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5 Documents To Bring With You To Meet With Your Car Accident Attorney

Your first meeting with your Southwest Florida car accident attorney will be an important one. You’ll be able to get a feel of how they’re going to handle your auto accident claims case, and you’ll be able to provide them with all the necessary information to give your case the respect it deserves. If you’ve never been in an auto accident in Florida before you may not know what to bring with you to ensure your attorney has everything they need to represent your case and fight for your settlement. The 5 documents you should bring with you to meet with your car accident attorney are:

The copy of your insurance policy – Your insurance policy will mean a great deal in your car accident settlement case. Having a physical hard copy of your policy will help to break down what damages you’re entitled to, how your insurance should handle your claim, and what damages you may not be able to claim after your accident has occurred.

The police report – Your accident should have a corresponding police report if damages were over $500 and this is an important document to keep with the rest of your accident evidence. The police report will be written by a trustworthy third party uninvolved in the accident, and in it will be an unbiased and factual account of the accident, the damages reported, any injuries, and the conditions when the accident occurred. Essentially, your police report will set the scene for your accident case.

Medical records – While this is more than one document, it should be kept together and treated as a “package”. Your diagnostics, your medical bills, any notes or recommendations from doctors, and your suggestions for ongoing care are all contained within your medical records. This will act as the foundation for your medical damages and will prove your injuries, your costs, and how your recovery is expected to go going forward.

Accident related photographs – Any photographs that you or others took at the accident scene should also be brought to your Florida auto accident attorney. This not only includes photos of your vehicle and injuries, but photos of the road conditions, any other cars involved in the accident, and any skid marks that may have been left on the roadway as well.

Pay stubs and work records – Your medical costs aren’t your only damages, and you may also claim your lost work wages as part of your accident-related damages as well. Your pay stubs and work records will show what you would’ve been paid had you been able to work and how much you’re likely to lose as you continue your recovery. Without hard copy proof of your lost work wages, this may not hold up in your claim and you may lose out on much needed funds during a difficult time.

Have Skill And Experience On Your Side

While these aren’t the only documents you may need to back up your car accident case, they are some of the most important. Having a skilled and experienced Southwest Florida auto accident attorney by your side will ensure you collect all of the right evidence to support your unique auto accident case. To learn more about how you can work with your attorney to build a strong case after an auto accident, contact us at today to speak with one of our professionals.

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