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Is A Slip And Fall Injury More Than Just An Accident?

is A Slip And Fall Injury More Than Just An Accident?Imagine going about your day when suddenly you get into a slip and fall accident. Not only will it ruin your day, but it may also lead to serious injuries. Some people think that a slip and fall accident is simple. All you got to do is stand and go back to what you were doing. What they fail to realize is that it can lead to something more.

The Dangers of Slip and Fall Accidents

The first thing one should do is assess the situation. How severe is your injury? Did you only get a few bruises? Or do you feel more serious damage? You might end up needing medical care after the accident if you have a serious injury. Take note of the most common injuries and check your situation. If you suspect that you may have incurred any of these, ask a doctor to examine you immediately.

• Shoulder and back injuries
• Hip fractures
• Head injuries, which can lead to traumatic brain injuries

Slip and fall accidents can affect your life. Serious injury may require you to take some... full post

Having The Right Support Can Help You Get The Benefits You Deserve

Having the Right Support Can Help You Get the Benefits You DeserveAccidents can happen to anyone. It does not matter how careful one is. An accident brings a lot of problems to an individual. Aside from the physical injuries a person might have, the mental well-being of the victim gets affected too. However, the hardest thing about getting involved in an accident is that it intervenes with the victim’s daily life.

When An Accident Leads To Something More, The Damage Is More Than The Physical

The best-case scenario when it comes to accidents is for one to get minor injuries and go back to work after a few days, weeks, or months. However, not everyone is lucky. Some get it harder than others. What happens when you can no longer go back to work? A job is the main source of income for most people. It is a way to finance their daily needs. Not being fit to work prevents them from earning money. Add to this the money required for their medical needs.

It is frustrating to be in this position, especially if the accident is not even your fault. In case... full post

Giving Value To The Duties Of An Lawyer Amidst A Car Crash Case

 Giving Value To The Duties Of An Lawyer Amidst A Car Crash CaseA car crash is one of the last things you’d want to be involved in but alas, accidents come and go at unexpected moments. Aside from the serious injuries and health complications, you’ll also want to worry about the legal aspect of car accidents. Whether you are the victim or the cause of the accident, understanding the legalities that follow is a crucial practice.

One of the reasons why car crash lawyers are so in demand today is that people want to be safe. As they can never tell when accidents can happen, they want to ensure themselves that they are already prepared to answer possible lawsuits or liabilities in any case they become involved in one. You may want to consider finding one to turn to as well.

Just to give you a glimpse of how important these legal professionals are, here’s a short list of what they can do for you.

Find Your Liability In An Accident

Your liability in an accident can strengthen your case against it. Car crash lawyers are experts at finding all of the areas applicable to... full post

Do Not Just Be Part Of The Statistics, Know Your Rights

 Do Not Just Be Part Of The Statistics, Know Your RightsAn accident is something no one would ever want to experience. Aside from the injuries an individual might get, it also takes time and money to recover. Thus, a victim should have proper compensation to assist one in his or her everyday life following the incident.

What Is Personal Injury?

Any injury that affects the physical body and mental well-being of a person is considered a personal injury. The basis does not matter. It can be intentional or due to a person's negligence. There are two basic things victims should take into consideration when dealing with this kind of claim. These are liability and damages. Proving the existence of these two things will help you obtain the proper amount of compensation for your loss.

Among all causes of such injuries, automobile accidents have the most number of incidents. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), the state has recorded 402,592 crashes in 2018. From these crashes, the department said there were a total of 254,873 injuries. Do not just be part of the crash statistics. Know your rights.
... full post

What Should You Do After Getting In A Truck Accident?

 What Should You Do After Getting in a Truck Accident?Truck accidents are commonly caused by driver negligence. When you get caught in an accident involving a bus, semi-truck, or any other commercial truck, the next steps and decisions you take are vital. Often, you will have to simultaneously attend to your injuries while seeking legal counsel to get the just assistance and compensation that you are due.

Aside from bringing yourself back to good health, you should also work to obtain justice and get the maximum settlement from the truck and insurance company. To do that, you need to employ a focused and strong strategy with the help of an established injury lawyer. Part of this strategy is taking these steps after getting in a truck accident:

Do Not Leave the Crash Site

Leaving the accident scene may constitute a hit and run. If you are the victim in an accident, there is no reason for you to immediately leave the crash site. You should wait for the arrival of the medical rescue team and authorities.

If really needed and you can still do it, you may move the car aside to ensure your... full post

Proving Fault In A Boating Accident: What You Should Know

 Proving Fault in a Boating Accident: What You Should KnowFlorida is popular for its beautiful waterways and lovely weather that are perfect for boating. However, boating accidents are also common.

In this post, we’ll share with you the basics of proving fault in a boating accident.

Reporting a Boat Accident in Florida

Here in Florida, boating accidents that meet the following situations and requirements can be reported:

● A person dies

● A person is missing, suggesting that they may have been injured or have died

● A person suffered injuries that required more than simple first aid

● At least $2,000 worth of property and assets have been damaged

● The boat was completely damaged

The Most Common Types of Boating Accidents

A lot of boating accidents that occur in Florida are not due to natural causes such as bad weather. Most are caused by human fault. The most commonly reported accidents are the following:

● Crashes between boats - Florida is surrounded by water: the ocean, rivers, and lagoons. Naturally, boating is one of the top activities that both locals and tourists enjoy in the state. As a result, however, Florida’s waterways can become quite crowded, especially during the summer and areas like... full post

5 Ways Truck Accidents Differ From Auto Accidents

5 Ways Truck Accidents Differ From Auto AccidentsMany people are under the wrong impression that truck accidents and auto accidents are the same. In this article, we’ll take a look at the five ways these two kinds of vehicular accidents differ.

Trucks Are Covered By Bigger Insurance Policies

Trucks are bigger vehicles and they commonly move across states. They are also owned by commercial companies and used to transport valuable products and assets. Naturally, commercial trucks are insured for as much as 50 times more than the worth of privately-owned vehicles. Furthermore, due to the size of these vehicles, they also incur more extensive damage when they get involved in an accident.

Insurance policies on commercial trucks can be worth thousands to millions of dollars. This is why insurance companies often find ways to escape or lessen liability. To do this, they will designate experienced insurance adjusters to the case. These adjusters are trained to do everything in their power to reduce liability or settle the matter out of court.

Trucks Are Governed By Different Regulations

Commercial trucks often travel across various states. This is why truck companies and drivers... full post

5 Things To Do When A Dog Bites Or Attacks Your Child

5 Things to Do When a Dog Bites or Attacks Your ChildIf your child is injured by a dog, you might feel worried and at the same time, angry. Indeed, it is a difficult and frustrating situation to go through. Fortunately, you can fight to get compensation for the injury and damage inflicted upon your child. For your claim to be successful, you need to learn a few things.

First, you must know that Florida’s dog bite laws have two main aspects: liability and negligence. Strict liability claims point to the owner as responsible for injuries inflicted by their dog whether in a public place or their own property. Meanwhile, a negligence claim states that the owner can be held responsible when the dog caused injuries while the owner’s duty of care has been neglected.

Furthermore, you should also keep in mind that Florida’s dog bite laws also follow the rules of comparative negligence. This means that if the injured was somehow responsible for the incident, compensation may be reduced. For instance, if the victim entered the dog owner’s property and accidentally stepped on the dog’s tail, prompting it to bite, then the victim... full post