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An Increased Risk Of Personal Injury Stems From This Switch-Related Recall

An Increased Risk Of Personal Injury Stems From This Switch-Related RecallWhat happens when an aftermarket part is to blame for you sustaining a personal injury? These manufacturers accept responsibilities whenever they decide their product is safe for use by consumers. However, proving fault in cases like these is not always the simplest of tasks, as it can turn into a, he said, she said kind of arguments. Small and large companies often have law firms on a retainer, and they are looking for any evidence, regardless of how insignificant you may think it is, to discredit your claim.

Hopefully, posts like these can help you to remain happy, healthy, and out of harm's way, but we are here to represent you, should the need arise. Our personalized service goes above and beyond, to ensure that you receive service that is exceptional, especially considering the dire circumstances, which are bringing you to our office. Allow us the opportunity to show you, why so many residents of Ft. Myers and the surrounding areas, have trusted us to get them the compensation that they rightfully deserve.

A Potential 424 Affected Units

This recall may not involve as many vehicles as some of the other automotive recalls, it is equally as important. Dorman Products Inc. is expected to issue a recall on power window switches. However, as of yet, there is not a remedy for the problem, and there is no time table scheduled. Owners that believe they have an affected part can contact Dorman customer service at 1-800-523-2492. Although there are not unique vehicles or models involved, part numbers for two separate brands include...

  • Dorman-brand part numbers 901-601 and 901-370

  • Solutions-brand part numbers 730-7444-1 and 730-7630-1

Cars with these parts fail to comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) number 118, which deals with power-operated window systems. The switches are equipped, with an anti-pinch function, that does not work properly. Activating the item, intentionally or not, can lead to personal injuries. A finger, or another body part, which is in the way of the window rolling up, can become pinched, lacerations may occur, and in some circumstances, it may even lead to the amputation of an appendage.

The auto-up function is the malfunctioning piece and rather than stopping or retracting the window will continue moving upward. As you can imagine, this can be a harrowing experience, and one that should be avoided, whenever it is humanly possible. It is of particular importance to pay extra close attention to this information if you have children. Little fingers are always finding their ways into places that they do not belong, and even if they are aware of the problem, their little mind's may not be able to comprehend what is happening. Protecting your child is always a necessity, but all of the precautions in the world do not account for recalls.

Expensive Medical Bills, Missing Time From Work, And More

If you or a loved one sustains an injury from a product recall like this one, you may be owed compensation for a variety of different reasons, which include doctor bills, prescription costs, and more. Why should you have to pay for someone else's mistake? If it can be proven that a negligent act or defective part is to blame, the other party may be responsible. This time is where our knowledge comes into play, as we know all of the ins and outs, associated with proving fault. Many people live from paycheck to paycheck, and missing time from work can be the difference between eating or having lights for the month. Contact our office for a free case review to gain an understanding of what your legal options are, and let us help you through these troubling times.

Brian O Sutter
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