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All Parents Should Be Informed Regarding This Product Recall

Any product recall that pertains to a child’s health and well-being should never be taken lightly. Manufacturers often recall products before an actual occurrence happens, but sometimes, one can slip through the cracks. The product in question could pose a choking risk to your little one. The potentially affected toys are manufactured by the Douglas company and include…

  • Oliver the Bear

  • Chewie the English Bulldog

  • Charlotte the Fox

These are soft and cuddly stuffed animals that kids enjoy keeping close to them. However, it has been brought to the company’s attention that the eyes may detach or loosen from the toys. Cuddling, and playing with them, could pose an increased choking risk to your child. Personal injuries can be sustained and that is never acceptable when our children are involved.

Distributed By A Foundation And Sold To Consumers

There are approximately 25,000 of these items in circulation, so it is very important to be on the look out for them in your household. They were sold nationwide at stores, but they were also distributed to various individuals and organizations by the UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation (UHCCF). Check your child’s stuffed animals to keep them free from harm and safe.

Descriptions Of These 3 Products

All 3 of the above-mentioned toys have a sewn-in label with the words “DOUGLAS® the cuddle toy” on them. The English Bulldog is brown and white with a blue patch sewn to the front of it that reads “Chewie”. Charlotte the Fox has a removable cape and is brown, black, and white. Oliver also has a removable cape that is red. It is a stuffed brown and tan bear in a blue shirt. “Oliver the Bear” can be read on the front of the shirt.

The Remedy For This Product Recall

There have not been any injuries reported to the company at this time. However, in an attempt to keep consumers safe from harm, the company issued this recall on May 17, 2017. Consumers should contact the Douglas customer service department if they have one of these affected products for a full refund or replacement product. The company’s number for this recall is 17-155, and it should be referenced to upon calling.

Keep Your Child Safe

With toddlers and young children, things often head straight for their mouths. If one of these eyes becomes swallowed, it can pose a significant risk to them and your family. An injury to a child can have a devastating impact on one’s family as a whole. Manufacturers must be held accountable when their products malfunction or are defective. You should not have to pay expensive medical bills if you or your child becomes injured by one of these types of products. Proving that the injury occurred due to the product can be a daunting task when you attempt to do it alone. Manufacturers and organizations often have lawyers standing by, ready to take on such claims. Put a proven and winning commodity in your corner, and allow us the opportunity to represent you.