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Do You Need Help With Social Security?

Do You need Help With Social Security?The United States is a nation that has been built on trying to be as fair to everyone as possible. This is a country that makes a straight up “deal” with its citizens, where the work you put in, the persistence you hold to the pursuit of a dream, and the rewards you claim at the end are all possible with enough effort. But this is also a nation that recognizes that sometimes unfair things will happen to people through no fault of their own. In many cases, we have measures in place to help people to overcome these hardships that they encounter.

One of the ways the US government does this is through something called social security. It’s set up by the government with the best of intentions, but, as with anything in life, sometimes practice and theory don’t line up. You may feel you deserve the assistance of social security, and you may very well be right. But the people that decide these things may not agree. How does this happen? What can you do about it? Let’s take a look at the basics surrounding this issue.

Helping Those That Need It

The idea behind social security is a sound one; this is money that is distributed by the government to those that require the financial assistance. It is intended for people for whom normal means of making an income are impossible, such as the elderly, or those who are disabled. There are different ways to qualify for social security, and even different types of social security. For example social security disability is aimed specifically at people with disabilities that make it impossible for them to seek traditional, gainful employment.

On the other end of the spectrum is social security income, which is a bit broader, and has other qualifying factors to consider such as age, or having children with disabilities that requires some extra financial help. In both cases, however, the ultimate goal is the same; to give financial help to those that need it.

In many instances, this is a pretty straightforward procedure. A person who qualifies for SSDI or SSI puts in an application for it. After that application has been reviewed, it is approved, and the applicant starts receiving financial assistance. If the person applying doesn’t meet the requirements—or even fails to apply properly—then the application is rejected.

But there is a third, more complex scenario where a person may qualify for social security, but, for a multiplicity of different reasons, does not get approved. For some, this may be the end of the story, and some other form of financial help will have to be found. For others, there’s still hope, as long there’s access to an experienced social security lawyer.

A Complicated Process

It’s important to remember that just because you may apply for social security and be refused, that doesn’t mean that this is the end of the story. There are many legal practices out there—including ours—that have experienced professionals specializing in social security disability cases. We know that it’s not an easy thing to seek out financial assistance, especially once you’ve been injured. And we know that it’s often even more demoralizing when that application is refused.

But, just because your application was initially refused, this doesn’t mean that you are wrong and you are not entitled to this financial assistance. It is possible, even after a refusal, to have that decision overturned and get the social security disability assistance that you were originally trying to apply for.

For example, one reason that a denial may be issued, even if you know you qualify, is that when you made your application, you didn’t present enough medical evidence and detail to the satisfaction of the decision makers reviewing your case. Unfortunately, there are some unethical Americans who try to get a “free ride” from SSD by applying for assistance when they don’t really need it. Instances like this have forced case reviewers to be much more stringent and demanding in the requirements and qualifications required before they will approve someone for social security disability.

We Know What To Do

Financial assistance like social security disability is becoming increasingly uncertain in our modern times. It seems like there’s always a new change at the federal or state level that brings in new rules or modifications to existing policies for how and why decision makers accept or refuse an SSD application. It’s no surprise that with how intricate, complex, and quickly these changes occur, the average person may not be aware of all the clauses and conditions that need to be tracked.

However, we are always informed. If you feel that you didn’t get a fair assessment for your social security disability application, don’t just try again. Try again with expert legal advocacy on your side.