They should have SKU number 508992 and UPC code 886946619458 printed on a label on the bottom of them. Designs and colors include…

  • Motherhood the greatest adventure with a lime-green lid

  • MOM, also with a lime-green lid

  • Blue floral with a turquoise lid

  • Pink floral with a pink lid

Increased burn risks are not acceptable. Due to our reflexes, and sometimes our actions, we all have different reactions to pain. If you burn yourself while multitasking, any number of things could go wrong, resulting in a personal injury. Stop using these travel mugs and contact the company for a refund. If you become burned due to a faulty cup and believe that you are deserved just compensation, we would love to hear from you to discuss actions that you may be able to take.

Pier 1 Issues Recall Number 17-156

Approximately 15,300 Chalk Note Mugs were sold nationwide and online by Pier 1from March 2016 through April 2017. It is recommended that you discontinue use and contact Pier 1 for a refund. When hot beverages such as tea or coffee are poured into the mug, it may crack, increasing your burn risk. No injuries have been reported to Pier 1, as of yet, but they have received 8 incident reports about them cracking. They have “Stoneware” and “Pier 1 Imports” printed on the bottom of them.

This recall can also increase your chances of becoming injured. Ceramics, and other commonly used materials to make these cups are usually extremely sharp after becoming cracked or broken. Either one of these burn-related recalls can lead to more severe injuries. You do not have to take on a manufacturing company’s legal team alone, we are knowledgeable in all areas of the law, and we will do everything in our power to get you the compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Get The Compensation That You Deserve

Manufacturers and organizations accept the responsibilities that come along with producing their product as soon as they start making and distributing it. Your health and livelihood should not be put into jeopardy due to a defective product. We will be more than happy to discuss your case with you, and if given the opportunity, we will attempt to get you the compensation that you deserve.