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Fire-Risk Break System Recall From Suzuki Adds To Driver Hazards

There are lots and lots of scary things that can happen to a person while they are in a vehicle out on the open road. For instance, an individual can get a flat on a desolate, dark highway in the middle of the night. While this may not seem too frightening, it puts the car, its driver, and the passengers in harm's way. After all, it is anybody's guess when another car might come barreling down the street at an alarming rate of speed. It could easily slam into the disabled auto. 

Then again, a person could be driving along a busy highway only to have a blowout send them careening out of control. The sudden jolt could force them into another lane of traffic causing them to sideswipe a car. If the driver isn't careful and attempts to over-correct the steering wheel, the vehicle can just as quickly strike a pedestrian. The possibilities are endless as to what unpleasant things can happen while operating one of these machines. 

Should You Hire An Attorney?

If another person is at fault, it is in the victim's best interest to employ a lawyer to seek compensation for their injuries. Why hire a legal team? For one, they will fight tooth and nail for the monetary sum that you deserve. Proving who is liable for auto accidents is not a simple chore. Our team collects police reports, gets insurance statements, obtains driving records, and much more. All of these things are done to build the strongest case possible for you. Without this assistance, the plaintiff may find themselves getting taken advantage of and on the hot seat as the defendant’s lawyer will continually try to turn things around. 

They will attempt to shift blame and make the victim look like the guilty party. The Florida legal system is complex and not simple to digest either. Therefore, people can get lost in the jargon. When manufacturers and organizations are included in the case, the entire ordeal seems to become that much worst. 

They don't want to pay out a substantial sum, and their chosen firm will stop at nothing to prevent them from doing so. Our attorneys have had great success in helping southwest Florida residents for years. They will be more than happy to do the same for you. So, contact us for a free case review if you live in one of these service areas...

• Venice, Punta Gorda, Fort Myers
• Port Charlotte, North Port, Sarasota
• Englewood And Arcadia

Another Day, Another Recall

A new recall seems to be popping up daily in the modern world. Whether it has to do with airbags, brakes, or something else, these malfunctioning pieces put people's health and well-being in jeopardy. Suzuki Motor of North America, Inc., was notified of a problem with approximately 21,052 affected units. Unfortunately, the company is still working on a resolution, so in other words, there is no remedy as of yet. Certain 2010-2013 Suzuki Kizashi vehicles have vent lines that may develop cracks.

These channels allow fresh air to get inside the carbon canister. However, when the blemishes develop, dust and debris can collect in the tube, which restricts the air flow. Negative pressure builds up, and cracks can form on the gas tank itself. Fuel can then leak because of the splits. This action increases the risk of a fire breaking out or an explosion occurring. Due to there not being a remedy, there is no set recall schedule, but interested owners should feel free to call the Suzuki customer service department at 1-800-934-0934 to acquire more information on the situation.