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What You Need To Know About Florida Semi-Truck Accidents

What You Need To Know About Florida Semi-Truck AccidentsWhen an accident occurs with a semi-truck they usually cause more severe injuries than with a car. As a result, in the state of Florida, semi-truck drivers have to obey more stringent requirements to reduce the likelihood of catastrophic accidents. These requirements also make it easier for truck accident victims to receive the compensation they deserve if the truck driver fails to be in compliance with the rules and regulations.

Insurance Requirements For Semi-Truck Drivers

The State of Florida requires all drivers to carry at least $10,000 in liability. For semi-truck drivers, Florida requires them to carry $50,000 minimum up to $750,000 depending on vehicle weight. Those truckers who transport hazardous materials must carry at least $5 million in personal injury and property damage. In addition to insurance, there are some other factors that need to also be taken into consideration:

● Logo Liability: When a semi hits a passenger vehicle, under logo liability there is the possibility that the logo holder on the semi-truck can be held liable for any damages incurred.
● Crash Factors: Over half of semi accidents are not caused by driver error. Often it is the semi’s components, load weight and balancing, issues with the semi’s systems and road conditions also come into play.
● Semi Crashes Are Costly: On average a crash involving a semi can cost over $60,000. If fatalities occur the actual cost can be over $3 million.

In semi crashes like these, the victims of the crash should strongly consider hiring an attorney and take action to recover damages that result from the crash.

If You Are Hit By A semi-truck Your Injuries Can Be Severe

A semi crash can cause many types of injuries. Since the vehicles are so much larger, the injuries that occur are often far more severe. Some injuries that are common in semi-truck accidents include:

● Head Injuries: This can range from a mild bump to a traumatic brain injury that can permanently change your life.
● Neck Injuries: Very common in all auto accidents but can cause long term pain and discomfort in semi-truck accidents.
● Back Injuries: Any damage to your back or spinal cord has the potential for long term health issues, even if they don’t appear right away. The most common back injuries are herniated disks. These can result in muscle weakness, arm and neck pain and numbness, and can limit your mobility.
● Chest Injuries: The force that occurs when a semi-truck hits you causes a lot of force that can result in a chest injury depending on where you are hit.
● Broken Bones: Any bone is vulnerable to being broken in a semi accident and you many not even be aware of it being broken thinking it is just bruised.
● Emotional Distress: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is very common in semi-truck accidents. It causes all forms of mental stress from insomnia to depression to an inability to enjoy life.

In most cases with a semi-truck crash you will probably be transported to the nearest hospital emergency room for evaluation. Even if you feel you are not injured, get a full medical exam to rule out any internal injuries of damages. This will help not only protect your health, but make sure that you have evidence to get fair compensation for your injuries.

The experienced attorneys at All Injuries Law Firm specialize in Florida semi-truck accidents and are here to help. We can navigate you through the different levels of compensation and determine everyone who is liable. We will work to get you the compensation you deserve resulting from such a traumatic life event.