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5 Of The Strangest Laws In Florida That You May Have Never Heard Of

Laws are in place for a reason. They keep us safe and give us guidelines about what is acceptable in society. However, some Florida laws will leave you scratching your head. They are so strange that it makes you wonder how they ever became laws in the first place. It is very important to remember that no matter how ridiculous they may seem, they are still enforceable laws and should be followed.

5 Strange Florida Laws

  1. If you are an unmarried skydiving enthusiast, who happens to be a female, do not attempt to skydive on a Sunday. This seems to take marriage and sacred vows to a whole new level. Unmarried women that are caught committing this weird crime can face jail time and/or fines. There is no need to run out and get married, simply remain aware of the law, and if you do not agree with it, contact your state representatives to voice your opinion.

  2. If you have ever considered having sexual relations with a porcupine, you may want to rethink that idea. It is against the law, not to mention frowned upon by everyday citizens, but one can only imagine that an attempt would lead to extensive personal injuries being sustained. These animals have sharp quills, or spines, that can become projectiles if they feel provoked. This is their natural defense against predators, and avoiding them all together could be your safest bet unless it is behind the glass at the zoo.

  3. Do not expect to park your elephant at the parking meter and avoid paying the fee. You must feed the meter, even if you are only going to be in the store for a minute. It appears that if your elephant is taking up the space, you are responsible for the fee, or face the possibility of being fined or ticketed. Make sure you have some money in your pocket the next time you decide to take your pet elephant for a stroll.

  4. It is against the law for an individual to not warn another of a fire or to help put out the fire if it is suspected that another life is in danger. Was this such a problem that a law had to be put on the books? Helping another person in need, especially when the situation is life threatening, is a part of being human. Ladies and gentlemen, help your fellow man.

  5. Pregnant pigs shall not be confined to a cage. They must be allowed to graze and roam free. This law has the best interest of the pig and piglets in mind. Hunters that hog hunt with live traps will want to pay extra attention to this one. Accidentally capturing a pregnant sow could result in fines.

Always Obey The Laws

Although some of the laws that remain on the books in Florida are outdated and need to be revised, they still need to be obeyed at all times to avoid jail time or having to pay fines. Like stated above, if you do not agree with a law, submit a written letter to your senator and find legal channels to have it changed.