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Product Recalls Occur Every Day, But Who Pays The Price?

Product Recalls Occur Every Day, But Who Pays The Price?Despite the best intentions of product manufacturers and food producers everywhere, recalls can happen. When a defective item causes injury, or a contaminated food causes illness, the items must be recalled in order to protect the masses from further injury or harm. Unfortunately, most recalls don’t occur until people have discovered the problem the hard way.

The 2018 Romaine Game

Eating a salad in 2018 has been a risky game. With the massive romaine lettuce recalls, putting a fork into a bowl of greens might lead you to a hospital stay, or at least a few days at home in bed.

The romaine lettuce recall that occurred early this past summer sickened over 210 people in 36 states with 96 hospitalizations, 27 reports of kidney failure, and 5 deaths before it ended in June. The cause was eventually traced back to the canal water in the Yuma growing region.

The current E. coli outbreak associated with romaine lettuce has sickened 59 people in 15 states and Washington D.C., with 23 people being hospitalized. Adams Bros. Farming., Inc. has been identified as the source... full post

Brian O Sutter
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Learning When Insurance Companies Are Trying To Sabotage Your Personal Injury Case

Learning When Insurance Companies Are Trying To Sabotage Your Personal Injury CaseBefore you experience an accident in southwest Florida, you may be under the impression that your car insurance provider is on your side. Your insurance provider may have promised the world before you signed your policy, and they may be pleasant while you’re making your premium payments without actively requiring their services. However, it’s important to remember that insurance providers are businesses first, and like any business, they’re going to look after their bottom line as the top priority. For this reason, you may be surprised at how far insurance companies are willing to go to minimize your settlement amount or have your claim tossed out altogether.

Car accident attorneys in southwest Florida are well-versed in insurance company tactics when it comes to minimizing settlements. The best way to protect yourself against these strategies is to have an experienced Florida auto accident attorney by your side.

The Strategies Insurance Companies Use To Minimize Your Claim

There are a few ways you can spot the strategies being used to minimize your car accident claim. A few of these telltale signs and strategies... full post

How A Car Accident Can Affect You Both Mentally And Emotionally

How A Car Accident Can Affect You Both Mentally And Emotionally Most people think about the horrible physical injuries that can occur in an auto accident. Everything from whiplash to traumatic brain injuries can have an impact on your daily life. Not many people, however, think about the emotional and mental effects of an auto accident.

Changes To Your Life

There are several ways in which an auto accident can change your life and even decrease its quality.

• Self-care can be compromised when injuries or depression make it difficult to shower, brush your teeth, or change your clothing.
• An accident can compromise your ability to work and earn a living. This can be especially difficult when you’re the sole support of the family, leading to feelings of loss and failure.
• Relationships can suffer when anxiety and depression keep you from caring for your loved ones and interacting with friends.
• Pain, suffering, and the challenges of recovery from an auto accident can take away your ability to find pleasure in activities you once enjoyed.

Mental health and physical health are intertwined. When one suffers, symptoms usually manifest in the other. They... full post

What Factors Effect Obtaining My Settlement?

What Factors Effect Obtaining My Settlement?A top question Florida residents will have after experiencing an accident leading to a personal injury is “When can I expect my settlement?” After an accident causing injury, it’s unlikely a person will be able to work for quite some time, as medical bills are racking up along with their regular household expenses. Settlements are important to injured parties, and it seems that they can never come soon enough.

What many don’t realize is that there are several different factors affecting when you may be able to obtain your settlement. With these factors in mind, an injured person may have a better idea of when their compensation can be expected. The factors affecting your personal injury settlement in Florida are:

• The initial evidence process – Before a settlement can be obtained, the accident will need to be proven, and this involves the initial evidence collection process. With your personal injury attorney by your side, witness statements should be obtained, photographs taken, and medical records collected, all pieces that will verify that your accident happened and the circumstances surrounding it.

