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A Dash Camera Is An Important Piece Of Evidence

A Dash Camera Is An Important Piece Of EvidenceIf you ever find yourself in a serious automobile accident where there are major injuries and the responsibility for the mishap is on the other driver, you will want justice. Why should you or your medical insurance company have to pay for the medical treatment of yourself or your friends and/or loved ones in the vehicle if someone else was to blame? That’s not fair, and if it’s not fair, you should make sure you get the proper legal outcome, with a car crash lawyer that is specialized in helping people resolve their auto accident cases.

However, because this is a legal case that goes to trial in court, this doesn’t mean that you can rest easy, secure in the knowledge that there’s a 100% chance the outcome will be in your favor. A trial means a jury, and a jury means you and your car crash lawyer have to prove your case, make sound arguments, and provide convincing evidence that you are owed compensation for an accident that you did not cause. If you can’t do these things, a jury has no reason to believe you are in the right.

This is one of the reasons why evidence is so critical. Facts cannot be disputed. Data, information, and expert testimony are like legal gold in a court of law. The more evidence you have that can’t be refuted, the stronger your case, and the more likely the final verdict is going to be the correct one in your favor. Because of this, a “dash cam” may be one of the best investments you can ever make that you never hope to use.

Always Watching

One of the most crucial pieces of evidence that no lawyer can argue against in a court of law is photographic or video evidence. This type of evidence is even more reliable than a human witness, because, unlike a human, there’s no fallible memory or attempt at recollection involved. A camera merely records exactly what happened.

One of the most recent additions to the world of car accessories is a device known as a dashboard camera or “dash cam.” Thanks to constant advances in miniaturization technology, a dash cam is a high-definition camera that can record an “infinite” amount of video footage while on the road. A dash cam is attached inside a car, usually on the dashboard or windshield. Most cameras point outwards to the view on the road, while some point inwards to the passengers in a car—which is useful for taxi and Uber drivers in the case of passenger disputes—while still others point at the rear of a car to monitor the action behind.

The reason a dash cam has a seemingly infinite amount of storage is that it uses modern technology, like solid-state drives in order to record minutes—or hours—of footage depending on the storage capacity. Once the capacity is filled, the drive merely “overwrites” the existing footage with new footage.

Remembering When It Counts

One of the most important features of modern dash cams is the ability to preserve important events that occur to your car. When you are on the road, every second you are in operation is being recorded. Should you get into an accident, depending on whether you have only front or front and rear views, you’ll get an accurate recording of what happened in view of the camera. The high definition and image amplification technology of modern cameras makes it very easy to see details like license plates, even at night. And it means that if you’re sure that you were struck first by another driver, no one has to take your word for it; the camera saw it all and preserved it.

Additionally many modern dash cams feature sensors that are triggered by motion. This means that if either a person or vehicle gets close to your car even while it’s parked, the camera will activate. Now people attempting to break in or vandalize your vehicle may get caught on camera. And if you have a rearview camera in place, those fender benders that might occur in a parking lot where the offender gets away may now have their license plate clearly captured in view to let the law do the rest.

A Quick Victory

A dash cam is one of those items that people will buy in the hope that it never has to be used. But, should it ever need to be called on, it is invaluable in saving a huge amount of time, stress and money. Dashboard cams, if they capture the right footage at the right time, completely eliminate any possibility of a “one word against another” scenario. They totally, completely, without any doubt, present the exact sequence of events as they happened. A car crash lawyer can use this as the cornerstone of a decisive case in court.