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Let A Lawyer Help You Obtain Compensation After A Dog Bite

 Let A Lawyer Help You Obtain Compensation After A Dog BiteDog bites and animal attacks are dangerous issues. They leave people with physical wounds and often cause them to fear pets for the rest of their lives. In Jacksonville recently, a 6-year old girl had to be hospitalized after sustaining severe, life-threatening injuries from a dog attack. The child was unresponsive and transported to a nearby hospital. Unfortunately, after two days the little one passed away.

Some breeds are more vicious than others, and the canine, in this case, appeared to be a pit bull mix. The family did not even own the dog. They were doing a favor and watching the pooch for a friend while they went away on vacation. It is fitting to increase awareness about dog bites because it is summertime. The kiddos are out of school, and they regularly have companions over for play dates, sleepovers, or video game sessions. A routine visit can turn into a catastrophe in a hurry.

When people think about dog bites, they probably imagine a tiny nip or a small scratch from a claw. However, events like the one mentioned above show that the threats more significant than that, and they can even be fatal. Research by the CDC revealed that an estimated 4.7-million non-fatal dog bites happened in the United States in 1994. About 799,700 people from those inflictions required medical attention, and approximately 6,000 folks became hospitalized.Injuries will vary from person to person, but some typical damages from dog bites include...

• Puncture Wounds
• Infections
• Lacerations That Damage Muscles Or Ligaments
• Scars
• Mental Disorders Such As PTSD

Dog owners are almost always held liable for their pet's actions in Florida. Regardless of how friendly your canine is, if people are coming over to visit, put them away in a kennel or another safe location. This action will protect guests and the pooch. After all, pets often become extended members of the family, and it is important to safeguard them from such events too. In many cases, they will be getting in trouble just for doing what they believe to be is right, which is protecting their family members.

It is also a good idea to post "Beware of Dog" signs in clear, easy to see locations. While this may not always protect owners from lawsuits, it will at least notify guests of the potential danger. Florida is a statutory strict liability state, which means dog bite victims can recover financial compensation for their damages. If it can be proven that the visitor behaved negligently and contributed to the incident, the amount of liability that the owner is responsible for may be reduced.

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