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Breaking Down The Most Common Construction Accidents In Florida

Construction workers in the North Port area have some of the highest injury claims of any occupation. While it’s true that no professional is exempt from injury, industries like construction deal with the most risk. There is a lot of opportunity for accidents in construction, and due to the nature of the work the injuries suffered are often serious, expensive, and require longer recovery times.

Professionals in the construction industry can go many years and have never suffered an injury. Even with safety measures adhered to strictly, accidents can happen at any time. Regardless of experience, skill, or care, accidents in construction are something workers need to keep in mind all throughout their careers.

The Most Common Construction Accidents

Whether a worker is painting, hanging drywall, cutting wood, installing windows, or performing any construction task, accidents can happen. Some of the most common construction accidents that occur throughout all of the various facets of the industry are:

Falls – Falls are the single most common type of construction accident, making up around 35% of all accident claims. A trip and fall over a piece of wood on the ground may cause a few scrapes, a couple of bruises, and a strain or sprain, but not all accidents are so mild. Falling from a ladder, scaffolding, a roof, or a chimney can have devastating and life-altering consequences.

Machinery mishaps-– A great deal of heavy machinery is used in construction. Training is often provided, and safety protocols are outlined to keep employees safe while operating or working around this machinery. However, accidents do happen and machinery can malfunction. Machinery mishaps can lead to broken bones, lacerations, and life-altering or fatal injuries.

Electrocution – Electrocution is an occupational hazard that is often associated with electricians, but it’s not limited to only them. Any construction work in close proximity to power lines or power sources may put workers at risk for electrocution. These accidents can happen quickly and have fatal results.

Repetitive motion injuries – Repetitive motion injuries can sneak up on construction professionals. Painters, for instance, who use their arms and wrists in the same motions for hours each day can begin suffering strains, sprains, and nerve injuries as this work takes a toll on their body over time. Repetitive motion injuries will often require physical therapy or surgery and may lead to weeks or months away from work.

Ground collapse – Soft soil or compromised flooring can lead to ground collapse accidents in seconds. Not only can these accidents lead to broken bones and traumatic brain injuries, but workers can become trapped after a ground collapse as well.

What To Do Next

For those in the construction industry, taking the time to recover from an accident injury can be financially devastating. Construction jobs are often physically demanding, and workers may not be able to return to work in any capacity until they’ve fully recovered from an injury. In these cases, it’s critical that workers can receive the workers' compensation they deserve to aid them in their recovery.

A skilled and experienced worker’s compensation attorney in North Port can get injured construction workers the compensation they deserve. When claims are denied or when compensation amounts are too low, an attorney can help to negotiate the process so the client receives fair support all throughout their injury recovery.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, whether you’re in construction or another industry, our professionals can help. Contact us at today.

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