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Don’t Take Your Time With A Court Case

Don’t Take Your Time With A Court CaseOne the great truisms that most of us are taught as we grow up is “patience is a virtue.” In practice, it simply means that sometimes, in order to get good results or achieve a goal we are pursuing, trying to rush things is often not the best way to go about it. In most cases in life, especially for a long-term goal, such as a career, a relationship, or raising a family, this is definitely good advice to follow.

But not everything in life benefits from this, and that’s when the other truism, “Those who hesitate are lost” might be the more relevant saying to follow. One of those instances where waiting can hurt you, not help you, is if you are injured, and someone else is responsible.

The Statute Of Limitations

One thing that people need to keep in view when being injured by someone else is that the clock is “ticking” down to when you can no longer go to court to hold the responsible party accountable. For example, in Florida, the statute of limitations if you decide to get a car crash lawyer for your personal injury case is four years.

One example where this works against a person is in a delayed injury. So, hypothetically, a person may be involved in an accident where the head is bumped during the crash, but aside from that knock, nothing appears to be wrong, so a decision is made to skip medical treatment. Five years later, however, that same person is experiencing dizziness, vision problems and even a lack of hand-eye coordination. After finally deciding to get examined by a doctor, it is revealed that traumatic brain injury was a result of the accident and that it is only now that some symptoms are beginning to display themselves.

Unfortunately for the person in this scenario, five years have elapsed. Even if the other driver is directly responsible for this decline in the person’s health and quality of life, too much time has passed, and the court will no longer recognize a claim against the other driver for a personal injury case.

Seek Guidance Quickly

Of course, if you are in an accident, one of the first things you should concentrate is trying to recover. But if that injury is due to someone else’s inaction or carelessness, you should get professional advice. An accident attorney can help with your personal injury case, whether it’s an incident on the road, or something that happens in someone else’s home, or even a place of business.

In addition to the fact that some symptoms of an injury can take some time to manifest, there is the issue of court cases themselves taking a long time to process. The decision to pursue a personal injury case is not something that is going to be resolved in a few weeks or even a few months. Justice itself can take time, so make sure you set the wheels in motion as quickly as you can.