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Know About This Automotive Child Seat Issue To Keep Your Kiddo Safe

Know About This Automotive Child Seat Issue To Keep Your Kiddo SafeParents go above and beyond to keep their children safely out of harm's way. They purchase high-quality car seats, strollers, and even pay close attention to the types of toys that they buy. People also look for the safest vehicles. After all, potential dangers are lurking around every corner, especially when a person is operating a motor vehicle. Driver negligence, obstacles in the street, and road construction are common culprits behind car crashes. Lucky folks walk away from auto accidents without a scratch, but other people sustain injuries. Damages often include...

• Loss Of Limbs
• Spinal Injuries
• Death
• Fractures Or Broken Bones
• Burns, Lacerations, And Bruises

These matters are horrible enough for adults, but when a little one is added to the equation, they can become that more catastrophic. Tensions are already high after a wreck, but when a kid is involved, parents can lose their cool. Avoid making the situation worse by attempting to stay calm. Of course, this feat is easier said than done, but people must try because the last thing anyone needs after an accident is a road rage incident.

People do not have to hire a lawyer to obtain compensation for their injuries. However, the action usually proves to be beneficial. For one, the Florida legal system is complicated. The terminology, jargon, and procedures can cause plaintiffs to become confused in a hurry. Plus, insurance companies like to give a person the runaround. These insurers are all about paying out the smallest amount possible, and they ordinarily don't have your best interests at heart. They twist and distort the facts while even attempting to shift the blame.

Don't get taken advantage of, particularly when the only thing a victim should be worried about is recovering. Our firm has represented many clients in southwest Florida over the years with great success. Stay sharp behind the wheel because we would rather see you safe than in need of our service, but should an accident occur, just know that top-notch, reputable legal help is only a phone call away.


Even High-End Model Cars Get Recalled


On August 3, 2018, Mercedez-Benz USA, LLC, is expected to begin recalling specific 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLA250 and GLA250 4Matic vehicles. The company is supposed to contact owners directly, but people should feel free to contact the customer service department at 1-800-367-6372 for more information. There are a potential 399 affected units, which may be missing the top tether child seat anchor in the center of the rear seat. The missing component puts the vehicles in violation of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard number 225.

Due to the absent anchor, a child seat cannot become fastened down correctly. Thus, if a crash occurs, the little one's chances of sustaining injuries increases. News outlets have recently reported that more and more millennials are ignoring recalls and not getting the problems addressed. However, parents should make it a point not to neglect this issue because there is too much at stake. Dealers will replace the rear seat backrest free of charge, so get the vehicle repaired to ensure the safety and well-being of your child.