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Are You Being Conned? Social Security Scams To Watch Out For

Millions of Americans receive Social Security benefits. These helped them get through challenging times. 

However, there are those who take advantage of the vulnerability of some people. Scams have been showing up using the name of the social security disability insurance (SSDI) program. 

With the different communication channels available, scam artists have become more creative in finding victims. Here are some of the social security scams you should watch out for:

Mailed Letters

Receiving mailed letters can be exciting. It has that added mystery in figuring out who sent it and what it contains. 

Opening a letter from the Social Security Administration (SSA) offering additional funds doubles the excitement. After all, it is an opportunity to receive more money. That is what one of the prevalent schemes aims for. Scam artists send these letters directly to make it seem like the offer is specifically for the recipient. Then, they will ask for additional personal information from their victim. In some cases, the scammer may even try to convince the recipient to pay a small amount of money through cash, wire transfers, or even retail gift cards to ensure that their benefits remain.

Emails and Phishing

The Internet offers convenience. It allows us to communicate with other people in real-time even if they are on the other side of the world. However, that means scammers also found a new channel to commit their crimes.

You may have heard of phishing emails. These are emails that seem to be from a legitimate source. In this case, the scammers pretend to be the SSA. Attachments are often included and these resemble real SSA correspondence. In some cases, the sender may ask the recipient to visit a webpage that looks like the real deal. Here, they will ask for personal information. 


Phone calls are among the most common means of scamming people. In relation to SSDI, the caller pretends to be a representative of the SSA. Their goal is to obtain personal information, such as the Social Security number, from their victim. They may even pretend that the call is being made because the victim is suspected of doing illegal activities that may result in arrest or other legal repercussions. The scammers typically use an aggressive tone to pressure the receiver of the call.

Another type of phone call scam is when they try to sell certain services or require payment to activate some services. For instance, the caller may sell a new Social Security card or offer a new program.

Text Messages

Scammers also use text messages for fraudulent activities. Again, they pretend to be the SSA. They usually send fake texts stating that there is a problem with the recipient’s Social Security number. They will ask the victim to return a call to prevent legal issues. 

With this threat, many individuals get scared and end up calling the number. Once they connect the call, the fraudsters will try to get personal and financial information. Some also ask for money to resolve the problem. 

Reporting a Scam

Scammers use the vulnerability and needs of people by using the name of a beneficial program to commit a crime. If you think you received a mailed letter, email, call, or text message from a scammer, report it to the SSA and the Federal Trade Commission.

More About SSDI

As stated earlier, SSDI is a beneficial program that aims to help Americans who have a qualifying condition. However, it requires one to go through a process.

Some people get denied benefits under the SSDI. While there are those who are really not qualified, some individuals get denied because they do not know how to properly accomplish each step. That is where a social security disability lawyer comes in. 

Even if your application has been denied, you can still have a chance of approval. You can file an appeal. If you work with a lawyer, your chances of succeeding increase as they are more knowledgeable of the process.

For residents of Port Charlotte, North Port, Punta Gorda, Englewood, Fort Myers, and Venice, All Injuries Law Firm is available to help with your SSDI application.

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