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4 Things To Do When Your Child Gets Attacked By A Dog

Allowing our children to play outside and explore their surroundings is crucial for them to have a healthy and active childhood. While we try our best to ensure their safety, running into certain hazards such as aggressive animals, specifically dogs, is unavoidable. If your child gets attacked by a dog, it’s important to be calm and alert and to know the necessary steps you need to take next. In this article, we’ll list down the first four things you should do when your child is hurt or injured because of a dog.

Act Quickly And Call 911

The moment your child is secure and away from the dog, check if they’re alright and if you need to rush them to the emergency room. Once you’ve calmed the child down, get emergency help ASAP by calling 911. Your home first aid kit is not enough. Do not try to downplay the situation because you might end up putting your child at risk of infection or something much worse.

Talk To The Dog’s Owner

While you wait for help to arrive, take pictures of your child’s injury and the dog. Do not punish the dog in any way as their owners are the ones who need to be held accountable for their pet’s actions. If there is no dog owner present, call animal control and explain the situation. No matter how distressed you are, do not ask for the dog to be put down as that is not your decision to make.

If the dog’s owner is present, take the time to calmly discuss the situation with them to avoid any friction when explaining the incident to emergency respondents. Did the dog attack the child? Was the dog provoked? Once these details have been hashed out, exchange contact details with the dog’s owner—you’re going to need that information.

Take Your Child To The Doctor

The emergency respondents can assist you in taking your child to the nearest hospital to get their injuries checked out. However, if they do not, it’s imperative that you take your child to see a doctor as soon as possible. Make sure to bring with you all the records from the paramedics who assisted you in the scene and present them to your child’s pediatrician. Collect the same records from the doctor as this information is important for you to be able to create an accurate police report later on.

Apart from your child’s physical injuries, watch out for signs of post-traumatic stress such as the following:

● Shaking
● Mood Swings
● Depression
● Aggressiveness
● Anxiety
● Restlessness

If your child displays any of these symptoms or has any adverse changes in behavior, see a doctor again to check if they need any stress-related treatment. Make sure this is properly documented as well.

Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

Do not try to resolve the situation on your own, and absolutely do not agree on a low settlement just to get it over with. As soon as you’re able to, seek the help of a personal injury lawyer. A reliable personal injury lawyer will help you file a police report, protect your evidence, and see that you are properly compensated for all the treatments needed for your child to recover from the incident.

You and your child should not have to financially or emotionally suffer for the situation, and an excellent personal injury lawyer can make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Treatments for injuries due to a dog attack can be quite costly and may not be fairly compensated by your insurance carrier. Having a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer on your side is the key to making the claims process as smooth as possible. All Injuries Law Firm has lawyers who specialize in all areas of personal injury, including dog bite injuries. Contact All Injuries Law Firm today to learn more.