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Lil Red Village Bakery

Lil Red Village Bakery

Attorney Brian O. Sutter helps a needy village in Guyana build a bakery with will supply both nutritious food and jobs for local residents.

The residents of the Lil’ Red Village were excited to witness the construction of the bakery. Not only does it hold the hope of providing an income to currently unemployed residents in the community, but it will also be able to provide bread to feed the school children in the neighboring school and to provide breads and pastries to the greater community.

The participants have undergone training in business practices and marketing. The equipment has been purchased, shipped and cleared customs in Guyana.

Click here of full project details of the Lil’ Red Village bakery

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When no other firm was willing to take on my former employer and their insurance carrier for discharging me because of my back and shoulder injuries, this firm did!! They were kind, compassionate and thoughtful, too!! I always felt they had my back a...

Mr. Brian Sutter I want to express my gratitude for your effort, prompt and thorough attention and for obtaining a successful outcome related to my case. I am very satisfied with everything that you and your staff have done in support of my case. ...

Thank you for all you do! You are all special people in my life!...

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