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4 Important Things To Know About Medical Marijuana In Florida

Some of us Floridians felt a sigh of relief in November when medical marijuana passed in our state. Others may not feel as comfortable with the new law. As marijuana has become a more widely accepted and at least acknowledged practice across the country, in both recreational and medical forms, this means legislature is having to change its shape and therefore we as citizens should be aware of those changes. Marijuana laws in Florida remain strict regarding the recreational use, so don't get to confused about what you are able to do without the chance of repercussion. There are some simple yet important things to know about medical marijuana in Florida and how it affects you.

You Will Need A Doctor's Approval For Marijuana

You would think that would be implied in term medical but some people are still confused by this. You must make a specific appointment with a physician and after being evaluated they have to feel strongly enough that marijuana would help whatever your condition may be to approve it. Then you must get your 'green card' or medical marijuana card that you can carry with you and go to dispensaries with. This is the only way they will let you into the dispensary and if authorities question your right to have the marijuana you will need to provide the card so carrying it with you is the smartest.

The State Can Legislate The Variety Of Marijuana Available

This will get tricky and Florida is sifting through this process now. I am sure when you voted in November you were under the impression that the medical marijuana available would be similar to that of other states with these laws. Little did we know some of the lawmakers in our state would like to regulate what kinds of products are legal to sell. There can be edibles, smoked flowers, oils/tinctures and pills that are all available in other states for medical purposes. However, in the early moves shaping Florida's marijuana legislation there has been talk of not allowing edibles or dry flowers to be purchased. This has some patients worried about how they will be able to treat conditions effectively.

Marijuana Legislation In Florida May Take Some Time

It was supposed to be legal on January 3rd , 2017 and it is but it is just not accessible and the state senate is not seeming to be moving very fast on the topic. It seems to be a complicated matter for them and they have set the actual beginning of the law making to start on March 7th. So, unfortunately, it could be a little while before we see the full benefits of the vote.

Know Your Legal Rights With Marijuana

Clarification on some of the legal rights surrounding patients, doctors and dispensaries are still a little fuzzy. Doctors are asking if they are allowed to make the prescriptions yet as quite a lot of doctors have already taken the training to be able to prescribe to their patients. There are zoning laws that will affect how many dispensaries can be in one area and those might change. Also, when you get your card you must also make sure you are entered in the compassionate care registry as if you are not and you buy marijuana the dispensary can get in trouble and therefore may not sell to you if you are not in the registry.

Finally, keep in mind that if you are caught with marijuana or drug paraphernalia without the proper documentation it is still a punishable offense and depending on the amount in possession can range from misdemeanor to felony and can result in years in prison.