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A Closer Look At Boating Accident Liability Cases

Being injured in an accident can have a tremendous impact on your life, and not in a positive way. The simple fact is that when you are hurt, it can not only have a physical influence and a mental one, but a financial one as well. But when most people think of accidents, they think of automobile accidents or even slip and fall type accidents. However, in Florida the warm weather means that boating accidents are highly common as well.

Boating accidents are similar to auto accidents in terms of the types of injuries that can occur and the type of liability law that applies to them. For example:

  • DWI laws are identical, and a blood alcohol content level of .08 is considered driving while under the influence.

  • Accidents can lead to death, dismemberment, Traumatic Brain Injuries, and more.

  • When an accident occurs, the person who acted in a negligent or reckless manner will be held responsible.

  • Fault is determined based on the willful and reckless actions of a party. Speeding, driving recklessly, and driving under the influence are a few examples of this.

When you’re involved in an accident involving a boat, you’ll still want to take the same kind of steps that you would take in an auto accident. These include:

  • Get Medical Care If Needed – Obviously, you need to seek out medical care as soon as you can. Even if you feel just a little bit sore, you’ll want to get yourself looked at since you have only a limited window of time for seeking care and having it associated with your accident.

  • Contact Authorities – Letting the authorities fill out accident reports is the first step towards making sure that everything is documented and in the system as it should be. You should contact authorities as soon as an accident occurs and everyone involved is safe.

  • Never Admit Fault – Don’t make the mistake of admitting that you were at fault in any way – even if you think you might have been. This is especially true when you know that the other pilot was to blame, and it’s important that you don’t make the mistake of admitting any kind of fault.

  • Exchange all Information – Be sure to trade names, addresses, and insurance information associated with the boating accident. This is a legal issue that lets you get in contact with whomever you need to following an accident.

Also be sure that you contact an experienced accident attorney. No matter the specifics of the boating accident, you’ll want to contact a professional and let them review all of the information associated with what occurred. They can help identify the basic of what your options are, tell you which steps you can take, and explain what likely outcomes are.

Having an experienced accident attorney on your side creates numerous benefits including faster results from your efforts, a better understanding of your rights, and more. And of course, it also helps you identify whether or not you even have the right to seek compensation in the first place. Simply put, they’re the one ally that you can’t afford not to contact.

Our team has decades of experience helping those involved in any kind of accident get the compensation that they are owed. If you’ve been injured in a boating accident, don’t hesitate to contact our team to learn more about what your options are and how you may be able to get compensation for your injuries.