• You’ve been released... full post

Common Injuries In Florida Trucking Accidents

Common Injuries In Florida Trucking Accidents When a truck accident occurs, it’s the drivers and passengers of other involved vehicles who are more likely to suffer devastating injuries than those occupying the truck. Large trucks travel with great size and force, and when an accident occurs with a regular-sized passenger vehicle, it’s the occupants of that vehicle who are likely most at risk. These injuries can be permanent, long-lasting, or even deadly, which makes receiving compensation incredibly important to the healing process.

The Top 5 Most Common Injuries Suffered In Truck Accidents

Some injuries are more common than others in truck-involved accidents. The top 5 most common injuries suffered in truck accident cases are:

• Traumatic brain injuries – Traumatic brain injuries can range from mild, to moderate, to severe, but those suffered by individuals involved in truck accidents tend to fall within the moderate to severe scale. These injuries may cause months or years of symptoms, with some causing permanent consequences. Altered cognitive function and physical symptoms caused by the damaged portion of the brain can lead to a permanent loss of ability to work or enjoy the... full post

Getting To Know The Car Accident Laws Of Port Charlotte

Getting To Know The Car Accident Laws Of Port CharlotteIn the Port Charlotte region, no person wants to be involved in a car accident. Not only do car accidents cause injury, and sometimes severe, but they have an uncanny ability to inconvenience us for long periods of time. One thing that can really improve how you feel about the car accident process in Port Charlotte is getting to know the car accident laws observed in the region, and what these laws mean to your ability to be compensated.

The Florida Car Accident Statute Of Limitations

In all states, there are statutes of limitations to follow for a variety of different occurrences, and what this does is provides a time limit a person must follow if they wish to pursue a lawsuit or settlement of any kind. If a person misses the statute of limitations, and attempts to obtain a settlement, it’s likely their case will be dismissed. In the state of Florida, including Port Charlotte, a person has 4 years from the time of an accident to try to obtain a settlement or lawsuit, and the sooner a person... full post

A DUI Dual Perspective: The Victim And The Passenger

A DUI Dual Perspective: The Victim And The PassengerPeople like to enjoy themselves over the holiday season. Some people in southwest Florida might enjoy themselves a bit too much. When a night of festivities leads to an unfortunate accident, parties on both sides can suffer.

The Victim: Injured Through Innocence

Nearly 30 percent of all fatal car accidents in Florida are the result of someone driving while under the influence of alcohol. Though sometimes it is the drunk driver who suffers the fatality, there are many innocent people who suffer in this type of accident. Driving home from a late shift at work, a family gathering, or a night out with friends can result in the loss of life when other people are careless.

But death is not the only injury that can occur in a car accident with a drunk driver. As the victim of a drunk driving accident, some of the serious injuries that one can sustain include:

• Head injuries, including traumatic brain injury
• Spinal cord injury, including paralysis
• Broken bones and fractures
• Bruises, cuts, and lacerations
• Internal injuries
• Whiplash and soft tissue injuries
• Limb amputation or disfigurement

Rights Of The Victim

As a victim,... full post

5 Major Factors To Consider When Selecting A Lawyer

5 Major Factors To Consider When Selecting A LawyerAs hard as you may try to avoid it, it’s likely that at some point in your lifetime you’ll need the help of a good lawyer. Many people associate the need for a lawyer with the act of committing a crime. This is why people who do their best to avoid criminal activity don’t think that they’ll ever need this type of help.

There are many areas, however, where a lawyer can be of assistance, such as:

• Accidents – Auto, Boat, Motorcycle, Trucks
• Workers Compensation and Workplace Injury Claims
• Wrongful Death Suits
• Social Security Disability
• Slip And Fall Claims
• Personal Injury

You can hope that none of these things will ever happen to you, but life doesn’t always go as planned. When you have a problem that requires the help of a lawyer, the first thing you have to do is select one.

5 Things To Consider During Selection

Area of specialization

You wouldn’t see a cardiologist if you broke your ankle, so why hire a real estate attorney to handle your worker’s comp claim? Choose your lawyer based on your... full post