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Avoiding Drunk Driving During The Holidays In Florida

We know how exciting the holidays can be! Parties, reunions, and celebrations are everywhere. When happy get-togethers happen, eating and drinking are parts of the enjoyment. However, the holiday season should not be an excuse to be reckless about driving.

Unfortunately, driving while under the influence (DUI) is one of the most common causes of car accidents in places like North Port, and the number of DUI-related accidents increases as the holiday season comes. Staying safe while on the road should always be your priority so here are the things you can do to avoid getting into a drunk driving accident this holiday season.

5 Tips To Avoid DUI Accidents During The Holidays:

Assign A Designated Driver - If you are going to a party and plan on drinking, you should have a designated driver who will be in charge of driving you and your friends back home safely. The assigned driver should not drink and stay sober throughout the celebration.

Call For A Car Service - When no one is available to be your designated driver, the next best thing is to get a car service that can drive you home safely. You do not have to hold yourself back from enjoying the party but you have to be responsible enough not to attempt to drive while intoxicated. You can book a car service in advance or ask someone you trust to book you a ride home if you are unable to drive yourself back.

Avoid Alcoholic Beverages And Snacks - The best way to avoid driving while drunk is to avoid consuming anything alcoholic. It can be hard to tell which drinks and snacks have alcohol mixed with them during parties so be prudent and ask the host what foods are safe to consume.

Do Not Ride With A Drunk Driver - Once you have seen signs of intoxication on the driver, not only should you avoid joining them for a ride but you should also discourage them from getting on the road. DUI drivers are a danger not only to themselves but also to everyone else. Even if you are not drunk, you cannot guide and help an intoxicated driver control their actions while driving, much less keep them focused and conscious.

Be Extra Careful Of Other Drivers - While you are able to keep yourself sober enough to drive, it may not be the same for other drivers. There are signs that you can look out for when passing by other cars, and it is easy to tell if someone is out of control. Maintain distance with other vehicles while driving and increase your visibility if you are out driving at night.

DUI needs to be taken seriously. Not only is it one of the number one causes of car accidents in Florida, but it has also claimed many lives. Drunk driving is prohibited under Florida law and violating it can get you fined, suspended, or jailed. If you ever find yourself involved in a DUI-related accident, do not hesitate to reach out to a reliable auto accident lawyer.

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