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Emma's Village

Emma's Village

Tropical Storm Gustav devastated regions of Jamaica leaving families to live, to this day, in horrible conditions. One victim of Tropical Storm Gustav recipient said that the home she is living in is so bad, she cannot even call it a hut. These families are extremely poor and cannot afford to fix or build or move to another home. Providing well-built houses for Jamaica’s destitute has been a priority for Food For The Poor since its inception.

Emma’s Village project is located at Manchioneal, Portland, Jamaica which was hit particularly hard by the storm, was created to provide quality housing for those in need after the storm.

The project entails building five double-unit houses and four single unit houses are built on cement foundations, framed with wood panels, and sheltered with zinc roofs. (Because many Jamaican families are large in number…approximately 5-8 members…larger accommodations are constructed by joining two single units to create one double house). These solid structures offer a safe haven against the naturally brutal elements of heat, wind, rain, and hurricanes.

Nine homes have been built (5 double units and 4 single units). The homes are built on a solid foundation with a sturdy zinc sheet roof. The houses have been painted and the families are now occupying the homes.

The single-unit homes are for smaller families. But most of the families are large in Jamaica and require double-unit homes. The double-unit homes have two bedrooms, a living room/dining area, and a small loft.

The beneficiaries are so grateful for the provision of shelter. They expressed how they use to dwell in atrocious living conditions, and how much their new homes have changed their lives. Some used to live near the sea and were in constant fear of the threat of hurricanes, due to their unstable homes. But they no longer have to fret about shelter. They now live in sturdy, secure homes.

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