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4 Reasons Florida's Arrive Alive Campaign Will Help You

Just earlier this year the Florida Highway Patrol launched a campaign called Arrive Alive, a program to help reduce highway fatalities in the state. Stemming from data regarding the increasing number of motor way fatalities in the state, the initiative combines the powers and influences of state law enforcement, multiple highway safety departments and engineering groups, together they have created the initiative for keeping Florida drivers safe and therefore our jobs as injury lawyers a little less easier. The collaboration of the various entities involved in the program make its ability to benefit the people ten-fold for many reasons.

1. Law Enforcement Presence

Although it is typically not seen in a good light to need to speak or deal with law enforcement, at the base of the industry they are there to protect and serve. Within the Arrive Alive Campaign the law enforcement plays a specific role in making this program beneficial for Florida drivers. The initiative calls for a higher law enforcement presence on open highways and areas that frequently see fatalities. It may seem like law enforcement is just there to get you in trouble but we think you rather get a slap on the wrist for making a mistake than end up dead for not having someone to check your balance.

2. Data-Driven Initiative

You may think that numbers aren't ever going to save your life but this may just be the case. With the new campaign, Florida has used the mathematical and scientific methods at its hands to pinpoint some of the biggest issues leading to the increased fatality rates in 2016. Geography, increasing population and popular tourist destinations seem to be the majority of the problem. More drivers equal higher potential for accidents. Luckily, the initiative uses the data to specify the dangerous area and behaviors as well as the most effective way to change them.

3. Media Coverage

Why not use the media for its good powers all the time? Well the state of Florida jumpe right on that concept with this initiative. The media has also become a partner of the campaign in an effort to push the new changes and idea out to the public. It's the most effective way to reach the most people who need to know about the changes and most dangerous zones in your area. If we don't know we can't take the stepst o participate and protect ourselves. The media is always going to be around, so we might as well have them on our side.

4. Results

The vast collaboration across the state Is a great sign that the government departments of Florida do truly care about the well-being of it's residents. They saw a dangerous trend and put forth a combined effort to make a difference. With frequent talk about the Zero Deaths Initiative, I think we were all questioning the interim steps to getting to zero. Although it is a noble thought, we think most of us often are looking for an answer to the questions "how are you going to do that?" The Arrive Alive Campaign gives more credibility and laid out structure for how we are going to get that fatality rate down and protect the people of the state.

As Floridians, we should be proud that a state government saw an issue, looked at it from an intelligent angle and received support for so many different departments it was able to create such a substantial initiative like the Arrive Alive Campaign.