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What To Do If You Are An Injured Passenger In An Accident

What To Do If You Are An Injured Passenger In An AccidentBeing an injured passenger can be frustrating and leave you feeling helpless since you were completely innocent in the accident. After an accident, you can be facing injuries, lost wages, and unexpected expenses. If you are injured in an accident as a passenger, you have the right to receive compensation to help with these costs. To get started, there are some steps you need to take following the accident.

Steps To Take As An Injured Passenger

If you are a passenger in a motor vehicle accident, you need to do the following:

● Seek medical attention within 72 hours
● Write down all the details of the accident while you still remember them
● Obtain a copy of the police report
● Get the contact and insurance information from all drivers involved
● Get the contact information of any witnesses
● Do not discuss accident details or injuries with other drivers
● Do not give a recorded statement to another person’s insurance company before speaking with a lawyer
● Do not post anything on social media about your accident, injuries or potential case
Contact a personal injury attorney

From there, your attorney will take over and help you pursue a claim against the insurance companies.

Filing An Injured Passenger Claim In Florida

When you file a claim as a passenger on the at-fault driver's insurance company it is called a third party car insurance claim. You can also file a passenger injury claim on the other driver’s insurance company and let them decide who is responsible for your claim. As Florida is a no-fault state you also have the option of pursuing the personal injury protection on your own insurance. The most important thing to remember is if you are injured, do not admit fault, do not sign any insurance forms or documents before you have sought advice from a personal injury attorney and let them handle filing the claim and talking to the insurance company.

Don’t Feel Guilty About Filing A Claim Against A Friend Or Relative

Even if you have been seriously hurt, facing huge medical bills, unable to work the last thing you want to do is sue a family member or friend. There is no need to feel guilty as you probably never have to do that. Even if you file a claim against your relative or friend it is their insurance company who will be paying. You are also not responsible for their increased premiums as they will probably go up anyway.

How An Attorney Can Help You

If you are related to the driver of the car you are riding in, you cannot seek coverage under their bodily injury liability. The reason is because you are an insured person under that policy and you cannot file a liability claim under your own liability policy. Are you confused yet? This is why obtaining a personal injury attorney who is well versed in dealing with insurance companies is vital.

The attorneys at All Injuries Law Firm will gladly help you navigate the ins and outs of filing a claim as an injured passenger. Our experienced team has a reputation for obtaining the maximum amount from insurance companies for our clients. We’ve been protecting victims in Florida for over 30 years and will help you understand the process. Give us a call at 1-941-625-HURT to learn more. We offer a free case evaluation and can go over the process so you understand your rights.